ArMan Times Edition 29

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Posted: 12 years ago

banner credits : nikitagmc

ArMan Times
Edition 29

Brief Update
by : -tas-

Nov 22nd
  • Archu is missing and Manav finds out that all homeless people were arrested. Manav to her rescue and police frees her
  • Archu tells Manav that they need legal papers proving them man and woman. Manav breaks down. Archana consoles him
  • Satish in search of ArMan and worried about them.
  • Savita enjoying Archu's jewels but Damodar doesn't let her and hands them back to Sulochana.
Nov 23rd
  • Some gundas threaten ArMan to give their money. His friends to their help and give them shelter in a very tiny chawl.
  • Neighboors badmouth about Savita who goes crying in her kitchen. She says she wants back her Sachu ( Junior ).
  • Manav bought Archu some new clothes. Archu goes to fetch water.
  • Nirmala ( Sulo's neighboor ) saw Archu in this state and tells Sulo bout it. Sul nd Vaishu r crying.
  • Manav and his manager fight. Manav gets beaten up.
Nov 24th
  • Both hide about their mishappening to each other.
  • Vaishali tells Dharmesh about ArMan, Dharmesh says that he doesn't feel sorry for them. Vaishu too feels the same but she instead feels sorry for her mom. He wants Archu's living address in order to save her from Manav.
  • Manav wants Archu to sleep on the bed nd his down. They argue and finally sleep in a corner away from the rain drops.
  • Shravni gives Sachu to Savita and breaks down.
  • Savita tells Dhamodar that Shravni was a mere source who would give her her Sachin back. Henceforth Shravni is nothing to her.
Nov 25th
  • Savita tells Damodar that he has no rights over Sachu.
  • ArMan at a mandir to get married.
  • Darmesh at the station telling the police man to put any case on Manav and get him arrested so that Darmesh can save Archu.
  • ArMan married. 7 pheras completed. Police returns. At the wedding party, Arman dance.
  • Sulochana tells Darmesh to give Arman a second chance. varshu excited and tells Satish that she knows understand the value of a mother. Baby in the making LOL
  • ArMan have a cute moment
Nov 26th
  • Archu tells Manav that her happiness lies in him only. Both want to thank Shravni.
  • Shravni tells them that she's going to the US giving them the responsibility of Sachin.
  • Manohar tries to convince Sul to go and see Archu but in vein.
  • Manjusha at ArMan chawl. She badmouths about Manav on his face. Archu tells her off and throws her out.
  • Manjusha says half truth half lie ( that Manav starves her ) to the Ks. All sad nd crying.
Nov 29th
  • Manav depressed but tells her that he'll make her happy and give her the advance money
  • Manav has got a driver job. He's shocked after knowing for what kind of people ( frauds ) he's working.
  • A drunk man ( her neighboor ) goes to Archu's house and tells her that he'll take care of her when her hubby isn't home. His wife comes, apologizes and takes him out.
  • Manav returns and Archu tells his everything. He regrets but Archu manages the situation.
  • Sulochana and Archu meet in the train. Sulochana leaves when her station comes.
  • Archu tells that to Manav. He consolers her and takes her out. They have a sweet moment.
Nov 30th
  • Satish and ArMan meet. He tells them how he was worried for them.
  • Manav is driving and his boss tells him to fasten coz police the police is after him. Accident.
  • Vinod got a job at Jaywant's office. It seems like Jay is doing all this to take revenge.
  • Mana's friend informs Archu about the accident and Archu goes in search of Manav. Meanwhile Manav comes back home and finds Archu missing.
  • He goes to the Ks but even they are shocked. He goes to the station, but the man behaves rudely. Atlast, Manav is thrown out and is crying.
Dec 1st
  • Manav finds ARchu at home. They hug each other tightly.
  • Manav wants to do the housework but Archu isn't letting her. He in turn says that a house belongs to both husband and wife and so they should share their work.
  • Vinod comes there right then. He takes Manav outside and yells at Manav as well in the defence of ARchu.
  • Svita comes to her friend who lives nearby Manav house. Archu sees and smiles at her but Savita humilates ARchu in front of everyone.
Dec 2nd
  • Archu faints. Doctor comes to check on ARchu and as usually, tells the husband to take care of her....
  • Manav goes to ihs old house by mistake. Finds out that Sachu is very sick and so takes him to the doctor.Doctor tells him that the child is unconscious and gives him injections and medicines.
  • Meanwhile Sulochana and Manohar want to see and meet Archu. They are at her house.
  • Manav is at the Ds and worried bout Archu. He goes to see her against his mom's wish. There he finds the Ks. He then goes to her her medicines. He also has to see Sachu but is in a dilemma.
Dec 3rd
  • The Ks have to leave but a woman also comes to tell Manav that Sachu is in a very bad shape. Finally Manav goes and the Ks stay.
  • The Drunkard comes back and wants to see Archu. Manohar throws him out.
  • Manav returns in the morning. the Ks leave after advicing Manav.
  • Sulochana tells about Arman at the Ks. They are frustrated seeing S defending Manav.
  • Some womem mock at Archu with whatever Savita said. But Archu isn't saying anything about the incident to Manav.
  • Doctor says that she can have problems in her pregnancy if this continues.

Links to Written and Video Update
by : loveabletwinz

22nd November
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SBS/SBB links
by : loveabletwinz

22nd November

23rd November

25th November

29th November

Dialogue of the fortnight
By : loveabletwinz

Archana, mujhe nahi pata ke ane wala din hamare liye kya leke ayega...lekin itna pata hain ki jitne bhi din hain hamare paas, aaj mein jiye, khush ho kar jiye, aur aaj ka sach yeh hain, ki hum log saath mein hain - Manav

I've always loved Manav and Archana's relationship because even though a lot of it is subtle, it is pure and pious- and that's the best thing about this dialogue! Manav's dialogue is very simple, but at the same time assures Archana that the thing that matters the most is that they are together- whatever conditions they are living in, they'll make the best of it if they have love, and love, ArMan have plenty of :D

Aaj mujhe is baat ka ehsaas ho gaya hain... ma banna aurat ki kamzoori nahi, uski sabse badi taakat hoti hain, ma bane ka ehsaas, uske izzat ko, uske rutbe ko, kai guna zyada bada deta hain, ma bana sab kuch paane ka naam hain, na ki kuch khone ka - Varsha

I loved hearing this dialogue from Varsha because it sounded like the only thing sown in her heart was love! Mother's know just the strings to convey love, and she uses the most beautiful thread of words to convey that! It was quite nice to see this side of her after the abortion, and finally realizing that a woman's greatest gift is receiving a child's warmth.

Best Character of the fortnight
By : ..Sonii..

ArMan: This time it was difficult to leave Manav or Archana seperate as a character. Both decided to live their life together and made efforts to make their dream come true, but the things didnt fall in place and time. Still they managed to cheer up each other and to rise upon the situation and win it. As the struggle contiues the bond between them will strengthen with time. The spices of love and care for each other will make this journey more memorable

Best ArMan Sequence
By : *Resham*

Well good gracious..there were too many scenes of Arman for the viewers...all the scenes after their marriage should make a mention if I hv to pick one...then my heart went to this scene where we were forced to fall in love with this couple over and above again....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed When Archu goes missing Manav is scared of losing her..he searches for her all over the places...and dejected after coming home he finds this time both express their fears of losing out to each other...and were searching for each other like anything and the emotion of not being able to see each other in trouble really got me into it...This scene just showed how deep the love is of this couple and how far they have reached in their love that now even if anything seperates them audiences and they themselves are made sure that the souls will be lost forever...Embarrassed

Best Family Scene
By : *Resham*

Would not like to give this nth is coming as a family to just a mention that Sulochana is slowly melting towards Archana bt not forgiving Manav too on the other sth to talk abt..otherwise nth to say this time..hope to catch some family scn next time onwardsEmbarrassed

Stars of the Fortnight
By : *Resham*

Star Actor of the week:
Blame me for being too biased bt cant help since the scenes of this actor walks with the accolades all the time...ClapClap its none other than Sushant...good gracious what do I need to speak on him..all has been done in my earlier posts...but this actor just makes me smile throughout the show...Big smileBig smilehis expressions - whether he is worried for Archana, or taking care of her..or going through the hard phases of life just to make Archana secure...portraying a sensitive and emotional side and trying to be a little strict husband to her when she doesnt listenLOLLOLLOLis just so awesomeeeeeeeeeeBig smileBig smile...cant describe more than anything in words now...will keep those words for next time...m sure he will again force me to write on him...Big smile bt this week or this Times again he takes my bowlBig rock SushantStarStar
Star Actress of the week:
Again like I said for Sushant same goes for I getting biased with each edition..yes I am...LOLLOL this lady also forces me to write on her...all her expressions of being happy with her love...facing all the troubles smilingly just because he is with her...goes me ga ga over her....Wink..Ankita performs Archana so well...that she has grown with Archana...and this groW*H is beautifully anchored by her....a worried and a caring wife...a wife who can go against all odds just for her Manav is rock onClapClap...let me reserve my words for this lady again...they make me write so much on them....LOLLOL

Mr and Mrs Head Turner
By : ..Sonii..

Mr. Headturner

This was a fortnight of struggle for Manav, managing responsibilities. Therefore Satish manages to make pefect picture for the scene and Mr. Headturner too with his simple and elegant shirts.
Ms. Headturner

Archana was looking gorgeous in the new sets of sarees Manav bought for her, especially the pink cotton saree, which made her look simple and suit her character and situation. Even Varsha and Vaishu were good in their wardrobe

World of Archana and Manav

Well Akash was supposed to PM me his One Shot but he din't. Wacko

Creation of the fortnight
by : -tas-

credits to: -durgavnii-

Jokes for the fortnight
By : loveabletwinz

Best of Munna Bhai-Circuit Jokes


Circuit : Bhai, woh apnay bachpan ka dost aarehla aaj raat ko dinner pe. Mera sara chain collection apnay kamray mein chupa do na please.

Munna Bhai : Kyun tera dost chor hai kya?

Circuit: Nahin Bhai, woh apnay chain pechan lega


Munna Bhai :  Circuit, bole toh yeh Ford kya hai?

Circuit:  Bhai, gaadi hai.

Munna Bhai :  Toh phir, yeh Oxford kya hai?

Circuit:  Bole toh, simple hai bhai, Ox mane Bael, Ford mane gaadi. Oxford bole toh


Munna Bhai :  Mamu, tu kitna padha hai?

Mammu:  B.A.

Munna Bhai :  Sala, two lafz padha aur woh bhi ulta?

Circuit : Oye Short Circuit yeh light bulb pe baap ka naam kya likh raha hai?

Short Circuit : Apun baap ka naam roshan kar rehle hai.

Who said it ?
By : loveabletwinz


Review of the fortnight
By : *Resham*

Voila the story went literally a miles ahead for us...ShockedShockedDharmesh acted too meany in seperating Arman by trying to stop their marriage...which they performed yet again with witnesses around and ofcoz the Holy God to devoteEmbarrassed The marriage happened and Arman were all happy Big smileBig smileBoth the families still not getting over the marriage fiasco, Satish meeting Arman, and all the Arman scenes made this week a lovely and a dramatic affair....Tongue...
For me the rating goes just for Arman scenes : 4/5

Expectations for the fortnight
By : toothbrush13

With Manav and Archana now living with the Karanjkars, the next two weeks will be filled with drama.  If Manav and Archana will stay there for the entire two weeks is unknown; however, there may be some unexpected guests during their stay.  The track seems to be pointing at Manohar and Sulochana accepting Manav back, even if they only acknowledge him as Archana's husband at first.  Yet, the Karanjkar siblings along with Manjusha are sailing high on their so-called morals and continue to shun Manav along with their sister.  Little is known of where the track is to turn from here, but it can be guessed that this track on the whole is a springboard to showing better days for ArMan or perhaps even a leap.
How long will Manav and Archana stay with the Ks?  Will Sulochana accept Manav?  Will the Karanjkar siblings continue to be bitter to Manav?  Why are Varsha and Vaishali constantly hovering around  Sulochana and giving her more stress?  Is Jaywant's return foreshadowing bad days to come?  Will Vinod's new job cost him?  Where have Punni and Ruchi gone?  What happened to the court case?  Will Manav manage to find a job?  Are Mushtaq and Raghu really changed men?  Now who will the old drunkard go and bother at night?
Keep watching for a surprisingly interesting storyline, only on Pavitra Rishta.

Interview for the fortnight
By : nikitagmc

O EM GEE My first ever interview Shocked behave yourself Jia you dont know these media people Wacko
    How did you come across I-F? How has your journey been uptil now?
    Honestly I dont remember Confused But lets try LOL Ermm I think I was a DMG fan yes I was Embarrassed In starting it was pretty good ok Stern Smile so I think I might be searching something related to it on google and this site appeared...yeah I think thats right  Ermm LOL My Journey has been a roller coaster ride till now as I was the member of DMG forum and thats quite a ride let me tell you that Stern Smile  LOL as DMG forum's second name is CrazyLand Wacko and you have to be strong to juggle the insanity over there (I am sorry are you getting bored ? *Asks Niki* If you are sorry I can't do anything you choose me for the interview its not my fault Stern Smile)So yeah where was I again? oh yeah but then I was reincarnated in PR forum totally opposite from the Insane Land no fights no bashing calm place to be so I was juggling between these two forums its like living your life between Dolly Bindra(DMG Forum) and Shweta Tiwari (PR Forum) LOL *Nikita Yawns* ok ok  Jeez these media people dont have any patience Wacko so in short I have made some really good friends in my journey on IF thats what makes my journey Tasteful Big smile you happy now Niki? I cutted it short Next question please Stern SmileROFL

    What was the first thing that hooked you to Pavitra Rishta? 
    The Leads Sushant and Ankita as I came across one of their offscreen segments accidently on YT and Dang I was accidently in Love with them Day Dreaming, they totally bought me hence They Knitted me to PR I watch it for them only Approve

    What were your expectations from the show? To what extent have they been fulfilled? 
    Expectations from a Daily Soap ? woh bhi of Ekta Ji ? LOL naaaa DMG taught me a very important Lesson Approve I am not making that mistake second time Tongue 

     Which is the quality of Archana and Manav that you most admire? Which qualities do you utterly dislike?
    hmmmm I think both of their simplicity is really adorable to watch sometimes like Manav orders Daal Chawal even in a restuarant how adorable is that EmbarrassedROFL
    but yeah simplicity.Shyness and love for eachother I admire in these two characters Embarrassed 
    And I dislike their mahaantaWacko I mean dude people do make sacrifices no doubt in that but can you keep it real please Silly ....sometimes they are shown so much mahaan that I think they should be kept in a temple you know what I am saying  ROFL ROFL give me a hand on that *Moves her hand foward to Niki* *Niki stares Sternly* oh ok I'll behave Stern SmileROFL*Niki smiles and gives her a clap on the hand*

    Which is the best thing about PR forum that makes you keep coming back for more?
    Members over here I mean People here are so sweet which was totally new for me as people in DMG forum are always at eachothers throat Wacko so yeah the Shakkar policy of people over here totally changed me also into a sugar factory otherwise I am not this sweet let me tell you that Stern Smile
    Use your imagination to write an ultra romantic scene/setting for Manav and Archana, so that we the starved can lap it up.Big smile
    Hailaa this one is tricky I am not good at this D'ohhmm let me think Ermm I would Like to see a scene where Manav's shirt button has broke and Archana sew the button Manav still wearing it and cutting the thread with her mouth Blushing then both of them go romantic Blushing rest imagine yourself ok I am not telling my besharam thoughts Stern SmileROFL
    Which was the most pathetic scene in PR according to you, one which made you burst into laughter cos of the sheer stupidity of the scene?
    Honestly I have not seen much of PR and I have not followed it from starting so maybe can't answer it properly... oh yeah I remember one pathetic one there's a scene when Manav is assuring Jaywant about Archana's Pavitrita that she is still a virgin and he has not even touched her once even when they were pretty much married with so much confidence that was pathetic Dead and it is the one which cracks me up at the same time I mean dude Manav telling someone that you have not touched a woman even when you were married to her Silly I mean that is a serious question to your Mardaangi ROFLROFL so yeah it was stupid too LOL
    If you are made the Creative Head of PR for one day, what five changes would you make to make the show better, and, erm, besharam?Wink 
     hmm Good question, firstly I'll throw both of their families out they interfere too much so that they can have a Little time alone.
    Secondly,I'll finish all the footpath struggle they have been showing ArMan doing and will give them a nice small house alone for the concentration Wink
    Thirdly Will give Manav a job basically will end all the tensions again for the concentration Wink
    Fourthly,I'll show Manav a little more gutsy that we see him but only partially like in that scene when he is Telling Archana to rest and scolding her saying "Kuch mat Kaho" I thought he was about to do something Blushing ROFL ..I'll make him like that still shy just a little more gutsy Embarrassed LOL
    Lastly,I'll make both of them more romantic like maybe Archana giving a Kiss to Manav Blushing no not on Lips please no smooches Dead I mean like on cheeks or forhead or wherever BlushingROFL
    I am sorry I am out of besharmi right now Embarrassed can't think besharam Ouch but hey I got FLu ok Stern SmileROFL

    If you had to make VM's for the following, which song would you choose? i.) Shravani and Manav (ii.) Savita and Damo (iii.) Manav and SatishLOL
    For Shravani and Manav would be Emosanal Attyachaar...Tauba tera Jalwa Tauba tera Pyaar tera emosanal Attaychaar...bol bol why did you ditch me? someting like that ROFL
    For Savita and Damo would be Sheela ke Jawani ROFL Savita going to Damo "My name is Sheela...I am too sexy for you main tere haath na ani ROFL Paisa, gadi,mehnga ghar I need a man who can give me all that...Jabe Khali phaticher no no I dont like him like that ROFLthen Damo going Chal yahan se nikal tujhe sab la donga it would be something like that ROFLROFL
    For Manav and Satish...Bas yehi Apradh main har baar kerta hoon...Admi hoon Admi se Pyaar kerta hoon ROFLROFL

    Compared to other shows on air, where does PR stand according to you? On what counts is it better/worse than them?
    I dont watch many shows all look the same to me but what I like about Pavitra Rishta is that it is a story of a girl who is not much educated and a normal mechanic no galmour no big houses no huge sets thats what I like in PR from other shows...that it is concentrated on normal simple people rather than people with big houses with huge stairs in the middle LOL its original to some extent.

    In which type of roles do you wish to see Sushant and Ankita in the future?
    A little less mature roles maybe like Sushant playing a naughty and a passionate boy for a change and Ankita a girl even naughtier LOL waise I like them simple better but since you asked for a change Tongue

    Which is your favourite SBS/SBB Sushita segment? Which is your favourite ArMan moment?
    Oooo I got many favourite SBS and SBB segments almost all are my favourites do I have a choice I mean they are adorable together Day Dreaming The slap one the divorce one,the engagement one I mean I can't name one..I love them more with each segment of them.Day Dreaming   
Favourite ArMan moment I have loads too but I'll name a recent one when they both are sitting in a den sort of place feeding each other Embarrassed and then Manav nods his head and invites Archana to sleep on his chest Blushing tooooooooooo cute Day Dreaming
    Which other shows do you watch regularly? Who are your other favourite actors in Tellyland?
    I dont watch many shows as I mentioned earlier but I am recently only watching Bigg boss 4...and maybe some shows here and there randomly while channel surfing like recently I saw this guy which comes on the show called Maryada I think.. with french beard too cute Blushing oh I am sorry the question was on the shows right sorry I got lost EmbarrassedROFLI have only one favourite right now that  is Sushant Singh Rajput Blushing but yeah there are some other guys which you check and say nice WinkROFLROFL and they are..Iqbal,Mishal Raheja,Rajeev,The guy in Maryada dont know his name  yetLOL,Harshad is also nice errmm thats all I remember right now but I am sure theres more to the list ErmmROFL  
    Which was your happiest moment/day in I-F? Any message to your friends?
    I think everyday when I dont really come across much insanity is a happy day for me LOL all those days I spent on DMG forum tackling the odds Wacko with my old friends was a really fun time I had Day Dreaming and all those missions we had oh boy what funEvil Smile ROFL and they gave me a very good Birthday too I remember which was very nice too..and all the days I have been in PR forum with so many sweet people around is a happy day for me Embarrassed yeah I was bribed to say this Stern SmileROFLand Message to all my friends would be... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Hug
Any message for Ekta?
Live and Let Live Stern Smile and yeah Get a designer darling Stern Smile and yeah one more You Suck Stern Smile

Trivia for the fortnight
By : nikitagmc

This fortnight saw a lot of difficulties for our runaway couple. But amidst the difficulties there were a lot of heartfelt moments where ArMan reaffirmed their love and faith in each other. So our trivia this fortnight is based on: Life in exileLOL

1.) PR trivia: How many times have ArMan fed each other with their own hands ever since they left home and what did they eat each time?
2.) Offscreen trivia: Which were the songs going on in the background when Sushita introduced their new home in the SBS segment?
3.) Forum trivia: How many marks did Jaanu, the ROTW score in the test Fifi put up for her?

Three questions, lots of thoughts! Let's see who emerges as the most observant member this week. All the best!!!

Answers to Trivia in part 27.

1.) When did ArMan hug for the first time?

a.) When Archu confessed her feelings before the satyanarayan pooja..
b.) Their first side-hug was when she was crying after the dinner at her Aai's place, when Savita accused Sulochana of giving false jewellery.

2.) How many times has Manav hugged Archu wearing a shirt?

a.) Pre-Satyanarayan Puja hug.
b.) Hug in the hospital when Damo Baba was found hale and hearty after the accident.
c.) Dream sequnce hug (in the local train)
d.) Hug in the rain after Archu agreed to marry Jay
e.) The hug in the BEST bus wala promo
Rest of the times, they always hugged when he was wearing a kurta/sherwani, not a shirt.Big smile
(People, I know that you will point out many occasions after the ArMan reunion, however, at the time these questions were asked all those scenes had not taken place.)

3.) On what occasions has Manav changed in front of Archu?Wink
a.) Once before he confronted his Aai, when Archu was in deep thought, since Savita Aai had made a tamasha at Karanjkars for dowry- this was during her 15 day stay before Satyanarayan Puja.
b.) The other time- when he was in hospital after being beaten up by Prakash's gang.

4.) How many times has Manav hugged Archu in front of Bappa?

Bappa is omnipotent, so basically, the right answer should be that Manav has ALWAYS hugged Archu in front of Bappa.LOL

5.) How many times has Manav carried/caught Archu in his arms in the show?

a.) When Archu had the terrible fall from the first floor at Manav's chawl.
b.) Once she fainted and he caught her, and Jay caught them both.LOL
c.) Flashback when she fell from a stool with the plate of flour.
d.) She fell in the Dandia function once when she had ice-cream in her hand, and the ice-cream rubbed off on Manav's cheekLOL
(There was one incident post reunion- when she fell aise hi walking on the road.LOL)

6.) How many times has Shravani expressed that she came in between ArMan?

a.) Once in the hospital, very early in the track.
b.) When Archu came home for 3 month stay.
c.) When she tried to abort her baby.
d.) When she ran away on the day of her marriage (pre-leap)
e.) Finally on her wedding day, when she broke the marriage

Trivia regarding the forum?

1.) The two members who said that they would make PR more scandalous than BB, with their intense ArMan scenes, if they ever became the CV's of PR?Wink

TB and Jia! (*How we hope that comes true*)

2.) Akash had betted, that Shravani would sacrifice, against which two members?

Tanya and Gauri!!

3.) The member who posted a number of ideas about how the reunion could take place, and regarding future storyline.


4.) The member who had written a fiery ArMan romantic sequence (ending with lovemaking) even before the divorce took place.

That was C, i.e. Commentator. SD's sequence was more of humourous, and it didn't end with lovemaking.
5.) A newpaper article posted in the forum indicated that ArMan had hugged how many times during the shooting of the promo?
37 timesShockedLOL

And the winner of this fortnight's trivia is our very own Tas!!! Congrats!!!

Here's your winner siggy!!!

(sorry Tas, I lost the link, do you have it with you still???)Big smile


--- Thank you thank you Ji!! Me also has it somewhere lost in my siggy dabba LOL
Anyway me will find it Wink

Link to the previous ArMan Times

Editor's Note:

As usual, sorry for the delay Sleepy Stern Smile

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Fab job team... loved all the segments... and Tas I love the cool blue look of this edition.
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Niki Big smile

Finaly I'm done.

And I change my mind again, doing brief update is NOT fun LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
Ooooh... saw my banner at the top just now... woohooo!!!

thanks Tas! That is such an encouragement.. Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
Niki, your banner was worth it Big smile
Do make more!

Posted: 12 years ago
awesome work too liked the blue color...oops nw gonna make sticky..couldnt help to write first....LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
@At all our reporters - fabulous job guys! the sections are great! You guys make the Times so much more fun and worth coming back to :)
@Tazzz! greatt workkk!!!! i love this editionn! and we have a completeeee edition tooo :) YAYYY!  and we love the snow flakess!
and as usual...deri maafed :) :) heheheh!
@All our readers - pleasee take a stab at the Who Said It section! Taz you tooo!!! kyunki we havent told you who it is either :) :)
@Nikki - HAWW! the banner is soo cuteeeeeeee! LOVE it!!!! and the trivia this time is litttlleee bittttyyy hardd! but we will definetly try and give it a shot!
And we love the creations of the fornight! that was our favourite scence too :)
@Jia - hehehehe your interview made us laugh out loud! *giggle* vaiseee..the guy you're talking about is Rakesh Bhapat ;) ufff..we've been fans of him from his album days!! sighh! soo good looking :) ok ok enough distractions -- going back to studyingg!
toodles lovely people
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Great work Team Clap l enjoyed reading all the sections Approve
Good job on the thread Tazinder Stern Smile
BTW I loved the interviewee Whats her name? I like the girl Blushing 
@lovabletwins...Thank you glad I made you laugh Embarrassed LOL and thanks for telling his name Rakesh I like him he's cute Blushing 
And D'oh I forgot to write Kavi's name in my fav list. I knew I was forgetting somemoneD'oh Sorry Kavi darling better luck next time Stern SmileROFL

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