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character sketch and chap 1 - pg 1
chap 2 -pg 3
chap 3 - pg 4
chap 4 - pg 6
chap 5 - pg 9
chap 6 - pg 12
chap 7 - pg 14
chap 8 - pg 16
chap 9 - pg 18
chap 10 - pg 19
chap 11 - pg 21 (part 1/2)
chap 11 - pg 23 (part 2/2)
chap 12 - pg 25
chap 13 - pg 26
chap 14 - pg 28
chap 15 - pg 31
character sketches (sorry for too many characters because all have an important part in future so they need to be added)
the raichands
abhay raichand
silent,mysterious,the hot guy around,competition for all guys ,smart sophisticated intelligent
and the 3rd brother 
dhruv raichand
sweet, sly ,playboy type, flirt ,cool, makes friends easily, loves to bully t, 1st brother
vandana raichand
sweet , kind ,sharp,intelligent , loves studying,plays violin,is opposite to dhruv
abhimanyu raichand
friendly ,angry, mean to bimbos, loves to make fun of people,yet kind and helpful 2nd brother
sakshi raichand
childish, helpful, acts weird,cheerful, acts more like a human, opposite abhimanyu, yet the youngest of all of them, loves her brothers and abhay more
chand raichand
stratergic,plotting all the time,silent,think about his family(clan),and protects them for the werewolves keeping their limits and boundaries according to the treaty
haseena raichand
kind,similar habits like chand , has motherly feeling towards abhay dhruv vandana abhimanyu and sakshi ,opposite chand, plays piano very well

the dobriyals
arnab dobriyal
kind, sophisticated, businessman ,loves his children, loves to have fun with family and friends ,more attached to his younger daughters piyali and misha
madhu dobriyal
wife of arnab,mother of vishal , panchi, jay and misha stepmom of piyali still loves her equally. loves all of the children equally.kind, helpful understanding.
vishal dobriyal
oldest of dobriyal children, responsible,sweet, silent, does not pay much attention to girls, more of the sadhu type,loves to read ,loved by all
panchi dobriyal
2nd oldest of dobriyal children, sweet ,kind ,responsible, fights with misha, gets along with piyali, more simple ,despises flirts,bimbos and moreover t
jay dobriyal
3rd of the dobriyal children, cool , over friendly, belives in life without girls bullies t and her chamchis alot ,happy go lucky type.
misha dobriyal
youngest dobriyal
naughtiest,more like jay and loves him more too,cool tomboyish stone cold enemy of t and her chamchis, always bullies her. also attached to piyali alot

piyali dobriyal
youngest dobriyal
sweet,kind,good ,helpfull. but a little over interfering with the people she loves liked by all . adored by her family

the vermas (werewolves)
vikram verma
kind ,friendly, weird behavior towards raichands, business man, leads a normal family with a paranormal secret head of their clan

shivani verma
kind, fierce friend of madhu , helpful ,sweet, gets angry quick, wife of vikram, mother of sidhant,aryan,armaan and ritu.

sidhant verma
flirt, sly, oversmart,cunning , loves to trouble evry single person around him ,has a soft corner for panchi dobriyal
aryan verma
shrud , childish ,prankster,cool ,prankster , dislikes raichands very much, loves piyali
armaan verma
normal human being caracteristics , loves music , and is always bugged with sidhant

ritu verma
sweet, girly, feirce, strong, supports women rights and always works with panchi in ngos, somehow is connected with vandana raichand through mind

extra cast
the hot guy of the college till raichands came,super sweet flirt kind helpful and loves piya and is friendly with the dobriyals

super grade flirt ,plays sweet but is different inside and certified playboy, ruins everyone's life. kabir's cousin bro too

diya patel
shy and silent girl ,attracted to kabir 

typical overfashioned bimbo
but is misha's friend

tanushree (t)
queen of all bimbos gossips etc often runs behind abhay ,dhruv ,abhimanyu and mostly all the guys

Chapter 1

Raichands mansion

Everybody is starting to think of the new 1st day college act they have to do . everyone is getting ready

Dhruv : ugh! Another year of chemistry history maths shit i am going to die

Abhimanyu: forget it you already are.

He said with a smirk on his face

Vandana and sakshi burst out laughing and chand gave his famous smile while haseena still was upset .chand turned to her

Chand:what happened jaan aaj sab itne khush hai aaj unko hasee mazak ke liye ek aur topic mil gaya  hai MOUNT COLLEGE aur tum itni udass.

Haseena: how true sab itne khush hai par abhay still the same .

All sat in silence and the most emotional among them was vandana who now almost looked like she was about to cry almost everyone was attached to abhay.

Dhruv: woh kabhi maithili ko nahin bhool payega. Its no use hum kahan bhi jaye kuch bhi bole par uske chehre par muskaan hi nahin ati

Abhimanyu : kabhi kabhi daar lagta hai ki uski majboori ka koi fayda na utaye

Haseena: us jangli kute ke sivaye kaun fayda utayega

Chand:the werewolves ofcourse who bhi mount college mein aate hai

He turned towards all of them

Chand: yaad rakhna kuch bhi ho jaye par sidhant aryan armaan aur ritu se door rehna do not fight with them.

They all nod and they hear soft footsteps coming down the stairs. It was abhay in his usual black coat looking dull and pale

Haseena : tum log apna khayal rakhna ok ab jao. And also dont forget keep a LOW PROFILE.

They nodded and all realised that abhay already left

Chand: dhruv please keep an eye on him ok

Dhruv: yes i will

Sakshi: ab aap sab ka chat show khatam ho gaya to chale

Abhimanyu: bmw mera hai ..

Saying this he ran swiftly with sakshi got into the car and left

Vandana and dhruv took the another and left


The dobriyal mansion

Piya has been living with her father and her step mom and brothers and sisters for the past 7 years ever since her mom died everyone knew the truth and accepted piya

So now back to the story

Arnab : chalo sab  tayar ho gaye . toh mein gaddi nikal leta hoon

Madhu: sab yahaan ao aur dahi kao kehte hain ...

Misha continuing her sentence in a sacarstic way: dahi khane se sab karya acha se hota hai right mom as usual daily soap ka dailouge ab sirf aaa ki backgroud lagana chahiye

Piya: mishaa..

Madhu: tum kabhi nahi sudarogi ..

Everyone was controlling thier laughter and finally everyone got into the car and left to thier respective places

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more characters coming up including werewolf clan chapters will be written soon

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Claploved the characters all look so related as if they reallly belong to the same family  awesome pls continueSmile
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Originally posted by mythrimyna

Claploved the characters all look so related as if they reallly belong to the same family  awesome pls continueSmile

thanx so much i will continue little later 
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too good..Big smile this is interesting..pls do continue as soon as u canSmile
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Originally posted by saphira7988

too good..Big smile this is interesting..pls do continue as soon as u canSmile
thnx continuing soon will pm u when updated
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its nice n interesting
do cont soon
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Originally posted by koyal-kajal

Originally posted by saphira7988

too good..Big smile this is interesting..pls do continue as soon as u canSmile
thnx continuing soon will pm u when updated
pls do..thank uBig smile
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