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Posted: 12 years ago
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common destination..so pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Schedule for this week:
6/12: Roshni
7/12: Anjali
8/12: Aanchi
9/12: Pooja
10/12: Anjali
11/12: Pooja
NO weekend thread this week, Saturdays thread will be there, we can continue discussing in there till Monday Embarrassed

Schedule for next week:
13/12: Kavya
14/12: Sruja
15/12: Tehreem
16/12: Pooja
17/12: Anjali
Weekend Thread: Pooja
amazing epiClapEmbarrassedROFL...cracked me up and left me wid goosebumps too...LOLEmbarrassed....hmm...there shud really b a "cracked me up" emo too...ROFLROFLROFL...infact this whole week as been arjuhilicious...Day Dreaming...and a beautiful journey...EmbarrassedHeart...one more epi to compolete this week...thats tomorro's...1hr special treat 4 us...and the promo luk so intense....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing
okaie...epi starts wid arjun's speech and arohi's taliyaan...ClapLOLLOL...loved the answers arjun gave..Star...dialouge writer did a great job...Clap...and den arjun see's his sketch being faxed...uff wasn't his sketch lukin so hot..EmbarrassedLOL....and cleverly as giving his speech...gets the the fax and tears it up...Clap....bt these police wale...D'oh...didn't once bother to think why he tore it up...or what was it...ConfusedLOL...KMH2 police r really gud..Thumbs UpROFL....they shud get a award for being so slow, dumb and careless...ClapClap..ROFLROFLROFLROFL....sorry KSA....our arjun took your arohi away be4 u cud even see dem...LOLWink...loved the way u dragged arohi out of the police station...Day DreamingDay Dreaming...and liked the fact u left a letter for KSA that arohi will b cumin in 2days....so that means only 2 days of arjuhi together...Cry...bt im sure CV's have somethin really gud 4 us in store...Big smile...ab arjun wnt have 2 listen to arohi's bak bak after 2 days...LOL...what hu will arohi talk 2....esp her line from yesterday...i found out my DOB sfter i was born...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...hahaha of course ur guna find out after ur born....it's nt like u had a mobile fone and u got a sent text by ur mum or the doctor sayin ur DOB na...?...ROFLROFLROFL...hehe...okaie no jokes nw...im lame at jokin...OuchLOL...so DIG sahab found out that arjuhi r goin 2 sarhali....u bettr not ruin any moments...Evil SmileLOL...bt i doubt u will b able to...it took u guys so long to track arjuhi in the jungle...D'ohLOLLOL....sarhali will take 2wice as long..ROFL...and arjuhi havn't even reached dere yet...ROFLROFLROFLROFL
arjun...u get irriated by arohi's bak bak...and call her mad and even say i made a mstake by takin her wid u.Wink...bt yet u like being wid her...EmbarrassedHeart...because u lovee her so much...Heart...waiting 4 saturday...Day DreamingDay Dreaming....hope it's filled wid lovely moments that leave all of us like this....Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.....or this.....BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing....Tongue...anyways....the bus stop scene was really gud...i loved it...still nt likin la la la...dunnoe why...i wanna like it...i cnt...Ouch...i prefer the KMH1 bg or the new KMH2 ones...Tongue...even the sufi one was great today..Thumbs Up...they finally decided to make us listen to some of the lyrics...LOL..bt it got cut after...Ouch...they bettr make us listen 2 it in full...start to finish...Evil Smile...LOL...anyways...arohi thinks arjun is as boring as her dadu...SleepyLOL...bt arjun sed there is alot of difference between dem....Wink...arohi...omg u liked sitting on the bus becuase of that cute guy who used 2 give his tiffin to u...Shocked....wow...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.....wonder what wud happen if u met him...ROFL...u wud really kill him for food...LOL...even i dnt love food that much that i wud kill someone...ROFLROFLROFLROFL...omg she was guna bite arjun...Shocked...really arohi..ur so diff from KMH1 and nw in KMH2 ur like a wild cat...ROFLROFLROFL....u shud go bac 2 the jungle...ROFLLOL....
now they r deciding whether to go by taxi or bus...D'ohLOLLOL..aree..make up ur kind be4 DIG sahab comes and takes arohi away....WinkLOL...den wat will u do...OuchLOL....den arjun jus gets on the bus leaving arohi alone...she wasn't ready for that adventure that ashe gave arjun a lectire abt...LOLLOLLOLROFLROFL...uff make up ur mind na....oh ya...we will get 2 c that later in the epi na...ROFLROFLROFL.....yay....KMH1 scene replica...bt so diff....it was a bus instead of the train...hayeeeeeeeee.....Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingHeart....in KMH1 arjuhi had a bus stop scenes...and now in KMH2...they had a scene inside the bus...choo sweet....BlushingBlushing.....suddenly...the bus brakes down...and arohi falls onto arjun's lap...BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing....i always imagined that arjuhi wud have this scene one day...and it came true...HeartDay DreamingDay Dreaming.....and have a long eye lock...bt everyone else is lukin too....LOLTongue...seeing arjuhi's romance...they got happy...LOLTongueEmbarrassed....who wudn't...? Embarrassed....anyways den someone on the bus brings arjuhi bac 2 reality...earth callin arjuhi...LOLLOLLOL...lovely scene...well shot and sizzling chemistry and sparks...Day DreamingBlushingHeartEmbarrassed
arohi got angry and left the bus.....and den went missing...Ouch...poor arjun got so worried and went lookin 4 her..Day DreamingEmbarrassed....he showd arohi's pic to everyone from his Ifone...hw sweet...Heart...he still kept the pic..im sure it's the one he took in the cottage...to sho her dadu...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed....den we see arohi eating like a kid at the dhabba...they fight again..and den the ROFLin part.....aunty jee cums and gives lectures to arjun abt what he did wid arohi...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.....like everyone else....me2 loved that whole dialouge given by arjun abt his deeds....and blamin it all on arohi....ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.......hahahahaha i still cnt stop ROFLing...really wat was the dialouge writer thinking....and wonder how many re takes Karan had 2 take while sayin those dialouges.....ROFLROFLROFL....hahaha...arohi ur tooo damn funny...for food and a place 2 stay....u can even act pregnant....wah wah....taliyaan...ClapClap....ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
phew! finally RPS has cum home and his wife and full family r bac...LOLLOL...i was wondering wher RPS' wife had gone....LOLLOLROFLROFLROFL.....and now even he wants 2 kno why arjun went to sarhali widout tellin him...Ouch....wonder whats guna happen next....hope he's nice to arjun...and arohi...Smile....and Mikhail....u really need 2 sort ur wardrobe out...LOL...ur colour choices r too bright...that red shirt...omg it's worse than a laser...LOLROFLROFLROFL.....and red and grey dnt go together at all...Thumbs Down...arjun;s sis was lukin nice...Big smile
enjoyed the epi alot.....all the epi's of this week have been fantastic and arjuhilicious...HeartClapStarEmbarrassed.....waiting 4 tomorro's epi...Big smileDay Dreaming
Kritz...me loving ur new arohi character.....muahh....ur doing amazing...ur jus full of life...Embarrassed
and Karan..uff what can i say abt u...Day DreamingDay DreamingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing....always giivng flawless performances and dazzle me wid ur presecenes...Heart
thats me dun for today....enjoy...Wink
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Posted: 12 years ago
ok like seriously i have developed a huge crush on arohiEmbarrassed
and in today's episode Karan Kritika were as awesome as they can beBig smile
Now coming to episode
Omg again taaliyanROFLROFL
wah smart boy thats what we call using of brains at the time of needROFL
tum tou logon ka ullu banane mein expert ho arohi ji beware of himWinkROFL

and arjun you and policeman donot do the same things for gods sakeROFL

arjun ji soo you have a question ke tum ayay kyun ye tou apne dil se poocha se ke wo mana kaise Wink but i agree arohi jahan bhi jaati hai koi na koi musibat tou ani hi hoti hai us jagahROFL

and yes plz dont ask for another lift warna is dafa pata nai kis ki jeep utha lao aur bechra arjun phir kaheen kisi musibat mein phas jayeROFL

wow the police officers are soo brilliant i mean DIG didnt even ask that why the fax didnt come or something and he was looking soo carefree as its just some normal kind of issueConfusedConfusedLOLLOLLOL
kitna chpar chapar karti hai ye larkiD'oh poor arjunROFL

arohi and her unpredictable theories arohi you found that guy cute who gave you tiffanROFL
 chalo arjun ab tum bhi arohi ko tiffan dena start kar doROFL

sapne dekhna buri bat nahi arohi dekho dekho aur sapne dekho balke apni puri zindagi ka plan hi bana lo sapno meinROFL

oye arohi dont challange our arjun he's going to win in any caseBig smileBig smile
 hawww you just called you dadu puranaROFL i agree he is a purana fellowROFL

arjun aroji ki line wapis arohi pe hi maar rahe ho haanWinkLOL
oye hoye KMH ka first scene background mein KMH tune wah wah kya nazara thaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
par adha tou humara scene kaat dia us rudra ki waja se stupid guy hes going to create soo many problems for arjuhiAngryAngryAngryAngry
yes yes arjun is right impatient ho ke patience mangne se patience mil nai jati arohi please listen to himLOLLOL 
arohi dekh lo tum humaray bechara arjun se kya kya karwa rai ho bechara apni knees pe beth gaya hai ab tou tumharay liyeBig smileBig smile
"irresponsible ko hindi mein gair zimedaar hi bolte hain tum batain repeat kyun kar rahe ho"
arohi what a proof of smartnessROFL

for once arjun tried to keep arohi mum but alas that auntyD'oh
"ye hai tumhara behuda pati
       ye meri biwi nai hai
    tou kya tumhari behen hai
 tum bohat hi bewakoof aur nikamay pati ho
    in halat ke tum zimedar ho
       shuruwat is ne ki thi
    isi ko shok hai ye sab karne ka"ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
omg this whole scene was just ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
i just cant stop ROFL after this sceneROFL
arjun ki tou baj gayi band bechara kehta hoga meine kya kiaROFL
I think arjun just wanted to sing the song
ye larki haye allah kaisi hai deewani
Kitna mushkil hai tauba is ko bat samjhani
Ke dheere dheere ye mere kaan khati hai
Phir jab kaan kha le tou dimaag khati haiROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

arohi tum arjun ko aise bol rahi ho jaise pehle tou nai sunta naROFL
"tum pagal ho gadhe ho irritating ho saru ho akru ho" haan haan arohi fayada utha lo maukay kaWinkROFL
And i dont wana comment about that rudraAngry
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Posted: 12 years ago
lmao Tehru doesn't matter if u res first or not, u don't update till the new discussions abt to open ROFL
thanks for opening


sorry but i am going to be just like yesterday, or even worse
how stupid are the police officers?
ROFL they don't even ask what he threw away. a plain paper in a fax machine is in a different place, and a fax that comes in is in a different place. idiots LOL
and i love Arjun's dialogue in that "warna koi bhi mujrim aapke saamne sabut ko uthayega aur aapke saamne uss sabut ke woh tukde tukde kar dega, aur aap log aise hi bewakufon ki tarah bethkein taliyaan bajaatein raheinge, aur kuchh nahin kareinge, taaliyan"
ROFLROFL Arjun is too good!!!! he even says it that they would continue to sit there just like idiots and clap and they do ROFL 3 cheers for our police force ClapClapClap ROFL
Arohi is too adorable Embarrassed I think these days i am crushing on her more than Arjun
ROFL the things she does just makes me want to go and give her a hug everytime!!! Great acting by Kritika ClapClap she does it so easily i love that about her. hahahah Arohi is doing so much natak today...at first she says she isn't enjoying his company but then in her mind she is full on flirting with Arjun...she's completely enjoying his company EmbarrassedEmbarrassed how cute!!! and then when Arjun says they have to walk all the way, she just sits down in the middle of the road ROFLROFLROFL she just looked so cute doing that!!! and i started to laugh so hard my whole family was looking at me LOL but i cound't help it lol
and then when Arjun says her dadu knows she won't be home for two days, she happily starts walking with him again awww Big smileBig smile
she's so happy to go to Sarhali with Arjun....this Arohi is full on 2 steps ahead of Arjun in terms of flirting 
DIG sahab found out about Arjun and Arohi in Sarhali....hmm wonder what will happen when he reaches there on saturday D'oh
hahhahaha the bus stop scene was so damn funny
ROFLROFL she used to feel bad that dadu was not letting her go in the bus after 1st grade ROFL only because she wasn't getting food LOL and she bit that poor guy if he didn't give her that seat ROFLROFL baap re jungli billi nikali apni Arohi and she was even ready to bite Arjun ahahhaha and then she compares dadu and Arjun and Arjuns like dude!!!!! i am not at all like that buddha...he's a cop im a chor ROFL i am loving the fact that Arohi has 0 clue she's roaming around with a don and was even kidnapped and she's just falling for this mangiram ROFL
chota sa gaav, choti si bus, ussmein tum aur main ehm ehm Arohi plan kya hai?? LOLLOL oh yes right we will know abt it later Wink
hahaha bechari was thinking what not about that bus aur nikala kya LOL she lost all her sense of adventure after seeing that bus...kya karein Arohi that wasn't a 2 seater bus
ROFL u would have some chacha's and some other weird papaji staring at u and Arjun...toh ehm ehm nahin hota ROFL
Arjun has learned how to give karara jawab after staying with her....ussi ki line ussi par maarli
ROFL that line was just awesome!!! i do that with my mom too and she backfires on me only saying she does more than me so i should be older than her ROFL
that running behind the bus was reminding me of the wonderful 1st episode of KMH1Day Dreaming and then the eye-lock
Day DreamingDay Dreaming Karan-Kritika are just awesome in those scenes Day Dreaming
and then when she fell when the driver stopped the bus
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming and the conductor gave such an awesome reply to them!!! come back to the real world, the bus has been broken down ROFLROFL yeh conductor bhi samaj gaya Wink
Arohi just left the bus and just got lost somewhere...and then Arjun looking for her everywhere and was so worred aww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed see good thing he took a pic of her when she was sleeping...kaam aaya na i knew he would need it, this girl tends to just roam around too much LOL
omg Arohi was looking like a 5yr old bacha when she was sitting alone and eating EmbarrassedEmbarrassed i am falling in love with Arohi, and its deeper than Arjuns love for her
and the scene after that!!! I was laughing so much...my bro was like meri behen officially paagal ho gayi hai, and then i see him take his iPhone out and im like yeh kya mental hospital main phone kar raha hai??
ROFLROFLROFL but thank god he was just checking his mail ROFLROFLROFL
there were such double meaning dialogues going on
ROFLROFL Arjun is like she is the one who likes to start it, and they were talking about having a baby and Arjun was talking abt fighting ROFLROFL and then the buddhas were closing their ears and i was like trying to say STOP ARJUN!!!!! to them that doesn't sound so great ROFLROFLROFL i don't think he realized right away even after the aunty said u shouldn't have left her in such situation...he realized later they are referring to her pregnancy ROFLROFL Arjun baap bhi ban gaya...bechara soch raha hoga...kiya kuchh nahin aur yeh fruit bhi aa gaya ROFLROFL
"maine akele thori kuchh kiya tha, lekin shuruwath isne ki thi"
ROFLROFL oh god Arjun i am loving that double meaning line ROFLROFLROFL the writer is too much man...kya karne ki koshish kar raha hai writer? ROFLROFL
oh god such an entertaining episode ROFLROFL i think u guys can see how much i enjoyed haaha
can't wait for tomorrow's maha episode Big smile
wonder if we're gonna get a Rudra-Kartar-Arjuhi face off....D'oh
I love the new name Arjun got
pura naam Arjun stupid monster
ROFLROFL and that too in Big B style she said it ROFL how adorable ahhaha
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Posted: 12 years ago
Tehru both of us know very well u love me alot :) there is now way u can hate me Embarrassed
ok i think we should stop our random talks here LOL we have a CC for a reason, we talk too much in one place and it's not even related to that LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
EP 29 (09/12)
Watched it and I can't get ANCHI & POOJA take out of my mind. Lol!
Most of all were already well said and what I need to add in a very light mode:
Motuwala Policeman bilkul Govinda ki tarah the! Hahahahaha and 'the taliyan' wali baat to too hilarious along with Arohi has always something to say! Well first of all,we can see some effect of Arohi in Arjun! Wo bhi Arohi,he was memorising the words of Makhand! I am telling u guys sideline mein Makhu & Shefu ke story banade ' how much they understood the prem kahani of their years! Ek taraf Shefu ke 'pata nahin' in repeat mode aur dusre taraf Makhu ko bahut acha laga jab Arjun Arohi ke paas jaate! Ok Billu for u wait Arohi to go home and then hum baat karenge Mishti ya Simi se! Lolz! The best bit was to Shefu ko kuch bhi pata nahin as KSA sai 'bache ghabrahui hein' lol!
Oye dadu ' jab policemen aye to picture kharab hogaye the! Lol lol and I almost had a freaking laugh on how everyone is feeling sad 'akrhir Arohi kaha hein' Mummy ji,fikrar not,aap ke beti,is having adventures and fun!!!!
As I had a quickie on EP 30,accept mine here itself as I am going to switch my laptop now:

EP 30 (10/12)

Well that was a hilarious one again,to basically KSA aur RPS will go to see the sunrise at Saharli and Arjuhi shaadi mein aish karenge! ROFLROFLROFL Best of all,Arohi wanted to spend one day with Arjun aur Arjun gave her 2 days ' it is like buy one get one free...hayiiii hayiii! Aur Arohi is so naughty,it was so fun to watch how she was pulling Arjun's leg!  The bus bit was like BOMBAY TO GOA! So this time too Arohi has to run behind a vehicle! ROFL Well initially I thought Arohi intentionally wanted to go by bus because she wants to stand close to Arjun,just like ek dum bindaas mood,she held his hand and was about to bite!!!!Tongue

 Hey it should happen though,Arohi promoted slap of season1 to bite in season2Wink And it was this time we see our Arjun is afraid of getting hurt,LOL! He did not want to get bitten! But Arjun,we want it! LOL Then bus scene was fun and the way again Arjun was concerned where Arohi is; was cool till he ran into a dabba and saw how Arohi is having tenselessly food!Big smile
 And I actually laugh when saw the elderly couple! It was funny! I remember the man in season 1,th old couple who Arjuhi met in a dabba when they ran away! Yaar the man was the same but woman different ' so basically EKTA devi made him pachtao his run away decision of pichle janam to the extent that this time try a new oneROFL It was funny to see how they know about Arohi is pregnant ' so if someone loves to drink lemon tea and eat roti with achard,hahahah,she is pregnant! To bachon sawdhan raho! ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLand it was funny to see how Arjun despite he does not want is kneeling down and down for Arohi! Arohi is so fun!

Well I enjoyed the new lounge version of teri saason!Smile And the la la la la la la la was like the song and dhadkan of the lover's heartHeartHeartHeartHeart

I felt a pinch in heart to see that actually Arjun is a puppet of RPS! His whereabouts is spyed so RPS want to control his life entirely! I feel a pinch again to feel in the air that Mikhail,jeeja and RPS when know that Arohi is his weakness,they can play a very big foul!OuchDead
So after a weekdays in the jungle,weekend they decide to have it in God knows' wedding!Wink Yehi hein kismat ka khelROFLROFLROFL Sorry Ektadevi ka pehla twist ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL (Just kidding kiddos)

Love it!

Posted: 12 years ago
Ok. Here I am!!Cool 
So about today's episode. I think Arjun is either extremely lucky or extremely smart to get away from that almost inescapable situation. But 'bade se bada mujrim suraag chhod deta hai". I personally have no clue when he told the mottu inspector that they were going to Sahreli but I think it was kind of a silly move. He should've expected that the Aluwalias will come after them!Shocked But the bus ride!! Hayyee!! Main mar jawan!! Kisi ki nazar na lage mere Arjuhi ko!! They make such an adorable couple!! Is it just me or Arjun looks even cuter when he loses patience? And Arohi! Behaving like a typical stubborn teenager! She sat in the middle of the road in protest!! I would just say, way to go!! She's a total sweetheart!! 
The dhabba scene was again funny and all but I think Arohi went a bit too far. It was hilarious but still, she's claiming to be Arjun's pregnant wife??Confused It did kind of put me off. I didn't expect her to go this far!!
Coming to the end, "Shantranj ki baazi mein jab pyada apni marzi se kadam badhane lage, toh samaj lena chahiye ki kuch toh baat hai" I do NOT like the sound of thisOuch

Memorable quotes:

Arohi: "Kar toh rahi hoon lekin agar itna sadu banega toh manungi kya?"
Arohi: "Woh mujhe apna tiffin isli deta that kyunki main warna usse kat kar window seat le leti thi"
Arohi: "Tum young hokar purani cheezon ke peechhe kyun bhaate ho?"
Arjun: Imitating Arohi!!

So clearly, for me, Arohi was the star todayStar
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Posted: 12 years ago
Today epi was rocking.i was laughing lyk crazy.my mom condition was not less than me.arohi cuteness is killing me.i m dreaming abt arjuhi married life.i m sure their couple will win d most entertaining couple.arohi is over bold.i m luving her more dan anyone.she is a bachi.wan to read ur take.sorry could not write yesterday.will write more after ur take.now to i m in arohi dreamland.

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