Jan 29: Bandini Final Update written/Video

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Posted: 13 years ago

We have come to the finale of our favourite show
We wont have a different opinion about the major binding factor here,
yes, you are right
The strongest male character on television👏
Santu Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi
The innocent girl,  turned into a Bandini of relations
and how she turned into a strong woman
and now expecting her greatest desire,  
to love her own child,
 is going to be fulfilled.
So lets join her on her most memorable occasion
Godh bharai
Yes today we will have the cremony and hopefully will see the twins as well😳
On this occasion
I would like to thank all our past and present updaters
who took time for us  and gave us the updates in time..
The live updaters
all others who helped with the updates
all the memebers who made the live updates a grand success..
I guess this was the first section to have live updates,
thanks to Mallika for initiating this👏⭐️
and forced us the updaters to have the detailed updates asap😆.
Sorry if I missed any names above.😳
Thank you Hema🤗
 for your Patience 
for bear all our besharam comments
for the timely intervention 
for the sensible comments to get us back to the ground 
And last but not least to each and every member
who had ever visited this section and posted their comments👏
So without wasting anymore time.. lets jump into the final episode
For update see the next post😉 
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Posted: 13 years ago
Hi girls

 excited and sad for this last episode

will be back when the episode starts

hope everyone joins in the fun today
Video Update by sonyfan28

Part 1

Episode starts with 4 month leap- kaddu and toral decorating and laughing- baa tells them stop giggling and finish the work - we have 2 ghodbharai today- toral tells baa men are cooking in the kitchen- moti comes and tells baa- same old fight- men v/s woman- men in the kitchen cooking- toral and kaddu giggling- baa worried and tells them to check on the guys in the kitchen

Hiten in the kitchen making curry- krishna reading from a cook book- shashank and rasik all there- krishna telling hiten how much haldi and garam masala to put- hiten tastes the curry he says it is good and tells krishna let us make kheer-
rasik grating carrots- shahshank tell him to hurry up and that he looks nice grating carrots- all men making a mess- shahank makes kheer- krishna tells him to put haldi- hiten tells the what did you do- you do not put haldi in kheer- you put kesar to make it yellow-
baa comes and hiten asks her what should we do now? baa tells him you are opposite party why should i help you? he tells her we are your kids- baa tells them to make new kheer

baa in the living room with toral and kaddu- toral making fun of all the guys in the kitchen- vishal comes down and wants to meet triveni- kaddu toral keep teasing him that he wants to meet triveni and get her ready

moti getting triveni ready- triveni tell sher thank you- senti scene-- moti says do not say thank you- you are becoming a mother and they say you see God in a kid and because of you I will see God in your kid- vishal comes in and says thank you to moti for all the love she has given him- moti vishal senti scene- moti leaves

vishal asks triveni if she need anything- vishal talks to his kid- kaddu and toral come and tease him again- vishal tells them go harass santu and to leave them alone- they say no- vishal leaves-

dm weighs santu she is 65 kgs tell sher when you came you were thin and look how much weight yo have put on- santu tell shim all because of you -you keep feeding me pistas and badam- dm tells her you look beautiful and all this weight is baby weight- 
santu tells him now do not force me to eat for the next 2 months- dm says ok if you eat on your own

vishal comes santu asks him if triveni is ready- vishal  takes blessing from dm and santu- he wants to become like dm and tells him i will try to become like you- dm happy and blesses him-
dm asks vishal how is the competition going on? vishal tells him men will win- santu says no ladies will win

moti gets a new saree for champa- she is happy and thanks her in english and recites poetry- nice must watch scene- 

dm goes to hiten's room- and tell shim now you must appreciate santu, toral and moti how they handle the kichen- hiten says papa you are supposed to be on our side- dm says i will make right nispak nyay-
he tells hiten to look after the factory hiten says why? are you retiring? dm says no Dm will never retire- santu will go for maternity leave so i have to be with her- who will look after the factory? your father- hiten jokes yes you will look after the factory? dm says i will slap you - hiten says it has been a long time since you have slapped me- dm slaps hiten- hiten says papa i was joking- dm tells him to look after the factory- hiten says how will i handle without you and santu- dm says you are my son and now is your chance to prove it and be two steps ahead of your father


part 2

baa comes to santu's room and gives her Radha Krishna murti and tells i have thought your kids names- boy-Gopal and girl- Radha
champa comes and tells her some Tapuri girl wants to meet you- i told her not today but she refused to listen it is question of her life- baa says no- santu tells her baa i am the malkin and i have to listen to her- 

the girls father wants to marry her to a guy twice her age as the guy she was supposed to marry did not come to the mandap- they are poor and her father wants to marry a guy twice her age
santu has flashback of how she got married
she asks the girl what you want form me- she says nyay 

baa- moti tell her santu should not go in this condition - they tell dm to explain to santu- but dm sides santu and says she is the malkin and she must give nyay and we should all support her-
moti says santu will go in this condition to chaupal? dm says no we will call everyone in the aagan


all villages come to the house- dm comes with santu and all family-
dm thanks all of them to come to the house and tells santu to do nyay
santu sits on the chair - she says the tapuri came to me for nyay- she tells the girls fathers  getting married in not the ultimate goal of life- she should study first stand on her feet I am saying this not because i got married to malik and was 18 years but because i had dreams to go ahead in life
all happy and the girl tells santu i will try to stand on my own feet- 

all leave- santu alone with dm- she asks dm don;t you want to ask me something? he says yes and ask her is she happy that she married him? she says yes but i cannot forget that there is only one DM and he is mine and i am happy to be his wife and also all husbands are not like DM to support their wife to stand on her feet and that is why she told the girl first study stand on your feet and then get married-
dm says i am proud of you that you came to my life and says i thank jag mohan as because of him you came in my life and i want everyone to remember your decision and that all think like you and you take the right decision- she says of course that will be as i am your wife and your disciple 

baa calls them to come and  lets us start the function

dm announces that in the kitchen competition - no one won or loose that men and woman are equal

moonghi bring santu and toral brings triveni down the steps- dm proud of looking at santu-
the function starts- moti does for santu and kaddu for triveni- all wish them

vikram- announces dhandia- all dancing- baa tells dm and vishal to take blessing of Mataji with santu and triveni

vikram puts on rock and roll song all dancing- all grandkids - and entire m-family-only santu and dm do not dance

dm tells santu this is our happy family- your dream which you fulfilled - she says not mine our dream
dm tells her but you are the main reason this was accomplished - she says why not you are my malik and I am your bandini-
- flash back scenes happy SANRAJ scenes- 
both look at each other-

freeze on happy SANRAJ

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Posted: 13 years ago
Thanks Miradi.. Lets see what they have in store for us in the final epissode Edited by ammoos - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
hi Mira.... I guess this is it.....
hope they make it a good one
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Posted: 13 years ago
Hey cool thread..thanx ='D
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Posted: 13 years ago
Lol..am fighting with my sis for remote..she wants to watch movie and me bandini..:P
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Posted: 13 years ago
hi girls

i m also here to join u all today....... 😃
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Posted: 13 years ago
Hi Uma, Mira and Friends... finally the moment is here yes am 😭 but hopeful for SanRaj moment and happy ending and yes it is only goodbye till we meet again all FF writers please PM me when you have new post so that Sanraj continue to be in our hearts and memories forever😊  let the show begin...
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Hi leena and anju glad you guys have made it today....

AND hello to all the friends and everyone at IFEdited by bishop22 - 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
Hi Thanks for this update and all the other updates you have been awesome thank you once again and hopefully will see all of you for Bandini part 2