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Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by Xx.Sri.xX

(In Photoshop)

oh God yar... i always wanted to know thisBig smile... thanks alot for helpingBig smile... infact there shud be something more than a thanks Big smile

wese this is wat i made
not neat bcz its the first time Embarrassed... thanks again Big smile
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Posted: 10 years ago
PSD coloring

give credit to me if u used

Posted: 10 years ago
hi, is there a tutorial on how to make stacked video avi's (for an avatar)? I know how to make just 1, but not sure how to connect them...thanks
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by achieve1

hi, is there a tutorial on how to make stacked video avi's (for an avatar)? I know how to make just 1, but not sure how to connect them...thanks
please mention which software are you using ? and you can ask your questions in questions and quiries corner . as this topic is for tutorials .
and if you are using animation shop 3 then please pm me i will give you link for video tutorials for stacking avi's that i have made   
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by saniya456

i liked the signature...which u r using...
can u tell me how can i make it for myself
Posted: 10 years ago
This is a old Tuts of Mine - Re-Posted
Tutorial on making Video Siggie (My Way)
[c]BloodLustDesigns/SamPari at India

DO NOT CLAIM as your work
it has taking me over 
A DAY to put this all together

First of all to make your Video Avatar in Where Ever you make it in. 

I make it on Movie Maker 2.6.

To make your movie upload it from your files

I Usual find Vid of UTube and then upload it with utube converter etc

{Mine looked like this.. below} will all the frames.. As u can see I?m making a Armaan One or a DMG One...looollz As soon as u got all the different frames for this your scenes of the clip from 5 ? 100 frames in can be... Depending on how long you will like your Video to be.

Once u got all your frames uploaded to will need this button

And step by step you take the shots you need by pressing the arrows and then pressing

The camera to capture the shots

So now after you think to got all your shots and saved them. You can close the movie maker if u like or leave open if u want to make another later..

You then open up your animation shop 3 .. And press file new.. And adjust to what size you like your animation to be like for example from 100x100. I?m gonna be using
300x 250 {see image below}

Now once to done this above you now need to add all your frames that to made in the movie maker so now go to animation and insert frames, then from files and this box should come up.{below}

Press ADD FILES and select all the picture frames from the movie fillz you want.

Now your animation shop frames should look like this press animation to see if the video it playing right. BY pressing the film strip.

So this is your Video Avatar Done.. to can save and use like this if u like but if u wan to add effects to can like background texts brushes etc..


To add a layer effect to your video avatar

Now that u your video Siggie or avatar is done and you want

to make it look nicer then ere is what you do...
So you open your PSP or PS and open a new layer

so say ur avii is 100x 100

open a new one like that

so say u wan to add text.. type the text u want


AND Duplicate to how many frames to need...

Like how make Video slides to have to make the same amount..

So if u had 60 film slide of ur DMG PIC

You duplicate the text one until to have 60 slides...

once you done that select all for text one and copy.

Now select all the movie one and paste on to the vid layers. And ur done..

Hopefully u get something like this style - mine a lil different..

i know its not the same but as tiny-pic is no more for us..
i post a similar one and how it will turn out..

PM Me if u stuck on anything..

  after all this explaining I hope I haven't confused you .. =[

Nuff LOVE SamPari x.x.

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Posted: 10 years ago
My 2nd Tutorial by BloodLustDesign
Was known as Angelic.sampari creation

Soft dreamy effect

do not claim as ur own TUTz and No copying and pasting

my TUTS Anywhere else.. this is for I.F Viewerz

Step 1

Open your PSP.. I sure all PSP will have the same function I will be using.. Now paste the image you would like to edit.. Ill be using this one {above}

Now let get started..

Step 2

Click on Adjust then Add/Remove Noise then Edge Preserving Smooth and change the Amount of Smoothing to which ever suit you.. Ill be doing 10 now click OK..

Step 3

NOW go to Layers and Duplicate

Step 4

Then go to Adjust again but this time GO to blur and click of Gaussian blur now change the Radius to 5.00 and click OK

Don't get shocked that Your Picture has gone Blurry that was supposed to happen. If u see that you're on the right track if your picture isn't blurry then u gone wrong somewhere..

Last Step

Now this is the Final Step

Click on LAYERS again and Properties and CHANGE the BLEND MODE to OVERLAY.. You can change the Opacity if u like but Im sticking to a 100.

Then Press OK of course and last go to LAYER --> MERGER and MERGE VISBALE and you're DONE..

Now u can add whatever u like .. TEXT .. BRUSHES Etc

Hope this helped you all ..

Thx for looking..

Do PM Me if Ur stuck

Take Care
Nuff Love SamPari
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