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Posted: 10 years ago
guyz...can anyone post d tutorials for jasc animation shop 3...?plz...
Posted: 10 years ago
@All:Thanks a Lot!!LOL
@Masooma:My pleasure and thanks for such cute gift's..btw why r u not reading for exams..u can photoshop later..go read!!Angry
@achieve1:It's on page 13/14 of same thread..check otu!!
@-SamPari-:Thanks a lot for posting the Tut's againHug..some have been helpful when i first started learning..Embarrassed
@Preksha:Don't select "Unify layer" for adding effects on PIC..u should select it only when u add effects on TEXT.


I hope many have heard about  "ACTIONS" in photoshop ,No ?? read on(a bit similar to scripts in PSP)..they are quite useful.U have many in u r PS by default itself we never use it though.
What are actions?Actions are a set of steps  pre-recorded(in .ATN format) and when u click "Play" they will be performed and u will get u result.
Its very useful when u need to perform same function again and again like resizing 100 pics to a same size.

There are many types of actions - but some of most used are - Frames,Coloring(yeah those PSD's u don't need them now..just one click and u r sigge will be colored by itself),Borders and TEXT which makes u  rtext 3d's effects etc..

Even better u can make your own recording them step by step..right now i am going to tell you just how to use!

Firstly..where are these actions located?
Just goto Window>Actions..u will get it's palette..there are some "Default actions" present in it already.

Click on that yellow square - Arrow and u will get options.. those commands,frames,image effects in black square they are already present in u r PS depending on u r version and if u click them they will be added..

Now..If u want to load new actions u downloaded..
press "Load actions" click on the action file where it is located..generally it is a .ATN file..If its a RAR or ZIP file then first extract it..then u can see..

U can also see the Red square pointed out as "Play"(in above pic)..u will need to select an action and then click on "Play" ..the steps will be performed itself.

"Title of actions" as i pointed out in Black square in "Text effects" is the folder/set where action or actions are present ,just click the small sub-arrow on left and we will set it's Sub-actions..(pointed in green)
Actions as i said will contain a "Series of Steps"( pointed out in purple) on the Action under the main title (pointed in red square) and click "Play" button to play it.

There are different types of actions:

Coloring actions: Click on the siggy or pic (sometimes it must be flattened) and then click play of coloring action..the coloring change will apply to pic.

Frames/Borders/Edges: Click on the background of u r siggy and then click on Border action and Play it..u r border will be added.(Sometimes the border covers the pics edges so make sure u r siggy doesn't have many effects at edges so that even if they are cut-out from border action..u don't need to worry.

Text Actions:Make u r text look 3-d/shine u can use actions to add any kind of effects.
Some Text actions require you to click on "Text layer" and then press "Play",while some other create the text layer itself and prompt us to edit the text layer..while some other performs all actions and later we need to edit the depends on how the actions were recorded by maker.

While performing actions..u may be prompted to select some options like how much border length /pixels /blending options..u may select it as per your wish.

Sometimes u may not like the action instead of starting all over again or going to "History" and dragging back all steps of best way is to get a SNAPSHOT of the current picture before u perform actions..
Goto History palette(Window>History) click "Snapshot" button(the one that looks like camera).U can always make more than one snapshots and click on it to go back to u r previous state.

If u can't get any of my above stuff LOL then goto this has been explained nicely..also how to record u r own actions..Big smile

And also can download some actions from above site or Big smile

That's Action's for you!!

Posted: 10 years ago
plzz ny1 help mee 
Posted: 10 years ago

Many of u have heard about coloring PSD's and wondered what they are..u can see many of them posting their PSD's in tut's thread itself(Awesome i must sayClap)..but how will u use them and firstly what are they?

.PSD - is short form of "Photo Shop Document",when we save our output in layers(before merging or flattening) is called a PSD..very helpful to edit later.Now coloring PSD's are layers in document which will bring change to u r original picture through different adjustments like coloring, brightness/contrast and sometime even filters.

It depend's entirely on the maker how he/she wants it to turn out and work as per it.So sometimes u can find only 2 layers and sometimes more than 20 layers to turn a original picture to become of entirely different coloring.

As said..coloring PSD's will be in .PSD firstly download the coloring PSD's from u r fav site ..u can always goto or simply google "Coloring PSD's" and download it,if it is in RAR/ZIP then extract them u will have a .PSD document in it.(Don't forget to give credit to maker especially if one likes copying)The layers in a coloring PSD sometimes might not be recognised by previous versions of photoshop if it is made in newer versions. the sigge/pic on which u want to have the same coloring..
Then open(File>open and select)  the .PSD (coloring PSD) in u r photoshop.
U will see that there are many layers in it (or sometimes u might just see some layers and top of it a folder/group/set in which other adjustment layers are there)

(I am not an expert at this coloring just made this to show as an looks horribleLOL )

Generally..the layer's consist of two types

- Image layers..where u can see the changes has been made on IMAGE..Generally,the original image LAYER is duplicated and set to a MODE and OPACITY..(pointed out in blue square on top of layers palette)u cannot drag this layers on the top of u r original pic..instead u should change the settings similarly in the sigge on which u want to apply coloring PSD..If u see in my case the bottom most layer is the original one ..i have duplicated it and set mode to screen..with 100% opacity..(u can reduce if u want) u should also repeat it with u r picture..

If there are more than one image layer..u have to check what mode and opacity they are set and repeat again..on top of original.

(Tip:If u want the end image to be brighter..set to screen once or twice and if u want lighter use overlay or softlight)

-Adjustment layers..these are where the most work is done..all coloring,levels,curves etc are added..these can be easily dragged on u r picture above the image need to change anything..u can drag one by one..or Press "SHIFT" and select all adjustment layers and drag at once.

And u r done!!

Sometimes ..

- "Image layers" may be in middle or end of the layers..if u come across such then make sure u add them at same place in u r image layer's.

-Maker can use filters (Filter>Many options),it will also a image layer..the layer may be named by filter Filter>Sharpen>Unsharpen mask or Filter>other>Highpass(<Try this's one good filter for coloring)

-All adjustment layer's are grouped in a set/folder..all u need is drag the folder/set on top of image..u r adjustment's will be added,Very easy way.U can see the adjustments in it by clicking arrow beside the gropu(pointed in red in below pic).If u are making a coloring PSD..then create a new set and drag adjustment layers in it.

-The coloring may not be the same as shown it's because the picture used by the maker and ur's may have different color variations..u can always change it by turning off the layer's by pressing eye (pointed out in orange in first pic above))and checking out which suits u r pic the most..sometimes u may even drag layers up and down as per u r settings..

1.Open u r pic and open coloring PSD.
2.Make changes of blend mode and opacity as per Image layer's in coloring PSD's as they cannot be dragged.
3.Drag the adjustment layers(or group/set) over the top of image layers and u r done!


Ofcourse u can make u r own PSD(atleast better than mineROFL),with adjustments layers..
There are no hard and fast rules that this should be done in same way..try to play with the slider and adjustments and u can get u r own coloring..all u will need is a bit of practise.

What are the adjustments and where are they..if u r using CS4 /5 adjustment(Windows>Adjustment) panel will appear and u can select any of the option (pointed in green square above 1st pic) the adjustment will come as a new layer..or click below layer's palette..u will get any and it will be added as a new layer on top of u r picture.
(U can also go from Image>Adjustments>>> But they will not be added as new layers and will merge with u r if u r making coloring PSD's then goto in this way only)

Some basic steps how to make a coloring PSD:

1.Firstly try to duplicate u r original picture layer and set it to a certain blend mode and opacity(u can skip this if u want) and u can duplicate layer more than once and set to different modes to see how will they look.

2.Then try to fill the entire image a "Solid color" and again set it to a Mode and Opacity may be reduced to merge with picture nicely.Try bright colors if u want picture to be bright and light colors for looking mild.
U can also add Gradient/Pattern..but generally they are not used much in Coloring PSD's.

3.Now use different adjustment layers - Brightness/Contrast,levels,curves,selective coloring etc..and set them to different modes n opacity if u want again..

I am no good and telling what to do with what..but if u have a little patience(for page to load and spend sometimeLOL)then see this link..u will get an overall idea which adjustment gives what effect and how much should be used,when,why etc!!Big smile

4.U can add another "Solid color" fill..and also use Filters on top of it..u can also fill layer only at certain part where u want to highlight and set to a mode and opacity.


If u want to highlight the colors present in the picture itself then try increasing or decreasing them..!Play around..u will make u r own coloring!


[I am so sorry for not posting this earlier thought many would know..forgive me..thanks Madhura for pointingEmbarrassed]

As the name itself indicates its a "coloring PSD" so the format in which we save should also be Photoshop(.PSD) format so that it would be easy to access(ie., Drag layers)it.

To save,simply after u complete u r .PSD goto File>Save as..

U will get a pop-up box "Save as" ,Choose location where u want to save,write the name what u want to give to coloring PSD and the in "Format" Choose" Photoshop(*.PSD,*.PDD,.)" i.e., Photoshop (.PSD) file and Lastly click "SAVE" and u r done!!

Now u have got u r COLORING PSD file..upload it on


(See this tut by Ana on how to upload in Big smile

Seems like now i am running out of new tut's to tell you all..and someone must post new tut's for me..LOLBig smileNever mind i am a good learner

Hope this helps..

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Posted: 10 years ago
sri di... u simply rock.,.. i wanted this tut...
and ur tuts are the best.. thanx a lot!
Posted: 10 years ago
thnks sri u r d best...Smile
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by angeldmg16

Originally posted by shahidlicious

If you want the PSD, do let me know! I will pm you!
Awww Gorgeous PSD's
Love them!!
Can u PM me the Link Please Embarrassed
Lovely PSD Big smile
Awesome PSD's
Gr8 One Smile

                i want d link pls pm me d link...very nice psdClap
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