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hi this is the first time i have tried writing about anything so all the comments are welcome i thought of writing small part but it became a bit long sorry in advance if it doesnt meet ur expectaions.Here it goes

Scene 1:

Priya is in her room and recalling the days events and finally picking up a book from the book shelf she settled herself in the bed and she fell asleep as she couldn't sleep for 2 days . Ram came back in the night he dint tell anyone that he was coming today everything was sorted fast so he returned early than he had planned and as he was about to enter his room he found it locked and he thought to himself who the hell locked my room then he remembered his marriage to Priya

Ram : muhje mere hi kamre mein jaane ke liye knock karna padraha hai

Ram was about to knock the door then he recalled what Priya said the previous night and he dropped the idea to wake her and thought about the duplicate key so he went downstairs and got the duplicate key all the while he was cursing himself so much for the marriage and he opened the lock and entered the room and saw the lights were on and Priya was sleeping with a book in her hand and he thought she doesn't even know how to sleep properly on bed then as he observed a tendril of hair was near her eyes and was disturbing her sleep, he moved his hand forward but then again has taken it back and saw that it was really disturbing her so he very gently tucked it behind her ear and saw her sleeping like a baby and his lips broke into smile and thought to himself how can she be like a baby while she is sleeping and while she is awake the previous might how she gave lecture then he adjusted her properly and as he was feeling hot he switched on the AC and because of it Priya began to feel cold observing this Ram covered her with blanket and made sure she is comfortable and then he went to freshen up himself and after changing his dress he came back to sleep, he saw that Priya left his side of place and was sleeping on the other side then he went to the sofa and he tried to sleep but he was feeling very uncomfortable so he came back to bed he was dead tried bcoz of journey and the meeting as soon as he hit the bed he drifted to sleep

 In the night Priya who was unware of Ram in the room shifted in her sleep and thinking that of pillow she snuggled closer to Ram and both were sleeping close to each other

 In the morning Rishab knocked the door calling for bhabhi' bhabhi  and both Ram and Priya woke up and found themselves close to each other and Priya thought that she was in her sleep and she was seeing Ram in her dream

Priya : muhje Ram kyun dekh rahe hai kya mein unh ke bare mein itna soch rahe hoon and hits herself on her head and says loud : kya Priya tu bi na kaise kaise sapne dekhti hai

Ram who was watching all this smiles and says: Priya kya tum dekhogi ki koun door knock kar raha hai

Priya thinks and again say loud: Aap sapne mein muhje se baat kar rahe hain aap sapne mein tho kitni acchi tarah baat kar rahe hai aur agar sach mein same ho tho aap aise bilkul hai hote kaash aap saame mein bhi aise hote tho kitna acche hota

Ram shakes Priya and says: kya hua

Priya then realized that Ram was in front of her she was about to shout and Ram puts his hand on her mouth and says: tum kyun chilla rahi ho kya hua and removes his hand

Priya sits upright and says:aap' aap kab aaye mu' mujhe pata hi nahin chala and she thinks to herself Mr Kapoor ne kal karate nahin liya ya mein itni gehari need mein thi muhje pata hi nahin chala she hears Ram speaking to her and moves her attention to what Ram was saying

Ram says: kal raat ko tum so rahiti isiliye maine ne tumhe disturb nahin kiya and they hear knock on the door again

Priya was about to get up but she lost her balance and feel on ram both shared a eye lock they were not able to remove their eyes from each other and Priya's hair was falling over fer face disturbing Ram from viewing her face so he raised his hand to remove the hair from her face so that he'll be able to see her better but the knocking on the door brought them back to reality and Ram has put down his hand and Priya quickly gets down the bed carefully this time and moves towards  the door and Ram follows her.

 Priya opens the door and sees Rishabh standing and he asks whether he can enter the room and then he enters the room and is shocked to find Ram there and he says  "bhai aap kab aaye"

 Ram: kal raat kyun kya hua

Rishabh: kuch nahin aap ne kisiko bataya nahin na isiliye aur agar muhje pata hota ki aap hain tho mein aap logo ke romance ko disturb karane nahin aata(he gets a angry look from Ram where as Priya is seeing here and there)

Ram: kuch kaam tha tujhe

Rishabh: haan bhai daadi ne bhabhi ko niche bula hai pooja ke liye aur agar aap kahe toh mein unhe kahdunga ki aap logoko aane mein der lagegi

Ram:tu ja

Priya : tum chalo hum aa rahe hain

When Rishabh turns to go out suddenly something his attention and he turns and says: bhai aap ne raat ko tho bahot accha soya hoga na aap kuch der sur sona chathe hai to mein daadi ko batadunga ki aap log derse aa rahe hai

Ram shuts him and sends him out while Priya was seeing here n there not knowing what to do or say

When Rishabh left Ram turned to Priya and said:tum agar chaho tho jake pehle fresh ho sakte ho

Priya:haan mein pehle chailejaungi

Ram:mein tab tak breakfast order karta hu mujhe bahut bhok lag rahi hai tumhe kuch chahiye ya phir tum sirf chai hi logi

Priya:nahin mein pooja karne ke baad kuch order karlungi and she leaves to get fresh.

By the time Priya returns Ram has completed his breakfast and he sees her coming out wearing a beautiful purple sari with wet hairs he is mesmerized by her beauty and is staring at her

 Priya observes this and is blushing looking down and asks:who aap US gaye the na tho kya hua uss deal ka and seeing that there is no response from Ram she again tries a bit loud this time

 Ram comes back and asks: tumne mujse kuch pucha

Priya:haan mein puch rahe thi ki aap jo US gaye the na tho uss deal ka kya hua

Ram:oh wohh deal tho hume mil gaya hai and suddenly there is knock on the door both look towards the door and Ram calls out and Vikram and Neha enter the room as Vikram knows about Ram returning from US but bcoz he was busy in work he couldn't inform Priya

They both wish them gud morning and Vikram asks:Ram deal tho mila chukka hai na tho wahape aur kya kiya suddenly Neha nudges Vikram with her elbow and Vikram says:kya hua Neha ab maine kya kiya main tho Ram se hi baat kar rahahu na  

Neha points something to Vikram and Vikram smiles when Ram asks why they are smiling they start  laughing and says: sorry hum bhool gaye the ki tum dono newly married couple ho humhe tumhe disturb nahin karna chahiye and both leave.Ram and Priya are shocked and they look at each other and trying to understand why Vikram,Neha and Rishabh were laughing like that.

 Priya then observes something and is embarrassed and blushingly she moves towards Ram and try to tell him:wo' wohh Mr.Kapoor aap ke sh' shirt par ku..kuch laga hai

Ram:kya keh rahiho tum mere shirt pe kuch nahin hai and then he sees a red color on his shirt and thinks what is this and he dint understand how he shirt got that mark then he sees Priya

Ram:ye kya hai kaise laga mere shirt par muhje tho pata hi nahin chala and says lagta hai ye bansi kaka theek se mere kapde nahin dho rahe hai main abhi unse baat karta hu Priya stops him so that they don't have to face further embarrassment from any other already Rishabh,Vikram and Neha knew about it.

Priya:nahin aap kuch mat puchiye wohh to' and stops

Ram:kya hua tum ruk kyun gayi

Priya:kuch nahin aap jake fresh hojayiye

Ram:nahin aise kaise mein unhe isi kaam ke liye itna salary deta hu kya and moves towards the door and Priya comes between

Priya:wo' wohh kya red co' color and she shows him the sindoor box she was holding in her hand then realization hits Ram that it was the sindoor which Priya had put on her fore head and that it was that mark on his shirt bcoz she was snuggling close to Ram and sleeping the previous night and both look down and here and there, both don't know how to break silence between them then suddenly Rishabh comes and takes Priya away saying that daadi is calling her and he teases Ram

Rishabh:kya bhai aap ko ye shirt itna pasand aaya kya aap ne abhi tak change nahin kiya(he gets a angry look from Ram but before he can say anything and Rishabh leaves the room laughing and  he takes Priya with him

Once Ram is alone in his room he smiles looking at his shirt and there Priya while going down has a smile on her face.

please leave ur comments and even tell me whether to write the next part

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Posted: 2011-09-15T05:21:55Z
Loved it!! Clap Clap That was so cute!! Please continue it!!!
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Posted: 2011-09-15T05:38:22Z
ALLAH so beautifully written... nice emootion jo ham sab dekhna chahtay hain in BALH... wow great job ClapClap
plsss continue it.. ill be w8in for the next one 
specially in last three days when i miss BALH alottt...
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Posted: 2011-09-15T05:41:52Z
V well written with exact Ram and Priya words..v interesting! Would really like to watch this live.. Big smile Hope the makers read the full post. Pl Continue..
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Posted: 2011-09-15T05:43:08Z
cute!! Please continue it!!! 
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Posted: 2011-09-15T05:43:11Z
very nice.Clap. please continue it. Smile. can u tell ur name???
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Posted: 2011-09-15T06:00:03Z
OMG !!!! Beautiful scene loved it!!
Do write more like this
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Posted: 2011-09-15T06:21:31Z
good please write more
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