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Posted: 10 years ago
^^ i like the way of ur explaining...its rally easy to understand Big smile ...m trying to make animated text from ur tuts Big smile
Posted: 10 years ago
i tried mask clipping of urs...but failed 2 do so...Cry
Posted: 10 years ago
Garima..send u a PM with detailed tut..hope that helps.. and Preksha no probs dear..
Jenny would love to see how u r glitter i mean animated text comes..
Good wishes..!!

Posted: 10 years ago
@sri..aww..thnkss a lot 4 d tuts...
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by Xx.Sri.xX

Thanks a Lot guys for liking my previous tutsHug..even if they are useful a bit makes my day.


Well u will know animation avatar,simply called an "Avi" is generally a moving file with no sound and will be in .GIF format.

  --There are many online sites where u can convert your video to gif..
But there's a limit of number of seconds,size n formats it accept..and some add their watermarks.Also u can check out


Now photoshop accepts only some kinds of videos (just like Windows Movie Maker)and that include .MOV,.AVI,.MPG,.MPEG but the videos u download from internet (how to download?Use Youtube downloader or..check out first page of Questions and Queries corner there are some ways)are generally in format .FLV so u need to convert it into any of above formats mentioned probably .mov /.mpeg is better(ur choice)..for that u will need a converter Like "Any Video Converter" or "Total video converter"

Any Video Converter

 Free Video Converter V2.92

Now that all is u r photoshop.Goto File>Import>Video Frames to layers
U will get a POP-UP box => LOAD,Select the file(The video file u just converted)
I am taking this Aditya-Priya video from serial "Maryada"..Embarrassed
Another POP-UP box will be opened "Import Video to layers"

The green square marked is "Play" button.
In "Range to Import" ..U can Check/select "Beginning to end" (that means full video) OR
check/Select "selected range only" (if u want to select a part of video)
To select "part" of video press "SHIFT" button continuously and drag with mouse the range u want(the circled part in image)
Now check "Limit To every _ Frames" can range from 2-5 on ur wish..(limiting controls from having unnecessary extra frames for every moment,u can increase this when u want the avi with less frames.)
Also check "Frame Animation" and lastly press "OK"

Make sure u r "Animation" window is opened or goto "Window>Animation"

Now u will see u r file opened and there are frames in "Animation(Frames) window" and each frame is turned into layer in "layers box"..[Pointed in BROWN square](for layer box goto Window>Layers..which will be generally on u r down right side)[Pointed in PINK square]
U can crop(Press "C") the video freely and also resize to required size..
Image>Image Resize and select 100*100 "PIXELS"(Make sure Constant proportions is "UNCHECKED") a general avatar size or u can change to any size for that matter and Play u r animation.
U can Delete any frames which u feel extra by Dragging them to delete frame button(shown above)but they will not be deleted from layers**,
IMP:So if u want to delete a frame completely delete it from "layers" too,just drag them to trahcan in layers.
U can delay the time too.."select all frames" by pressing the Animation Options ("Arrow" - pointed out in RED square - we are going to use this many times so better remember) and click on the "TimeDelay"line (highlighted in light green)and change to u r required time like 0.1 Seconds,0.3 Seconds or "NO delay".
Make sure u r Time Loop(pointed in blue color) is set "FOREVER" to play continuously forever.Play it and see how it is.
U r Plain Avatar is done!Now lastly u need save u r .GIF

Goto File>Save for Web and Devices..U will get a pop-up box "Save for Web and Devices"
Now select theses Options and save.
On right u will see many options-set to
GIF|Selective(or Adaptive or perceptual)|256 colors

Right down - Make sure...Looping options is set "Forever" and lastly click "SAVE",Give a name and click "OK".

But what if u want the animation to be colorless i mean Black and white...then simple..instead of selecting "Selective" in above,in dropdown list select "Greyscale"(Not Black and white) and save.


Now instead of converting the video into anyother video format..convert video directly into .GIF using "Total Video Converter" given or any other converter.

Total Video Converter

File>open and select the .GIF file.It will opened..u can see frames in Animation(frames) and Layer's of it "Layers"

[If u can't open or can see just one frame in layer and animation box..then do this.
Goto File>Import>Video Frames to layers
U will get a POP-UP box => LOAD,Select the .gif file.
Obviously u can't see a .GIF file but u can write the name of .GIF file in "File Name" and open it.Example if u r .GIF file name is "Avatar" then write "Avatar.gif" in "File name" box (so make sure u keep a easy name for file which can be easily rememberedBig smile)and press "Load" It will select "Beginning to End" and check "Frame Animation" - Press "Ok".It will open in layers as shown above]

Now make any changes if u want like cropping/resizing and set delay,also set timeloop to forever and save u r .GIF - shown above.

God bless Big smile

i downloaded total video now its asking key ???
do i need 2 buy it??
Posted: 10 years ago

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Posted: 10 years ago
thnxx tut yaar thnnxxx alot

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