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1- Intuition!

Piya was alone in her room in the hostel, she looked out side the window, the fresh cold breeze stroked her pretty face, her mind was all worked up, as she looked up into the sky. Abhay didn't come to the collage today again!, yesterday he wasn't there too, she thought, she felt so worried but couldn't ask anyone about him! ..

 He didn't show up for the rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet too.. but she felt relived today when Danish told them that he got a message from his parents that he is away and will be back for tomorrows rehearsals!..

So he is coming back tomorrow, she smiled and then realized that she was smiling ..she shook her head!..what's wrong with me!..why my mind always wanders back to Abhay ..why was I so worried about him!..why does his presence affects me!..

It has been two weeks since her confrontation with Abhay..where he told her that he wont bother her anymore and where he advised her to stay away from him, she greed and he proved him self to be a man of his word, as he did avoid her!..even in those classes that she has to be with him, he used to sit far away from her..

His new approach towards her made her feel weird..like he left a huge void in her life..why is he affecting me like this?!..i don't even know him that well so why do I think about him all the time!..

There are s many questions that bothering her!..Why every time i was in trouble he would run to my rescue!, and then why did he try to hurt me! ..and then again he made everything fine and now he is avoiding me!.. I should be relived but instead why am I so restless!..she thought..she shook her head hard:"stop it Piya stop it!"..she told her self in a loud voice!..her voice full of frustrations and anger!

"Piya Piya,oh there you are!" Misha shouted as she entered Piya's room!..Piya turned her head and looked at her

" oye!  Tum abhi tak tyar nahi hu! Kaha ta na that am going to pick you up at 7 o'clock"

"Wow look at you!, you look amazingly beautiful" Piya said smilingly as she looked at her sis Misha..Misha was wearing a dark pink dress with lines of crystals on the neck line and across the waist, her hair was done and she was wearing makeup!

"Amazing!! Mazaak mar rahi hu!.. cake lag rahi hu mai!..mama forced me to wear this stupid dress and birdie did all this!" she pointed to her hair and face

Piya giggled, shaked her head and said" nahi stupid! tum buhut achi lag rahi hu"

" acha choro yeh sab, now get ready" she dragged piya to the cupboard

'"lekin maini kahata na ke mai nahi arahe hu" said Piya in a gentle voice

" what rubbish of course you are coming, come get dressed up fast! Waisai mama nai us mogabo warden sai permission lai le tumari le yeh.aur  mujhai shok nahi hai yeh boring party jani mai..bas kabir ke le yeh ja rahi hu..aur phir Kabir, he will kill me if you don't show up in his dad's party"..

Piya looked at her and said " mai nai Kabir ko smjha leyah hai..seriously I cant come I have to finish up my assignment tomorrow is the deadline!..You go and enjoy your time"

"Assignment ko maro goli..yar kal karlo..ab chalo"

Piya shaked her head..:" seriously Misha I cant,  you know that I am in a scholarship here so I cant afford to lose any credits!..tum jao aur enjoy karo hum dono ke taraf sai"

"Yeah yeah..ab yeh old hindi movie ka recard nahi taopo"..Misha said in an annoyed voice

Piya smiled:" ab jao naki tumhari mama tumhari wat laga dai ge"

She smiled as she watched Misha walk out after doing some funny face!..

She walked to her laptop and started to type the last three pages of her assignment..as soon as she completed them she started to get agitated  thinking about Abhay again and again..she started to walk in the room restlessly!..

I need to do something to take my mind off him ..oh why didn't I go to the party! It would have been fun beside he wouldn't be there!.oh but its too late now!..so she decided to jog around a bit..

As soon as she changed  her attire, she headed for the road, the warden warned her not to go very far.. and be back soon..she nodded

As she ran along the empty street, her thoughts came back haunting her again..she ran faster and faster..till she felt she cant breath and felt a pain in her legs so she stopped running to catch her breath!..she looked at her watch and realized that she was runing for more then 40 minutes! so she took some deep breaths and decided to head back to the hostile..when suddenly she heard a dim sound of music, an old movie song!

She turned around to see where the sound was coming from!..a car passed by fast ..but there was nothing around ..the sound kept on going and she decided to look up for it..she sensed that it was coming from the woods..so she walked slowly towards it.

"hello koi hai" she shouted looking around her, but no one replied back, she sighed deeply and turned back..her mind telling her to run back home..yet something inside her was telling her to seek the sound..it was like an intuition!..like her six sense urged her to keep on looking ..she closed her eyes and listened carefully..

As she opened her eyes she felt she knew the direction of the sound so she walked in, more deeply into the woods, as she did, the sound become nearer and clearer with each step taken!

To her surprise she saw a black car parked on the muddy side road!..she stopped, the song she heard was coming from inside the car!.. the car's engine was still running but it seemed empty!..the car looked somehow familiar to her and her heart skipped a beat..it was Abhay's..she looked around..he was nowhere to be found,..so she slowly went closer..as she reached it she looked inside..and she got shocked!.. 

Abhay was laying down across the front passenger seat unconscious!..there was a trace of blood coming out his mouth and nose!, She screamed in horror and felt like her heart will stop beating "Abhay!!!"


2- Dude in Distress! :D

Her hands went up covering her mouth as a natural reflex, her eyes got fixated on the unusual sight!,  she could hear the sound of her own scream echoing inside her mind, only to be disturbed by the sound of an old song that was floating from the car!

"So take a look at me now, 
 there's just an empty space 
And there's nothing left here to remind me, 
just the memory of your face 
Now take a look at me now, 
'cos there's just an empty space 
And you coming back to me 
is against all the odds and that's what I've got to face 

Here is the song and its full lyrics:


As she stood up there, shaken by the sight of Abhay's lifeless masculine body, her heart was beating so fast, that she could hear it!..she felt her self sweating like she was standing under a hot summer sun!, and she started to feel dizzy a bit.

It took her few moments to get over the initial shock, and She knew she had to pull her self together and act fast to help Abhay!. Then she tried to open the car door, but it didn't budge, as fast as she could, she tried to open the next one, but all four doors were locked, she banged on the window of the driver seat where Abhay's head was laying, she banged with both of her hands forcefully and repeatedly..she called out his name loudly, maybe that would make him regain his consciousness but in vein!

She started to get panicked, feeling helpless, her frozen tears started to roll down her cheeks "think Piya think" she told her self..then she thought of breaking the glass of the back seat window, she looked up for any stone to use but couldn't find any..oh God please help me!..she pleaded! 

Then she noticed that one of the car's windows was slightly rolled down
She slide her hand easily through it, but it was more difficult for her to slide her arm..it was a painful procedure, she bit her lips out of pain trying to stop her self from screaming!..her face all frowned as she felt her arm getting bruised, but she didn't care to stop!

Finally she reached out to the automatic lock button and she pressed it unlocking all the doors , as soon as she pressed the button and rolled down the window to release her arm, she rushed to Abhay, she shut off the CD player, she called his name and bent near his head and patted his pale cheek, as she did that, his hand held hers in a sudden and unexpected move, making her gasp!

She was taken back..her heart beat got faster and she become more breathless, but deep inside she was relived, she got very emotional!, she held his hand with her other hand and sighed!.."Abahy oh thank God you are alive" she said her voice trembling, he opened his grey eyes slowly and said "Piya" in a very weak voice..like a whisper, then he passed out again, she felt pain in her chest from the way he said it, she knew he was too weak to move or talk, and she wasn't sure what had happened to him, did he have an accident or what?!.. but the car looked fine..another thing was confusing her was, why is he seated in the front passenger seat!..she thought! ..

She was concerned about the blood so she wiped his mouth and nose with her scarf gently and called his name again, but he didn't reply

So she knew she has to act fast, her mind was scanning for all the options!, as she wasn't sure what to do next, should she call for an ambulance but the hospital is an hour away, so it would take like two hours for him to get the right help!..should she call the warden maybe she could help!..She took out her mobile, but there was no signal, "Oh God not now"..then she thought, she could run back to the hostel, but that too is a bit far and he has to wait for another hour or so to get help!..and she cant leave him alone at this state!

Then she thought that she can drive him to the hospital, this will save time..but there was a big problem, she doesn't know her way around the area, so she doesn't know where the hospital is exactly located!..and there is one more major problem, she can't drive!


 3- Reckless Driver! 

she gave it a little thought, then she carried on with the last plan, she held Aphay's broad shoulders and gathered all her strength to push him back to his seat, then she fastened his seat belt with one hand while holding his chest with the other, so he won't fall back . She felt awkward to touch him like this and to be so close to him that she can actually smell his scent!, but nevertheless she carried on.

She adjusted the seat so he could lay down more comfortably, then she sat behind the wheels, she felt hesitant, she adjusted her own seat and looked at her self in the back mirror and took a deep breath "come on Piya you can do it, it won't be that difficult" she looked at him and said "don't worry Abhay mai tumhai kuch nahi honai dongi mai safely drive karongi prmoise" she closes her eyes for few moments in a silent pray" oh God please help me!"

She has seen others drive and she has a general idea about driving,and thank God it was an automatic car so it would be much easier to drive!.. soon the car was moving although in a zigza way, and she kept on pressing down the brakes constantly, afraid to lose control of the car, soon the car left the side road and she was about to enter the main road when the car almost was going to hit by another car that was driven fast!

 She screams and presses down the brakes, shaking like a leaf in the wind!..the other car pulls over, a man pops his head out of the car and shouts, cursing her, she shouts back:sorry!, then in a softer voice she says: same to you idiot!, she looks at Abhay and says, "koi bat nahi hai Abhay every thing is fine" as the other car moves she inhales and exhales deeply several times and then presses her shaken foot on the fuel again soon she was driving on the road again

Meanwhile to get her mind of her fears she keeps on talking to Abhay all time, as if he can hear her!..telling him how she dislikes him for being mean to her adn to others, but she knows that deep down he is a good boy cause he saved her so many times, and that she knows he has a good heart but he is a little kharoos!

She tries not to press too hard on the fuel, so the car won't  jerk when she needs to use the brakes! "oh no "she shouts, it hasn't been ten minutes and she reached a junction and she had to make a quick choice on which road to choose, whether to go lift or right or straight ahead, she felt she was stuck now, she didn't want to make a wrong choice and end up taking him further away from the hospital

There was no one around that she can ask and she started to get panicked again! Then she thought why doesn't she take him back at his own house, she knows the road well as it's near by and his parents would know what to do! "stupid Piya why didn't you think of this sooner" she said to her self loudly ,she takes a U turn and turns back.

After 15 minutes finally they reach Raichand's residence, she honks the horn repeatedly before stopping the car with a huge jolt near the entrance, and then she runs as fast as she could to the door but before she could bang it the door opens and a shabby looking servant with formal uniform and scary eyes comes out

She tells him in hyped voice about Abhay's condition and asks him to tell his parents only to be told by him that they are not home they are at Dobrial's party!  she then asks him to take him hospital but the man refuses in a rude manner he says "no need " she gets shocked from his reaction, but he tells her that he will get the right care right here, soon he calls some other servants who help him to carry Abhay inside the house , Piya follows them with anxious, feeling angry a bit, she tries to stop them, she shouts " what the hell are you doing? he needs immediate medical attention" the servant looks at her with an intense look and replies back in a threating voice "I am going to call boss, he knows what to do" soon they carry him upstairs, the man asks her firmly and politely to be seated down stairs and wait, she feels an urge to kick him, but she knows she couldn't do anything now, so she watches helplessly as they carry Abhay up!

She throws her tired body on the sofa brushing her hair with her fingers and then burying her head in her hands, and soon another servant comes with some cold water and a glass of fresh juice for her, she wets her hands and pats them on her flushed hot face, and then drinks the water with one gulp, her eyes get stuck up on the room door where they have taken him. 

After ten long minutes Mr.Raichand entered the mansion in a huff!,  followed by his wife both looked so worried  she stands up looking at them, both glance at her then rush up the stairs to their son, she was surprised how could they make it so soon, they were at party and that was like 50 minutes far, they must have been driving pretty fast!, she thought

In Abhay's room Mrs.Raichand runs to her son to check upon him, she caress his face while tears roll down her cheek, she kisses his forehead "kiss nai kya hai yeh, mai us ko nahi choro ge"  she says in a frustrated and threatening voice. Mr.Raichand asks her to calm down and then he turns to Ragu the shabby looking man, who is his head servant and the only care taker of his house that stays with them in the mansion all the time, while all the others come early morning and leave at midnight, he was their loyal servant ever since Abhay was a baby and he loves Abhay like his own son. 

He asks him about Abhay's condition, he assures him that he is fine now and that he gave him the right antidote that will help his  body to get rid of the poison, he tells them apparently he got poisoned by bat blood* (*the only thing that acts like a poison for them! It first makes them dizzy and after sometime they become unconscious, then finally they get killed) 

He tells him that thankfully the girl didn't know her way around the area otherwise she could have taken  him to the hospital as she said and that would have been a disaster and that if she didn't bring him in another ten minutes then Abhay would have ben ki..! Mr.R looked at him in a sudden jerk and the word just froze inside the man's mouth!, his face becomes as red as fresh blood and he says in a threatening voice:" whoever did this will going to pay a high price for it!."

"I swear I am going to take the revenge with my own bare hands" Mrs.R says
"Koi kuch nahi karega!", Abhay's weak voice interrupts them to which Mrs.R retaliate getting hyped "why?!" to which he whispers "enough blood shed!" 
Abhay looks helplessly at his mom who says in high pitched voice "no I will show them"

"Enough!" says his dad in a high voice rasing his hand, then he looks with a sarcastic smile on his face and  tells them that they don't need to do anything, the honor for doing that would be for the head of their community, once he takes this matter to them Mrs. doesn't like this, she protests and tells him that she wants to do this on her own!

" Bass enough! ur ab jao" he says in an angry yet calm voice, and she goes out furiously shaking in anger he follows her out and grabs her hand and tells her to go down and reassure the frightened  girl about Abhay's well being

She calms her self down before going down to  meet Piya, as she sees her worried face she tells her that Abhay is fine, then to Piya's surprise she hugs her and says thank you for saving Abhay!, Piya gets taken back and feels touched by her unexpected gesture!, and she tells her that anyone in her place would have done the same!

Then she says hesitantly "Aunty, can I see him please!" , she felt an overwhelming urge to check upon him and to see him by her own eyes , just to rest assured that he is indeed ok.
Mrs Raichand looks at her in a way that makes her feel that she will reject her request!.

"Sure baita!, you can go up and see him" Mr Raichand said in his deep voice as he climbed down the stairs!. Piya smiles at him and then walks toward the stairs while mama Raichand looks at her husband in a furious way then  both watch Piya walking up till she was out of their sight " tum nai kyun aus Larki ko jany de ophar, Abhay Kai pass ess halat mai!, woh bhi akhele, agar us ko koi shak hui tu!, waisai bhi, I wanted to talk to her and warn her not to tell anyone about what had happened tonight" she said in an agitated voice

"Shant Hujao my love, Abhay is fine now, and if we tell Piya not to tell anyone we will raise her suspicions more, she hasn't seen anything that would make her feel that way!, beside I left Ragu in the room so he isn't alone with her!"

Meanwhile Piya enters Abhay's room slowly, he was stretching on his back on his bed, his eyes closed, he opens his eyes as if he has sensed her presence, and his head turns towards her slowly, the side table lamp throwing light on his beautiful sharp features!

Her heart skips a beat as their eyes meet, he still looked weak, his face looked tired and he was still pale a bit, but she sighs and smiles gently feeling so relived that he finally has regained his consciousness and is feeling ok!..she slowly approaches him and comes closer to his bed!


4- Unusual Abhay!

There was something different in the way that he was looking at her!, his gaze was softer his light eyes were sparkling in that dim light of the room. There was something else that she couldn't quite comprehend, but it made her feel a ticklish sensation down her guts!.He raises himself slowly and sits down. She sighs deeply as she stands near his bed rest, and says gently: "ab kaisai hu Abhay?" he looks away, and says: "teek hu thank you!" 

She couldn't believe her ears, Abahy the arrogant brat, the pain in the butt kind of kharoos, is actually thanking her!, her smile widens, and she gets all excited and says "mention not!, lekin pata hai tum nai tu mujhai dara dyata, matlab mere tu bass jaan nickel gaye, you know for the first time in my life I was so scared, ok I was scared before but never like this!" the words just uttered out of her mouth without thinking and she suddenly feels nervous, embarrassed for blurting out her feelings like this, she bites her lips and looks away, his expressions change, he narrows his eyes and looks at Ragu, who was standing silently that she couldn't even sense his presence, the man looks back at him nodes and then walks out the room leaving them alone in the dim lighted room.

She looks around the huge room trying to get over her nervousness, to her surprise it did't look quite the way that she expected it to be. as she notices it was decorated in a stylish way, there was this old type of wood bed in the middle, a beautiful sofa that has a nice contrast with the curtains and the bed spread, allots of books and CD's a 
latest music player system, a huge LCD,  a PS3 and there was an iPad and a laptop on his desk, the ceiling had an beautiful old chandelier hanging, the mansion is very old so there were chandeliers hanging every where, she looks back at him and notices that he was staring at her with intensity!

She smiles and tells him that now that she has checked on him she has to go so he can rest, she turns around and he tries to stand up, and ends up losing his balance, she rushes up to give him support, so he won't fall and she puts his arm around her bare slim shoulders, he was still a little dizzy "sambal Kay" she says, as she helps him to sit back on the bed, he grabs her bruised arm to balance him self "ouch" she gasps  in pain!

 As he get seated, he holds her both hands and pulls her gently so she be seated just next to him, he looks at her face with his deep grey eyes,  then at her arm and asks her, in his deep full of concern voice with a hint of regret "did i do this to you?", she Shakes her head in denial, feeling nervous from his closeness, from his touch and from his unusual soft speaking tune, and his strange gaze!, there is something in the way he was behaving and looking at her, that makes her feel like butterflies are roaming in her guts, and his smell!, gosh he smells so good! she thought, "how did you get these marks then?!" he asks her gently!

She tries to smile but it comes out like a nervous chuckle!,  she tells him about the window and everything, without daring to look at him, as she felt that his gaze was making her feel so weak and it made her heart beat like crazy!

"I am sorry I caused you so much trouble!, wouldn't it have been more convenient for you to just leave me there, and let me die" he smirked, she looked at him shocked, feeling hurt and snapped " why would you say that?! only you could say something so mean and distasteful  like this", this upsets her to the core and she tries to stand up and walk away,  but he holds her hand gently and for someone who has faced whatever he faced tonight his grip was tight and strong she thought!

"Please let go of my hand!" she said firmly feeling that she could burst with anger now!
"no" his eyes smiling now and  a hint of smile curved on his lips, he  pulls her to make her get seated next to him again, she gasps and looks away he holds her bruised arm and with his fingers he traces the red marks gently stroking them ,she looks at him trying to comprehend what was he doing, his touch awakening in her emotions that she never knew she had, and she becomes more and more breathless with each passing moment, her heart beat getting faster.

"I am sorry, I know I behave like a jerk sometimes, maybe it's because I was never saved by a damsel before" he pauses smiling now, she looks at him amazed she never saw him smile before, gosh he has dimples! She never knew that!, she thought,

He continues" it's always me, who is saving the damsel in the distress " he smirks, there was humor in his voice , she looks at him getting agitated by all this and mostly because of the way he was making her feel "Abhay you don't  behave like a jerk sometimes you act like a jerk all the times!" she snaps! emphasizing on some and all!

He chuckles, amused by her courage and says: "shhhhhh!" his voice becoming husky now," do you know that you are a very special girl and very kind and you look so beautiful especially now!" the blood rush to her cheeks and she blushes, are you freaking kidding me!, now with this old rags that I am wearing!, all messed up and makeup less!, she thought and snaps :"are you making fun of me!", he shakes his head in denial, still smiling and then says:" so basically its your hands that saved me tonight" he smirks and leans down and kisses her hands in an unexpected way!, brushing his lips against her soft flesh and she closes her eyes her chest heaves up and down as if it was hard for her to breath!

Then he starts to kiss her hurt arm gently, leaving her hand and going up, a long and sweet trail of kisses, she shivers and in a weak voice whispers "Abhay please!",  he stops she opens her eyes!, his head still leaning down, he lefts his eyes up and their eyes meet, his eyes were full of passion, she gets taken back!,  his eyes! they were so strange! as if they have just changed color and they looked lighter, brighter and very mischievous! , is she imaging this?!,  she thought, he looks away and raises his head!, she swallows feeling her mouth has just become very dry

He licks his lips and says still smiling "now you can go if you want!" she stands up slowly a bit light headed, she smiles at him walks to the door and then turns " good night Abhay, see you tomorrow at collage" he nodes, once she gets out the room, she leans to the door, takes several deep breaths and notices that the servant was standing out, next the room door, he looks at her and nodes politely then enters the room again!

Her mind gets all worked up trying to understand what just happened in the room!, She has just witnessed the light and sweet side of Abhay, she walks down Mr.and Mrs.R both look at her, they tell her that they will let their driver take her home since it's almost nine pm, she smiles and nodes then bids them goodbye and walks out the mansion!

Next morning when she wakes up after a long tiresome night that made her restlessly twist and turn in her bed, trying to figure out everything that had happened!..

she notices allots and lots of red roses bouquets in her hostel room, in fact the whole room had this tingling and sensational rose aroma, and it was so appealing to her, because red roses are her favorite flower!, she breathes deeply as she stretches her arms, and she smiles a huge smile and whispers "Abhay"! 


5- Confusion!

She jumps out of the bed, still feeling a bit lazy, with a big grin on her face, and walks toward the biggest bouquet, there was a note attached, she picks it up and notices that underneath it was a jewelry box that looked like a big rose. She looks at it puzzled then she reads the note:'thank you very much, love, Mr.& Mrs. Raichand', her smile fades away, knowing that it wasn't Abhay who sent her the beautiful flowers!

She opens the box carefully, to her surprise, it was a beautiful white gold charmed bracelet, it had precious stones in each shaped charm there was, diamond, ruby, emerald, blue and pink sphere, & each charm was separated by a small perfectly shaped white pearl, it was beautiful and it was sparkling, this must be very expensive, i cant except it!, she thought feeling a bit upset! She sighs I will give it back to Abhay when I see him!, then she rushes to the bathroom to take a quick shower to get ready for collage!

She wears a violet colored sleeveless dress with white polka dots, but then wears a long sleeved, tight cardigan above it, that was just under her armpits long, to cover up her bruised arm, she didn't want anyone to ask her about it and she couldn't lie!, she didn't know how would Abhay react if she told anyone about last night, and the last thing she ever wants is to make him mad at her again!, for spreading bakwaas about him as he put it the last time!

She ties her hair up and leaves few curls loose, dangling on her beautiful face and neck , she does an extra effort for her make today!, the flash back of him telling her how beautiful she was last night making her more determined to make him see how she can look even more dazzling when she choose to!

In the campus, "hey Piya wait up" called Misha "wow look at you aaj buhut different dekh rahi hu" Piya smiles at Misha: "different! Good or bad?"
"good, you silly girl!" she giggles
" you too  Misha, you totally " she pauses 
" totally what?"
Piya says" totally look the same as usual, very cute" she pulls her cheek!
"Cute aur mai?! aree kyun mere reputation ka falooda bana rahi hu, drawna kahu!" they both laugh ,"Mish, Piya wait up guys "Kabir calls them out, running towards them, soon three of them rush to their own classes, hours passes by and she starts to feel restless and disappointed when Abhay doesn't show up for any of his classes it was very hard for her to concentrate on the lectures as her mind wandered time and time again thinking about Abhay!

In the lunch break, her mind gets busy again thinking about Abhay and why didn't he attend the classes! I hope he is ok but he looked ok yesterday when I left him, she blushes and smiles when she recalls their gentle encounter!
"Piya, Piya!" Misha shakes her shoulder, "what's up! Why are you so gumsum?", she shakes her head "nahi tao"

"hmm, dal mai kuch kala lagta hai, are you thinking about Kabir, come on tell tell!, you know he too was causing me a major headache since last night talking about you , he said he wants to talk to you did he call you" Piya shrugs her shoulder " no he didn't"
" hey guys what's up?" says Kabir as he gets seated "hey Piya can I get you something" 
" thanks Kabir I don't feel like eating anything else" says Piya as she sips some fresh orange juice and nibbles the salted crackers 
" she is trying to lose weight, and become sexier" Misha says teasing her,  "Misha, think before you talk!" protests  Piya
" but you are perfect,  just the way you are, you don't need to lose any weight" says Kabir.
" nahi Kabir I am not on diet I just don't feel like eating anything"
"are you feeling ok? " he says his voice full of concern and he touches her forehead to check her temperature, she nodes smiling,  he smiles back flaunting  his cute dimples! and tells her that he needs to talk to her she says she has classes and then there is rehearsals after that,  he says then after the rehearsals, he says that and then goes to get himself something to eat, she sighs as she watches him walk away!   

In the hall of rehearsal, Panchi is busy giving orders to everyone " guys this is the final rehearsal as all of you know that tomorrow is the play, so please concentrate and pay attention and do everything the right way" then she looks at Piya who was staring at the door way waiting for Abhay to show up "Piya we will do the final scene" Piya nodes

"Woo! the death scene and the yucky kiss scene, hey Piya get ready to be kissed by the one and  only Mr. Saroo himself" says Misha and then crosses her hands around her own neck and pretends to be smooching and then nudges Piya's arm, Piya blushes, "Misha stop it! and Piya you go get dressed" Panchi orders, Piya nodes and then asks Panchi shyly about the kiss!,  she smiles and tells her not to worry she has altered the scene because this isn't a movie, its just a collage play!. So Abhay will only kiss her cheek ! and so does she. She sighs in relive, and Misha laughs while Kabir looks annoyed!.

 Piya comes out wearing a white lace long dress, Panchi tells her that Abhay just came and he is getting ready, Piya smiles then Panchi reminds her of her scene and  asks her if she has memorized her lines she  nodes and lays down pretending to be dead! 

Abhay comes out and says his lines dramatically, his voice so emotional as he cries his heart out, but instead of saying Juliet he says Piya!, but it seems no one noticed his blunder!, only Piya did, who tries hard not to smile while pretending to be dead!, moreover it seems he didn't notice his own mistake too, as he continues his lines and then leans down to kiss her but he just puts his lips very close to her cheek without actually kissing it, and then he drinks from the small bottle that was suppose to be poison and then says few lines and lays next to her.

She opens her eyes and looks at him and somehow she remembers whatever happened last night when she saw him lifeless in the car, and tears start to pour from her eyes as she says her lines and she says Abhay instead of Romeo too! As soon as she realizes her mistake she stops looking embarrassed, she looks at Panchi and says" sorry", "focus Piya" she tells her..while everyone else look at her puzzled!

She nodes and then continues and finally she had to kiss him before stabbing her self with Romeo's dagger!, she leans down and press her lip gently on his warm cheek and then lies her head above his chest slowly..both Romeo and Juliet have died and the narrator comes and says the finishing lines. "And cut" calls Panchi ..followed by a round of applause from the cast and the crew " good job, Abhay , Piya and everyone" Panchi happily says

Piya opens her eyes and stands up, she looks at Abhay smilingly but he looks at her with a cold gaze" hi, Abhay how are you?.."I am fine" he says in a cold tune, and then walks away!, she feels so annoyed W*H! why is he behaving like this with me!, she follows him back stage, but he disappears in the men changing room , she waits out side, soon he comes out he looks at her and walks away she calls his name, he turns around and she says" I want to talk to you" he says there is nothing to talk about", she stands in front of him with a challenge in her eyes!:" I think there is", to her surprise he agrees and says "ok I will wait for you in the car"

Soon she changes to her own attire and walks out the hall "hey Piya, where are you going?! remember, you have promised me that we would talk after the rehearsals, so let's go to a coffee shop we can have a snack while we talk", Kabir says following her "i am sorry Kabir not today, I have to go somewhere" she rushes towards Abhay's car in the parking lot "but Piya!" Kabir protests, but Piya couldn't hear him.

"leave it, she is going out with Mr. Saroo!" says Misha putting her arm around her best friend's shoulder, he looks at her in disbelieve!, then looks back at Piya as she gets seated next to Abhay in his car, as he was waiting for her, he watches them as both look at each other and then the car takes off.

"What the hell!, why is she going with him?!, after all he has done!" snaps Kabir in an angry voice
"I have no idea! I just heard her telling him that they needed to talk and he told her that he would wait for her in the car, I asked her but she said she needs to sort something out with him" Misha shrugs her shoulder 
" sort out what?! how can she go with him! after she has promised me that she would go out with me" he says in high voice as he walks restlessly 

Misha sighs and tries to calm him down " I think you haven't noticed, but as I recall she didn't give you an answer when you asked her, she looked lost when you were asking her in fact she seemed lost all day long and she had this stupid smile in her face sometimes too" when  he hears this Kabir goes into a deep thought, what's going on Piya?, what's possibly is going on between you and this piece of crap! 

Abhay drives the car with a blank expressionless face, Piya looks at him and wonders, what is going on inside your head Abhay?!, how could you be so cold and act so indifferent with me?!, I don't understand!!


6- Broken!

After he drives for like half an hour, both in silent mode, he finally parks the car near the river  bank, he gives her a cold glance and then jumps out of the car, Piya follows him, both stand near the beautiful river that divides the whole area into two spectacular natural resorts! she looks up the sky, the sun was about to set down  and the  river looked so calm

He turns around to face her and says" talk!" in a cold tune
She didn't know how to start and she feels hesitant  she licks her dry lips and gathers all her courage and says shaking her head" I don't understand ! Why are you playing games with me?"
"Games?" he says it more of a question
"Yes games!, Sometimes you come so close to me, and sometimes you behave so badly with me and build this huge wall between us that makes me feel that you are doing all this in purpose just to keep me away from you, why?"  She says her voice almost breaking and full of emotion. 

He looks at her with a sarcastic smile in his face" don't give your self so much importance Piya!, you don't mean any thing to me, so I am not trying to play any games with you in fact  you are so insignificant to me that's why I don't even need to explain any thing to you" he snaps 
"really! Are you sure? then explain to me why do you always come out of nowhere to save me if I didn't know any better I would say you are following me around" she snaps back her voice full of doubt and a bit of anger!

He smirks" I follow you around?!! Now why would I do that? Tum itni khubsurat nahi hu, You are not that much pretty!, you are no miss world and even if you were, there is no girl in this world that would make me follow her and as I told you, don't give your self so much importance cause you are not that special" 

Hurt by what he said she retaliates with anger:" don't flatter your self!, and think even for one minute, that i am throwing my self on you!, I am not one of those brainless bimbos that run after you!, but whether you like it or not there is something between us that is beyond our comprehends, there is a connection, like fate!"

"There is nothing between us!, and there will never be anything ever!, do you understand?!" he says his voice full of anger now
"Then explain to me! why every time I was in need you were there for me, and last night when you were in danger every circumstances lead me to be there for you, if this isn't destiny then tell me what is it?!" Piya snaps

"They were all coincidences, nothing else!, I don't believe in destiny, it's all B.S, we make our own destiny!, and trust me even if another random girl was in your situation, i would have done the same thing for her and I think even if it was any random boy in my place you would have done the same to save him wouldn't you?" he retaliates. 

She looks at him helplessly feeling hurt an thought, yeah I would have done whatever it takes to save him but I wouldn't have felt the same! and i am sure neither would you!, but she was unable to blurt the words out!, she just stood there frozen, feeling so hurt by all that he had said, his harsh words echoing in her mind and before she could stop her self she says:" so tell me what did happen last night, why did you.." he looks at her abruptly and she stops, biting her lips oh God! why did I say that, she thought, feeling more uneasy now!.

His sarcastic look and that smug smile on his face made the matters even worst!, he raises an eye brow and says:" i did what?!, and what did happen last night exactly?! that makes you feel that things have changed between us?!, listen! I wasn't interested in you before and am still not!, oh maybe you mean , why did I kiss your hands and your bruised arm and said few sweet words to you!!"  he smirks looking away then continues " that was me showing my gratitude to you, for saving my life, nothing more and nothing less, beside why do you girls always try to see more into a boy's  kind gesture then what it really is?!" he pauses, shakes his head in disbelieve and twitches his lips in disgusts and says" that's why I always feel you girls are so stupid!".

Piya feels so humiliated by what he was saying his harsh words were like slap after a slap on her pretty face, she fought back her urge to kick him hard, and  slap him, but mostly she was trying very hard to stop her self from breaking down and crying!, and stop her frozen tears from rolling down her cheeks, she feels a sharp pain in her throat, I won't give you the satisfaction of knowing how hurt I am Abhay, she thought. 

He turns his head towards her and continues his verbal abuse, without giving a damn about the pain that was so visibly clear on her face now!, no matter how hard she was trying to cover it!, he didn't care to see her tearful eyes, she was very tensed now, all she wanted is to scream and ask him to stop hurting her like this!, but instead all she did was stand there silently near the cold  river bank staring at his cold eyes and sarcastic smile as the cold breeze stroked her flushed face gently!

He yawns and says" beside it's not like that I make out with you! or passionately make love to you last night did i? That you misinterpret wh.." and before he could finishes his sentence, her hand raises in an unexpected way and she slaps him hard, across his face!, with all of her strength!, now feeling a blaze of anger bursting inside her!, Her face and every inch of her body shaking like the leaves of the trees that were shaking beside her!

His eyes widen as he didn't see this coming up!, he roars "what the hell?!" as he grabs her forcefully and pins her to the tree, he was too close to her now, his face so close that their breath collated!, both were breathing heavily and both were staring at each other with so much intensity as fire of anger blazed in their eyes!

"How dare you slap me you stupid girl!!, do you have any idea of the things I am capable of when I am pushed to the verge of uncontrollable anger!" he snaps in a threatening voice, to which she retaliates in a matching tune without being one bit afraid of him" how dare you speak to me in this shameless manner! you think you are above me, because your family owns allots of money, you think you belong to some kind of superior race that gives you the right to do whatever you want, and say whatever you like, then think again!" his grip becomes tighter she starts to feel pain in her arms, but it wasn't as hurtful as the deep pain that she was feeling inside her heart!, "you have no idea how superior I am!" he roars

She twists her body and shrugs her arms trying to cut loose from his grip but in vein!, "don't you try to intimidate me I am not afraid of you Abhay Raichand! and now leave me!, don't you dare to touch me"

His eyes full of threat now he snaps "I would dare to do whatever I want to do!, you say you are not afraid!, well you should be!" his angry gaze shifts to her mouth and then to her eyes and again to her mouth!, and without a further word he bends down his head and kisses her hard on the lips! she gets stunned by his unexpected behavior for a few moments, her eyes open wide in a surprise, but then as his warm lips savor hers, sucking and teasing them, she gets overwhelmed by the emotions that it awakned in her and she closes her eyes, she gets so lost by the feelings that he aroused in her and she responds and kisses him back gently and shyly, she feels so weak that she would have fallen if he wasn't holding her! 

His hands leave her arms and grab her waist, pulling her closer, crushing her against his chest and her arms raise up to cling to his neck helplessly, as her fingers dig into his thick soft hair, her reaction makes him kiss her more deeply, his lips now becoming more impatient but more gentle as the anger was vanished, his body scent dazzles her senses and the feel of his wet lips on her own and the feel of his strong arms around her soft body, and his stroking touch on her waist and back send waves of pleasure in her whole being, she shivers in his arms!. Then he leaves her lips for few seconds and murmurs something softly near her lips, his voice full of passion, and then starts to kiss her once again, now more passionately exploring her tender mouth!, she was so lost in his closeness that she couldn't hear clearly what he had said.

Then suddenly he breaks the kiss off, but still keep hugging her and then gently parts himself of her but still holds her waist he looks down at her, she opens her eyelids slowly and looks up to him with dreamy eyes, her lips still parted, almost swollen by his passionate kiss, like him she was still  breathing heavily , their hearts still beating so fast, as she lifts up her gaze and looked at his cold eyes, she gets stunned as the reality of what had happened strikes her and jolts her to the core, shocked by him and feeling betrayed by her own weakness, she pushes him away with all her strength, feeling that she, to some extent has been violated!, and he backs off! 
"How dare you kiss me!, how could you do this?!"

He licks his lips looks away: "didn't you learn anything! or maybe you didn't have enough!, and want me to show you again!" he says with a smug look on his face!

 She looks at him with disgust and screams "I hate you Abhay Raichand, I hate you!" she says that then runs away from him wiping her tears that were now uncontrollably pouring down her cheeks, he follows her and grabs her hand
" Where do you think your are going?" 
" It's none of your business!, let go of me" she screams
" Don't be a fool its getting dark, and we are far away from your hostel, let me drop you"
" No " she screams
" Listen don't behave like a spoiled child now !, or i swear that i will carry you by force" he threatens her
"You wouldn't dare" she dares him

"Try me!" he retaliates, she looks at him with disgust, he looks away smiles a sarcastic smile, then runs his hand on his messed up hair and says " i don't understand why are you overreacting so dramatically?!, and why are you so upset! It just was a kiss!, and I think it wasn't that bad!, beside i wasn't the only one who enjoyed it, as I recall you enjoyed it too! In fact you didn't want me to stop!" she feels so humiliated! 

She rushes towards him angrily and raises her hand to slap him!, he holds her hand in med air " tusk, tusk! " he shakes his head" you never learn do you?! you did it once! but never again! do you understand, or maybe you want me to start all over again" he twitches his lips and pushes her hand away!, she screams" you are a disgusting pig!" 

"Thanks, that's so sweet of you!, I warned you Piya!, I told you to stay away from me but no!, you didn't listen, because you are just a stubborn and stupid girl, now you know how bad I can be!, and now get moving to the car and let me drop you home!" she refuses, and without another word he grabs her and carries her on his shoulder effortlessly, while she twists and moves trying to escape but in vein, soon he opens the car door and pushes her inside 
" Wow! look at you what a strong man you are!, trying to use your muscles on a weak girl" she snaps angrily

"Trust me!, if I use even one of my muscles!, then you wouldn't be sitting next to me now!, that too in one piece!" softly he says in a threatening voice, looking coldly at her she wipes her face and looks away out side the window as he drives back to the main road. As they reach her hostel, Piya gets out of the car, slams the door, and runs to her hostel without looking back, Abhay waits for a while till she gets inside the gate and then drives off in speed!

As she enters her bed room she lays on the bed feeling drained, her heart aches, and tears start to pour down her cheeks again, his harsh words echoing in her mind, how could he behave so horribly with me!, what have I ever done to him that makes him treat me like this?!..

She touches her trembling lips!, just a kiss!, he said!, not a big deal, he said!, how could he be so insensitively cruel?!, this was her first kiss and this wasn't how she imagined it to be!, and she never imagined that her first kiss would be just another tool to get her humiliated by the man who claims that he hates her for no logical reason!, who didn't leave any leaf unturned to insult her and hurt her even more!, a man that makes her feel things that she never felt before, a man that makes her heart beat so fast for the first time. A man that she cares allots about! whose every word and action matters to her!

She closes her eyes in pain as the realization of her own feelings struck her!, and she finally admits to her self that she is madly and whole heartily in love with Abhay! , and that every inch of her longs to be with him!, but how can i love someone who hates me?! how can my heart long for him?, when he tries to crush it all the time without any mercy!. She buries her head inside her pillow and starts to sob silently!


7- Sisterly Love ..

"Wake up Piya, tum yaha Sao rahi hu or audhar birdie nai sab ka jeena haram Kia hai!" says Misha in a gentle voice while shaking Piya's arms softly.

Piya opens her eyes lazily sighing deeply and asks her about the time, she tells her its passed 10 am, she gasps "oh God! i missed the first lecture!"

 "It's Saturday silly!, remember no collage!, but why are sleeping till now ?, and why  is your mobile off?! janti hu I have been trying to call you since lat night to check upon you!, and today morning panchi was so upset because Kabir didn't show up, said he will come later! , and you didn't show up in time too, and oye!  yeh red roses ka chakar kiya hai?! Who sent them?!

Piya looks at her puzzled from her trail of non stop questions, while she tries to sit, still feeling sleepy " Misha, are you preparing a form of questionnaire by any chance, with the title of how to torture Piya in early mornings!?" She yawns lazily

To which Misha replies:" ha, ha very funny!, not bad Piya!, hmm being in Misha Dobiral's company, now you too started to have a sense of humor! But don't over do it! Ok, and hey why are you still in the same dress since yesterday?!, I know it's a pretty dress but.." she stops as she notices her swollen eyes:" hey what happened?" she says with concern now! Piya looks at her "what?"

"Your eyes silly!, they look like a bug's eyes!, all swollen, were you crying?!" Misha says

She shakes her head in denial" jhoot mat bolo what happened last night between you and that 'look at me I am so hot namoona'?!" 

"Misha, tum Kia keh rahi hu? I don't understand!" she holds her head!

"Don't try Piya!  you know I am talking about that saroo Abhay!, you went out with him yesterday ! What did he do? You can tell me, i and Kabir will beat the crap out of him! "She says with anger now

Piya gets nervous; she shakes her head "no! he didn't do anything!, we just talked then he dropped me home" she lies

"Then tell me why did you cry? And why did you sleep like this?" her tune very skeptical!

Piya becomes agitated by Misha's constant instigation!, and she snaps and says in an irritated voice "Misha! I was tired so I slept without changing, and yeah I cried because I miss my mama! Ok!, and my mobile is off because i forgot to recharge it, and I don't know who sent these damn roses! !, any other questions?!" she says in one breath!, again lying, and thinks, thank God I asked the warden to sent all of the other bouquets to children hospital, and only kept one! Other wise she wouldn't have believed me!

Misha looks at her with doubt, stunned at her reaction and says:" chill dude!, hmmm secret admirer!, and hey don't shout like this otherwise you will burst your tonsils out!, and by the way you look awful!, are you feeling ok?" Piya nodes and twitches her lips feeling like crying, but she feels there were no more tears left, her swollen eyes were hurting, she rubs her forehead  with her fingers feeling an unbearable throbbing headache and she feels a bit dizzy too! 

"Ok babes, now go like a good girl and get ready" as soon Piya tries to stand up she feels dizzy and would have fallen if Misha didn't hold her" Piya are you ok!" Misha's voice full of concern now!, she helps her sit back on the bed" I have a terrible headache and I feel dizzy" she says, Misha thinks for a minute and then says" did you eat anything since yesterday?" she shakes her head 

"What's wrong with you yaar? Yesterday you skipped breakfast then in lunch you had only juice and crackers! For your info crackers are not food! And then you skipped dinner too!, look yaar you have a nice body no need to starve your self to death"

"Misha!" she snaps "ok sorry!   Now I will get you something to eat and you are coming with me to my house ok, I can't leave you here in this state alone I will call the driver"

"Mish no! I will stay here, and hey what about the rehearsals?! " she says in a weak voice

" No!, you are coming with me!, and don't worry I will talk to panchi" then Misha calls Panchi and tells her about Piya, she tells her that it's ok, and that she better have a good rest so she feels better in the evening, the time when she does her act in the play! 

Soon Misha brings her a sandwich and some juice!, then she packs few things for her and helps her to get to the bathroom, so she can freshen up and change. Piya feels so grateful to have her own sister beside her, taking care for her as her best friend; she looks at Misha with gratitude with loving eyes!

Meanwhile in the rehearsal hall Panchi tells everyone that Piya isn't coming because she is not feeling well, so the rest can carry on with their parts, as soon as T hears that she smiles and tell Panchi that she is ready to do the role if Piya couldn't make it! Panchi tells her in a firm voice that she will make sure that Piya feels better and that she will do it, because she is the best Juliet she can get!  

T gets annoyed upon hearing this, Abhay tells Panchi that he doesn't need to do the rehearsals because he is ready for tonight and that he will leave, but T gets hold of him and tells him he can practice with her, but he gives her a cold glance and tells her that he won't spoil his acting skills by practicing with her, and then pushes her hand away and leaves!

As he leaves the hall and heads for his car he sees Misha holding Piya from her shoulder, helping her to get inside the car while the driver closes the door!

 He feels like a lump in his throat watching her in that state! She looked very weak and tired! There was a deep sadness in her swollen, black eyes. As the car takes off, she turns her head and looks at his direction as if she had sensed him standing there staring at her., quickly he hides himself behind a pillar!. He narrows his eyes and wears his sunglasses, then sits behind the wheels and drives off in speed! 


8- Dilemma of Dilemmas!

He drives along the river bank till he reaches the same place where he and Piya were yesterday! He parks the car and walks restlessly as the flash back of what had happened between them start to torture him like a never ending nightmare, he sheds off all of his cloths impatiently, baring his well shaped masculine body and jumps in to the river with his boxer, he swims along side the river very fast again and again causing what seems for a normal watcher; like an unusual wave that was splashing and swirling back and forth!.

He swims till all of his muscles start to ache, he comes out all dripping and feeling drained, and throws his tired body on the river bank breathless, he brushes his wet hair with his hands and closes his eyes in pain!, his mind all worked up with the same name echoing inside it again and again "Piya", he has so much to tell her, to explain to her but he knew he just could not! he can never do that!

Soon he returns home, goes up to his bedroom he crashes on his bed and then gets hold of the only thing that lets him opens up, the only thing that makes him express what he feels and thinks without any fear of being exposed or too vulnerable to anyone! His only mean of expressing his deepest pain, his frustrations, agony and his inner feelings, the only place where he can say the truth about him self and about what he really wants; this was his sanctuary; his diary!, that he kept untouched for quite sometime now!

 It has been so long since he wrote anything in it, but then again it was so long that he felt so helpless and weak the way he was feeling now!. He has hidden it somewhere, so his parents can't get hold of it, he knows how concern they are for him, he loves them but they have lost his trust long time ago!

And he pours his heart out" Piya I know I hurt you very deeply, but I did all this just to make you stay away from me! I am not good for you!, with me you will have a very dark future or no future at all, I can't bare to have that on my conscious, I can't bare to  steal your future from you, even if that means I have to live alone for the rest of my miserable life!. I didn't choose to be what I am, and I can't let you be part of this even if that means I have to break your innocent heart that was clearly calling out mine!

I feel disgusted from my own self! From my emotions that make me feel so weak in front of you! Why did I let my self lose control on that night in my room and yesterday when I kissed you, ah! That kiss that burned my lips, tangled my whole body, shook me and made me feel like I am still alive, like I am still a normal boy who is in love with the most beautiful girl, who has a beautiful mind of her own, and the most captivating soul!. It has been so long since I felt like this for any one! But what I feel for you, I never experienced before, not even for Maithli, who betrayed my trust and broke my heart and is a burden on my conscious till day!, I don't want you end up like her, never!

You love me, I can feel it now more then ever, that night in the car I could hear you talking to me risking your own life to save me, I wish now that you should have let me die! Then you wouldn't have suffered because of me, I would rather parish then to live like this alone without you!, but I cant live with you too!

Knowing that finally there was someone my heart longs for, that finally there is some one who truly loves me, but unfortunately you don't know who you are in love with! You my love, think I am a normal boy, I wish I was! Now even more then ever! But wishes don't come true!

Its ironic how my heart got twisted, as the first time I saw you I hated you because you reminded me of the darkest phase of my miserable lonely life!, your beautiful face reminded me of the guilt that I was trying to wash away for more a century now, you reminded me of the girl once I thought I loved and thought I can trust but she betrayed me and broke my heart to pieces and shattered all of my dreams!, I thought I would never let my self fall in love again but how wrong I was!

As I got to know you, I knew you are nothing like her; you are so innocent just like an angel, so how can I be with you when I know I am nothing but a demon! But how can I convince my foolish heart, as it seems it has a mind of it's own, no matter how hard I try to keep away from you, it drags me back to you, I feel so helpless and I try to build a wall between us by being so hurtful and rude with you, but the more I try, the more pain I feel.

It's harder to let you go, now that I know how it feels to hold you in my arms, and so close to my lonely heart, how it feels to smell your sensational aroma,, how can I shut you out of mind, now that i have tasted your sweet tender lips! Why couldn't I stay away from you? Or control my self whenever I am near you!

I have taken an oath long time ago, that I wouldn't get close to any one!, but my heart betrayed me! It helplessly and hopelessly fell for you, and then I had to take another oath to keep away from you so that I won't harm you ever, that I would always protect you, then why am I losing my grip on my emotions!

It hurts to see you hurt, you think I don't care, I don't give a damn about your pain, what you are oblivious of is that it took me years of practice to be like this, but sometimes I am so afraid because you are the only one who can see right through me!.

I won't be selfish like once I was, so I have to live without you! I must stay away from you even if that means I have to dismiss my heartache and keep a distant! I have to do whatever it takes to keep you away from me even if that means I have to break you heart but how can I convince my own heart that aches for you day and night!

You don't have any idea how it's difficult for me to act being cold and indifferent, when every time I see you, every inch of me longs to take you in my arm!, I try to suppress my feelings but it seems I have failed Piya, if only you knew how lonely and lost I feel without you, but I wont fail you I promise I wont!. That's why I have to keep you in dark! Its better if you suffer a little now, and live happily later, I have started this and I can't back off now! no matter what"..

then he puts away the diary, and lays on the bed, he runs his hand in his thick hair and closes his eyes as a single tear drop rolls down his cheek!


9- Who Are the Raichands?

In the year 1870 during the British rule on India, thakore Chand Partab Singh used to live with his beautiful wife, who was a herbal doctor, in their beautiful mansion, that he inherited from his wealthy ancestors who owned almost two third of Dehradun lands!, his two brothers along with his father had died long time ago, when a plague hit the town, so he was the only hire of his ancestors state! 

It was the day before their son Abhimanyu whom they nickname Abhay, comes back home for holidays from England after finishing off his first semester in Oxford university 

He gets a visit from DR. John Watson, who was his friend and personal doctor; little he knew that this visit will change his and his family's lives forever. The man tells him that his test results came out and that he has lung cancer, and that he has only one to two months left to live, devastated by the news Chand starts to feel anxious about his family's well being after him, as British were still ruling India and Abhay was still a boy and can't handle their state and life on his own!.

Moreover, he wasn't ready to die so soon, and then he remembers the story that his late grandfather told him about the immortal creatures, that live the other side of the river! and how he once had a almost had a deadly encounter with one of them, when he heard this the first time he told his dad, whose face changed like he was hiding something and told him that its all just a tale!, a hoax, but he was skeptical and soon started to investigate, so he heard many stories about them, (Khooni darinday) that what the villagers used to call them, while the British soldiers called them vampires, and used to joke how these naive villagers believe that they actually exist!

So Chand decides that he will take his chances, without telling his wife he heads for the other Side of the river wearing a moonstone locket (he heard that it keeps the vampire from attacking him) As soon as he reaches there he gets surrounded by three of them, who couldn't come near him, but asked him how he dared to come to their territory!, so he asked for their leader, after telling them who he was!, they take him to an old man, who looked and dressed more like a chief of an ancient tribe! He tells the man that he wants to become one of them, the chief laughs and tell him why would he make him one of them!. he tells him who he was and how he can help them and the things that he can do for them, being who he was, and the man agrees o make a deal with him!

the deal was, in exchange to turn him into a vampire, he should not allow anyone one from the other side of the river, dare to come across to their side, and since Chand owned most of the lands, he agrees, and the chief tells him that there was something else, he should bend to vampire rules and regulations and again he agrees!,

Soon the chief bites his arm, as soon as he does that he feels an unbearable sharp pain throughout his body, a fever takes over his whole body. He feels like his head was going to explode, he shakes uncontrollably and screams in agony and then he falls motionless!

As he opens his eyes again, he feels very energetic, the fatigue that he felt for so many months now due to his illness was gone, the chief smiles and welcomes him back, he touches his heart and feels his heart beating again!! To his surprise he was still warm.

The chief tells him that he is dead as human but alive as a vampire now, and that the tales that he heard about vampires having no heart beat or them being cold all the time are nothing but lies! 

As the truth was a vampire heart does beat, and he can control his own body temperature, to make it warm or cold whatever he wants, however one thing was sure because of this, he never gets affected by the climate changes, so he won't get bothered by cold or hot weathers!

He tells him that a vampire eyes change according to his mood as they become darker when angry or sad, and lighter when happy or passionate! Then he tells him what can get him killed , firstly being beheaded , secondly he warns him to be careful of what he drinks, as bat blood acts like a deadly poison!, lastly getting rapidly burned by a huge fire! Or exploded by a bomb!

Other then that, any injuries can get cured, and a vampire heals very fast, although he can feel the pain, but nothing would kill him not even a stab in the heart with a wooden stack as that was another myth!! Although when any of the major organs are stabbed or injured they need more time to heal!

He was amazed to know all these facts and the fact that they can sleep but are more alert then the humans, so any minimum sound can waken them up and that they are very fast and very strong! 

He tells him a vampire is capable of having all the human emotions including pain and love, but he is more capable on controlling his emotions and his thirst! and what you are as a human you can be as a vampire, so a good person can be a  good vampire and so on!

Then he tells him about the rules and regulations of their community which include not to drag any attention or make a mess when feeding!, he tells him people suspect that they exist but are not sure, and whoever knew about them never lived long to tell! so discretion is very important!

Another thing, since they will never age!  It's important that they change their location from time to time, so no one suspect them but if he chooses to live with them in this side of the river, then this problem gets solved! Chand listens carefully to the rest of the rules that include, no mating with humans as the consequences are very high, but if he choose to do so then he should be discreet about it, one more thing if he faces a problem with someone and wants to get even then he either solves it on his own or come back to them and they will help!

Then they offer him a glass full of warm blood he drinks it, and feels that it was the most delicious drink he ever had he grins and roars thanks him and then runs fast feeling like he become 20 years younger! 

Back home he starts to have this urge to bite his wife and suck her blood, but he controls it and he decides to tell her, at first she doesn't believe him then he tells her why he did this,  when still she refuses to believe he moves fast and then grabs an iron bowl and bend it with his bare hands, she looks shocked and cries he comforts her and tells her that he did this for her, for their son and that she too can become like him, and then they can live together forever, she asks him, what about Abhay?!, he tells her that he can become like them too! She refuses she couldn't bare to see him turning into a monster, he starts to tell her about the characteristics of vampires and finally he convinces her! 

The next day when Abhay returns home, being the smart boy he was, he senses that there was something different about his parents but he couldn't quite get what it was, and he feared that maybe there were some problems brewing between them!

That fateful night when he goes to sleep, little he knew that his parents have decided his fate for him, as they put some sleeping pills in his juice and that they decided on their own that, this night was his last night to live like a human! The next morning he wakes up feeling different he knew something was wrong but couldn't figure it out!, When his mom tells him about the horrible transformation,  he roars and cries how could they be so selfish and do this to him, without even asking him!, or giving him a choice! How could they turn him into a blood sucking monster and take his future from him, but the damage was already done and there was nothing that he can do!

After few years they leave their home town, after selling everything,  and for the next decades they start to shift from place to place!,  his dad gives up his title and changes their surname constantly, only keeping their first names, so people wouldn't know who they really were!. Till day, when they returned after more then a century to their original home town Dehradun and are living now inside their own old mansion!


10- One Way Love is No Way Love!

Piya feels thrilled from the care and affection that Misha's mom showers her, as soon as she gets to their home, first, she calls the doctor, although Piya objects and tells her that there was no need, but nevertheless, she insists, however when the doctor comes, he states that what she was feeling is all due to lack of sleep and not eating well but mostly due to stress, and that all that she needs is a good meal and get some rest!

He gives her some pain killer for her headache, as he leaves Misha's mom affectionately touches her head " aree beta yeh kya halat kar baite hai apni?!, I will bring you some remedies for your swollen eyes they will help sooth them, and Misha go and ask Naina to bring her something to eat and some of that soup that i made for her"

As she leaves Misha jokes "get used to this, mama always over reacts, cause she watches allot of Ekta's saaz bahu soaps! and so many old melodramatic movies!" She giggles, while Piya smiles!

Soon she eats some food, and Misha's mom applies the cold soothing remedy around her eyes, Piya looks at her with affection, she is so loving, and kind, somehow she reminds her of he own mother, when she used to get so worried over her whenever she was sick!    

I wonder how would she treat me once she knows who I was!, Piya thought "Misha you leave the room, and let her sleep now," then she looks at Piya " do you still feel the headache?!" she nodes 
"Misha bring the oil, I will massage her head"

"No aunty!, no need, I will sleep now!" Piya says feeling embarrassed, but she insists, soon she generously puts some soothing oil on her scalp and massages it with gentle strokes, and then she tells her to close her eyes, feeling mamma Dobrial's gentle, soothing strokes on her head, soon Piya falls sound asleep!

When she wakes after many hours she feels much better, all the stress vanished and the headache too, she looks at her watch, it was around 5 pm! I have been sleeping for more then 6 hours!, oh God I have to get ready for the play!, and then it strikes her, I have to face Abhay!. She closes her eyes trying to erase the memories of yesterday!, suddenly Misha opens the room door slowly!

"Thank God you are awake!, come on take a shower and get going we are going to get late, birdie has already left, she wanted to wake you up  mama didn't let us disturb you, she said there is still plenty of time! Now come on, you use my bathroom I will go to Birdies" she says all excited!

After taking a hot shower, she starts to feel even better!, she looks at her own reflection on the fogged mirror, she looked fresh, the swollen of her eyes is gone!,

While she brushes her teeth, she starts to think of what had happened yesterday and tears start to gather in her beautiful eyes, but she controls her emotions. She starts to talk to Abhay in her mind; I am not stupid Abhay, nor weak! I never was, I am a survivor I always was! If only you knew what I have been through!

When my dad left us, I found solace in my mother's arms, and she never failed me, she was strong for both of us, that's why I become strong just like her, and when she fell ill and died, I had to live as an orphan, that didn't break me too, although it broke my heart, I miss my mom like hell, I always will, but I survived her lose!

Unlike all of you Abhay, I made it here on my own, on my own merits!, I got into this collage because of my own abilities, and not because my dad is a rich man, who can afford it! 

Now when again I saw my dad, I still didn't break, I lived my late childhood, and my early teenage phase as a poor orphan, while my rich dad lived happily with his own family pampering my two sisters!, but even facing this harsh reality didn't break me!

I am being treated as a guest in my own father's home, and you know what, I am still grateful, because I always try to be strong just like my mama taught me to be, I always try to see the filed side of the glass and the brighter side of any situation!

You are my first love; I won't deny that, at least not to my own self, but who said that if we don't get our first love, it's the end of the world, and who said if we lose our love we get doomed! There are many things in this life that are equally important and are worth living for, not everyone is lucky enough to be with their first love!, maybe I am not that lucky too!

But If I can act indifferently to the man who was the reason for me to be born, the first man I ever loved, my own dad!, for leaving us and hurting my mom, then I can behave equally indifferent to you too, for treating me ill and breaking my heart!. 

I lost many people in my life and lost many things, but I survived their lose and I will survive your lose too! I am sure you are just a stupid phase in my life, that tomorrow I will remember and laugh about!

I will bear this heart ache Abhay, I will endure anything that let me be away from you , I wont break, you don't know how I feel and I will never let you know, I wont give you the satisfaction, of knowing how i love you, how my heart is aching for you, and I will soon throw you out of my heart, out of my mind, I will forget you and move on!

I know you said you hate me and want me to stay away from you, and I will do just that, as from today and after this damn play, I will stay away, its not your fault that I fell in love with you, its my foolish heart's blunder that let me see things in your eyes that never were there! Although I hated your guts!

It's my fault that I thought that maybe you love me, like I do!, but you don't, and as I always said that one way love is no way love, and I will stick to my word!, and that's a promise!"

With this determination and self reassurance, she leaves the bathroom to get ready, after she gets ready and starts to dry her hair! Misha brings two women in the room, she tells her that Panchi had sent their mothers hair stylist so they can style her hair!, wow home beauty saloon!  Piya gets amazed, and thought how money can make life allot easier!

Soon they headed for mount collage, Misha and Piya had their hair done!, both looked stunningly beautiful, but in different ways, as Piya with her long hair straightened out as required for her role, was wearing a short, tight black dress, while Misha was wearing a red long dress with a side slit, and had her hair pulled up in a band with her fringe straightened and pulled to one side making her sharp features even sharper, it was Piya's idea to wear that dress and have her hair done like this. 

both were looking beautiful like they are dressed up for a special occasion, and it was a special occasion as Misha  told her that after the play Danish said that they will all go out and dine somewhere posh!

Before the play, Piya was very nervous as she went and changed into her costume, Misha, tracker and Panchi hugged her and wished her good luck! She prayed silently God please give me strength so I won't get weak or stumble in front of Abhay!

The curtain rises, soon every one started to do their parts, the play went on very well with audience, who mostly were the faculty, the students and their families. Abhay, Piya and the rest, all of them did well, although it was very hard for Piya to hold back her emotions every time Abhay came close to her, touching her or hugging her especially in the wedding part and the last death scene but she tried hard to hold back her feelings. She tried to remind her self constantly that the love she feels in his touch is not real, and that the emotions that she sees in his eyes and in his words are all an act!. 

She reminded her self that he was acting his role as Romeo and she has to act her part as Juliet too! But it was very hard for her to not get affected especially when he kissed her cheek in the final scene his warm lips and breath tingled her but she lay still, and then when she had to kiss him she just pressed her lips gently trying to act indifferently, it was hard for her to draw a line between her real emotions and what was just an act, finally it was over and a big round of applause followed!

The curtains falls, then rises again as the entire cast holding their hands come back to the front of the stage, bowing to the audience as they applaud, and then it falls again

"Finally it's over" cried Panchi with joy "good Job everyone" she hugs Piya, and then she hugs Abhay! Piya looks at them affectionately, Panchi is the only one in the whole collage, who behaves normally with Abhay, and seems he too respects her allot and looks highly to her, maybe because she is older, that's why he never snaps at her, even when she speaks angrily with him, Piya thought!. 

Kabir comes running to the back stage and in an overly excited voice he says:"wow Piya! you were mind blowing!" and he carries Piya of a sudden in his arms, sweeping her off her feet and spins her around, Piya who didn't expect this, starts to laugh as he goes round and round, she was unaware of Abhay's angry gaze as he looks at them, his eyes filled with jealousy, he twitches his lips in disgust, and when finally Kabir let her stand on her feet, she looks at Abhay nervously, he gives her a cold glance, looks away and then leaves!


11- All roads Lead To You!

"Let's go guys, time to celebrate1" says Danish excitingly
"Where are we going?" says Misha
"It's a surprise!" says Danish and he winks.
Misha looks at panchi and she shrugs her shoulder " I have no idea!" 
"Aree Kuch tu batao" agitatedly says Misha

"Hey guys i will go and change, I will see you in the parking " says Piya and walks to the changing room, she changes to the black dress again, it was difficult for her to pull the zipper up, but she manages to pull it up by looking across the mirror, she applies some  gloss on her full lips, then wears some of her favorite perfume and brushes her long straightened shining hair, the dress was tight but it complimented her slim figure perfectly, it wasn't the kind of dress that she would usually wear it was a sleeveless mini, and had a bit of low neck line, she looked different and she liked how she looked. Misha has told her that she looks too hot, she smiles! I wonder how would Abhay feels, seeing me like this, she thought then she shakes her head and reminds her self stop it Piya! He doesn't care and neither should you!

 Irritated by her own thoughts, she rushes out side the room, as she steps out in a hurry, her sandal heel gets caught in some loose wires behind the stage and she stumbles down loosing her balance, she shrieks as she was about to fall on her face on the rough surface so she closes her eyes as a natural reflex, fearing to be crashed, but instead she bumps into a strong chest and she gasps, her rescuer tries to hold her but loses his own balance, and he ends up falling on the ground with Piya on top of him! 

His scent was so familiar to her, so was his touch!, even with her eyes closed she knew her rescuer, she knew he was Abhay!. His arms were around her, her hair covered his face, and he slowly unlocks his arms and then removes her hair away from his face, her hair smells so good, he thought, she opens her eyes still jolted from their sudden fall, her heart beating so fast! and she could feel his bounding heart underneath her fingers as her hands were resting on his chest, her eyes meet his gaze! 

His eyes! they became lighter, how strange! She thought, he closes his eyes, turns his head and twitches his lips, as he pushes her away!, she pulls her self and stands up,  he does the same!,  Now both facing each other, he looks at her in anger" couldn't you be less clumsy?! Why on earth every time I come across you, either you are falling or are in some kind of stupid situation!, how many times do I have to endure you" he says in an agitated voice!

To which she retaliates in matching tune" really! and who appointed you as my personal body guard ?! That every time I am in trouble you show up!, too many coincidences don't you think?!"

in a sarcastic tune he says:"Thank you! That's the common courtesy words, of what a person should say to someone who help them, but no!, not you!, you like to taunt and instigate your helper instead of thanking him, so typical of you, don't you have at least some manners, itni be tameez nahi hai tum Mai"

"You!" she snaps in anger and hit her foot on the ground, she twitches her mouth" manners! Look who is talking! Abhay you are the last person who should talk about manners and courtesy! mere saree zindagi Mai, maine tera jaisa batameez larka nahi dekha hai" and crosses her arms around her chest!

He ignores her angry words and carries on smirking shaking his head" saree zindagi! !by the way, how old are you 15 or 16?!  Little girl!, at least show some gratitude and respect, but wait! you don't know what those words mean!" he pauses looking at her sarcastically while she looks at him angrily
" Huh! I am a little girl! and I assume you are a 100 years old budha!, seriously, some times you don't make any sense Abhay!, and for your info, respect is earned,  but seems you think it's bought just like other things that your dad buy for you" she snaps angrily

He narrows his eyes in anger, his expression changes she looks at his eyes, God now they become darker! and he roars" seems you still didn't learn anything from yesterday, and need me to remind you again", then he grabs her arms pulling her closer to himself she gasps!
"Piya where are you?, come on! we are getting late " that was Kabir calling her and Abhay leaves  her gently pushing her away and suddenly he was gone, while she stood there stunned!

 "Wow! look at you! You look so hot Piya, simply sexy!" says Kabir as he sees her, she blushes" Kabir!, you are embarrassing me"  she says, he laughs and offers her his arm she slips her hand around it as they walk, suddenly they hear something crashing making a huge sound, both get startled! "lag ta hai Kuch gergaya" 

Little they knew that the sound was made by Abhay, who was watching them silently with anger, and who couldn't handle seeing Kabir flirting with Piya so he punched a metal barrel in his rage of jealousy crashing it, and making a huge hole in it! 

In the car, she couldn't take her mind of what had happened and about his eyes! As the flash back haunts her! In one minute they become darker in another lighter! am i imaging things now!, God i am trying so hard to keep away from him! Please help me! 

The car stops near a new building, "Wow, what is this place?", says Panchi as they come out of the car, while Piya, Misha and Kabir look at the building with a stunned look on their faces!
It was a new two floor building that seems made of glass!, and was sparkling with tiny shining star like lights all over it and with dark purple neon lights defining it's out lines!, and across the front wall was written with blue neon lights" Blue Rays" there was a huge beautiful garden surrounding it with a beautiful fountain, that looked like a water fall!

Danish with a huge smile in his face "good surprise na, let me introduce to you 'blue rays' the new posh and hip place to hang out, it has a huge bar and restaurant and a huge expensively decorated  dance floor, the first night club  in Dehradun , and it's exclusive, as not any one can get in , only those who can afford it or those who are  invited, Mr. Raichand had made the opening night for the cast and crew of your play , he has invited all of them, he was happy because his son participated, and now you all are guest of honor, by the way he appointed the finest DJ for this place, and I am in charge of it  in some ways" Says Danish all excited  with a big grin on his face!

Misha looks at Piya and whispers "new place to corrupt the youth of Dehradun!" both giggle,
"Danish ! How come you didn't tell me about this place before yaar, you know how much I like to dance!"says Kabir

"Mr. Raichand wanted it to surprise !he was very discreet about this place even when they were building it, people thought it was just another building" says Danish

"I think he made this place for his loser son Abhay!" says Misha " waisai he has no friends, so no one ever hangs out with him, so he made this VIP place so he can hang out with total strangers or maybe total freaks just like him" Piya looks at Misha and feels bad of what she was saying about Abhay, but she was right he has no friends around here!

"Misha don't be mean!, maybe he doesn't have any friends around here, because he is new here and needs time to adjust"  says Panchi 
to which Kabir says looking at Piya smilingly "Piya is new too, but she made friends easily"

"All the people are not the same Kabir!, some people take more time to make new friends, beside  Piya  has a different nature then Abhay , maybe Abhay hasn't made any friends because no one understands him around here" says  panchi wisely , Danish wraps his arms around Panchi "wah! I am impressed my love"

"What to understand?!, the angry young man attitude!" says Kabir sarcastically, while frowning and making an angry face!, to which Misha says "no silly, his pose that impresses the bimbos of; look at me I am so hot" and she puts her finger in her mouth like she wants to puke.

 Kabir gives her a high five and both start to laugh Misha continues: "aur what's up with wearing black all the time!, seriously!, is he color blind or something" again they laugh

Piya listens feeling very bad, she felt like screaming at both of them and ask them to stop making fun of him!, but she couldn't!

"Stop it you two!, he is a good boy!, beside, we are guests in their place and you both are making fun of him! Shame on you!" says Panchi

"naah! We aren't making fun if him!, we just feel sorry for the loser, as he has no friends , sari din apni aap sai batai karta hai, baichara!" again Misha and Kabir hi five each other, laughing while Danish and Panchi shake their heads!" tum dono kabhi nahi sudrogay" Misha and Kabir both node in agreement!

Piya sighs, feeling hurt, she couldn't bare listing to them making jokes on his expense!, and she looks away and then she spots Abhay standing inside the garden near the entrance, he was looking at their direction, oh God! did he hear them talking about him!, he must have felt very bad! She thought, and her heart starts to ache!, she looks at the rest but seems they didn't see him, she looks again at Abhay and he was gone! 

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Posted: 2010-11-09T11:18:55Z
Double WOW!
I am impressed... For a first Attempt... this is just too awesome.
I loved the way u tried to make the characters realistic by adding their original traits.
I loved the beginning.
I loved it at the point where U stopped...
I hope u have a very interesting part ahead.
I am eager to read more.
Its the second FF i am interested in after akku's.
May i suggest a few points?
Try to make it more descriptive... Like the ambience... the conditions.. etc.
focus on the expressions... they'll make it interesting..
I personally love to read it that way.

Here's a reward for a great beginning....

P.S. I HOPE U CONTINUE....I want u to.
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Posted: 2010-11-09T11:24:58Z
wow this is really good u r a good writer i wish this could have been the episode but never mind. Great job keep it up cant wait for the next plz post it soon
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Posted: 2010-11-09T11:26:11Z
Originally posted by Ridwana1234

wow this is really good u r a good writer i wish this could have been the episode but never mind. Great job keep it up cant wait for the next plz post it soon

aww thanksEmbarrassed..i will  try to update it soon!
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Posted: 2010-11-09T11:39:59Z
Originally posted by radt

Double WOW!
I am impressed... For a first Attempt... this is just too awesome.
I loved the way u tried to make the characters realistic by adding their original traits.
I loved the beginning.
I loved it at the point where U stopped...
I hope u have a very interesting part ahead.
I am eager to read more.
Its the second FF i am interested in after akku's.
May i suggest a few points?
Try to make it more descriptive... Like the ambience... the conditions.. etc.
focus on the expressions... they'll make it interesting..
I personally love to read it that way.

Here's a reward for a great beginning....

P.S. I HOPE U CONTINUE....I want u to.

thanks a bunch sweetsHugand double thanks for your pointersEmbarrassed..much appreciated!

so did you get my Hindi, English mix dialogs or should i stick to only English ! that would be easier for meTongue
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Posted: 2010-11-09T11:42:11Z
I think a bit of hindi wont be bad...It makes it interesting to read.
Use 95% english and rest 5% hindi... some characters like mish definitely need some hindi words.
Keep it up...Hug
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Posted: 2010-11-09T11:54:46Z
Originally posted by radt

I think a bit of hindi wont be bad...It makes it interesting to read.
Use 95% english and rest 5% hindi... some characters like mish definitely need some hindi words.
Keep it up...Hug

..that what i was thinking.. cause Hindi dialogs give us a feel of the characters of the show as they speak !..thanks againEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2010-11-09T14:16:39Z
Hey this is really good! great job....I hope Abhay's ok lol
Continue soon...

I think hindi  english mix is good, but you should do what you are comfortable with....i do mostly hindi dialogues with english mixed in, and then english narration....

Update soon!!!

Love, Aarti
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