update me with story plz?

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Posted: 12 years ago
Can Someone please explain to me what is DK's Relation with Yuvraj? And WHat is Sarla's relation with Yuvraj as well. Also, WHo is DK'S WIFE?

And Why didn't the father of the 5 sisters refuse to marry his youngest daughter with Yuvraj where than DK kills him. Also, Why is Sonali Nikam's character being abused by her husband so much?

I dont understand hindi very well, thx.
Posted: 12 years ago
welcome to this forum subaru Smile

dk is yuvraj's uncle and puru's (yuvraj's father) step brother...his wife is sunita

sarla is yuvraj's aunt and pankaj's wife..pankaj is another step brother of puru & dk's elder brother....

the father of 5 sisters shyamrao savratkar did not knew yuvraj's secret .... he came to know when he overheard jagirdar altercation with sunita who was about to stop yuvsa marriage but prevented by dk....

sonali nikam's char ie shradha is abused by her hubby coz he considers her as jinx which was said by one godman who was actually eyeing on shradha ...& both rohit and his dad never respected their wives...

hope this is helpful...anymore queries u can post them on help desk Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you  for the warm welcome and your explanation. Have a nice day.
Posted: 12 years ago
I don't understand why they don't utilize the other couples in the serial and show them as well - Mohreya, Adisa.  They do have these other couples - show them as well, instead of being on the Jagirdars all the time.

Also, the show is getting somewhat dull w/ so many characters missing - in the Jagirdar household, Puru & Pankaj.  I don't miss Sunita.  The show was somewhat more interesting, if not exciting, when it had many actors working in tandem.
Posted: 12 years ago


Yes, the beginning of the show was more diverse. And it was interesting to watch all the characters getting together and being a part of the plot. But now, we are only focused towards the Jagirdar, and even so, some of the family members aren't even there. It feels like they are trying to end the Jagirdar situation by Sandhya merely taking them out by herself.

Posted: 12 years ago
Just a note for everybody's information - the story so far has been updated to the point of last night's arrest of the Jagirdars, which is a major watershed in the story.  So reading that thread should enable anybody to be up to date on events so far.

From this point onwards, please do not start new topics asking - 'can someone tell me this story?'  This is clearly there in the announcements section, & there to stay.  So far, I avoided making this appeal since we didn't have an easily identifiable place to go, but now we do, so use it.  And use the help desk if you have questions about events subsequent to that point i.e. events after today.  Or else, go  to the archived mansion for more details

The next major update will be whenever the next major milestone in the serial happens.  Stay tuned.

Edited by _Vrish_ - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
^^^^ The story so far is updated until Neeraj's wedding.  Dunno what the next major milestone will be, or whether I'll simply wait until the serial is over.  Maybe a good milestone may not be Sandhya, but may be either Sarla & Anjali getting checkmated, or Shradhya getting liberated.
Posted: 12 years ago

i used to watch rakt sambandh until sandhya came to know about her husband's reality and then escaped with neeraj..but they were caught and those family ppl killed neeraj or somethin...then i complete stopped watchn..

can someone plz tell me wat all happd after that until now??? i'd deeply appreciate!!

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