Turned off by SK performance in UT

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Posted: 11 years ago
Okay it has been a month and I thought I could tolerate Sharad in UT.  But NO, he has disappointed me.  As the dialogues have been less than stellar and  the  storyline has not caught on.   
It is pretty sad that he has to play cupid for someone else on Valentines day and now another car accident.  Didn't they just do one with his sister.
Sorry but it is like trying to stretch a rubber band on that show.  Just had to vent cuz this is not what I had expected SK next role be of.
Posted: 11 years ago
agree with you king really cantunderstand what they are doing an dsk is not as good as he should be beside miss him to be supriya again
Posted: 11 years ago
hmmmmm ...... ok i was really disappointed with his cupid thingy n his lack of footage..... but i just saw 2day's epi........ n plz dont get angry but i think he was really good in it....... the change in his expressions while telling Mai wot he likes 2 eat was Clap..... n then very swiftly smiles ..... there is something definitely this guy has that will be interesting 2 find out .... n the way the servant was staring at him........
i have mentioned this b4 in the critique thread that UT being a slow soap his role is also being dragged...... but when he does come like dadaji says there is a jadu..... not as strong as DV ovcourse..... but there is something..... in him which ovcourse is due to SK... so in bits n bobs his character is coming out.......... but its becoz we r used his BANG effect n not his slow bits n bobs effect which is y we DVians get disppointed...... so wot shud click isnt clicking coz of the dragging there is something missing Unhappy...... which wasnt there in BP in hence we were addicted frm the start
So its this dragging which is unbearble........ Sk himself is trying his best like in 2days epi he was good in that scene but then phir se .... its not an explosive role but a revenge track whiich is taking a long time 2 come out..... i dont know how much more time i can giv 2 this show just 2 see if his role picks up speed  ... i am loosing patience but then he comes n raises aspirations like after 2day .......
see im rambling here n confusing myself n all of u Confused i am sad but then i want 2 know how his track unfolds as well n if he is given the credit n justice he deserves ConfusedConfused wots wrong wiv me.....
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Posted: 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
yep agree with all u girls...watching Uttaran just cos of Sharad....
coz didnt expect him in such role nd tht too in a side role....after watching him in BP in a powerful and in a leading character...watch him in ths is very hard to digest... Pinch
Posted: 11 years ago
u all bpians can cast your vote !! in the poll between satya &veer !! u can also add sharad as a friend on facebook
Posted: 11 years ago
 sharad is such awsomest actor !!! i want 2 see him another lead role !!! satya is good but not the best character for sharad to play !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day Dreaming Isn't it guys!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
No doubt Sharad is a very good actor with great screen presence.  What is lacking in his new role is the exceptional dialogue and intensity in acting.  He displayed that to a brillance as DV and now it seems that any role he ever does in the future will not be of the same caliber.

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