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Baat Hamari Pakki Hai

Hello and Welcome to *The Baat Hamari Pakki Hai Archieve Office*

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai Development Team:

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Table of Contents:

Post 1: Introduction to Development Team
Post 2: About the Show
Post 3: Important Links/Rules

Post 4: Update Archive
Post 5: Newsletter
Post 6: Game of the Week
Post 7: Discussion of the Week
Post 8: Member of the Week
Post 9: Baat Hamari Pakki Hai Fanfics
Post 10:
Contests/Contest of the Week
Post 11: Monthly Episode Discussion

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About the SHow & Story So Far

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai is an Indian television drama series which premiered on Sony Entertainment Television on May 31, 2010.It is the story of Sachi, an orphan who lives with her Mama and Mami. After being rejected by many boys and their families, Sachi's marriage has become the only agenda in her Mami's life.

Baat Hamaari Pakki Hai is the story of Saachi, an orphan who lives with her Mama, Indar Sharma and Mami, Usha Sharma along with her younger cousin Shreya, Nani and Naanu. Saachi faces problems in finding a life partner and keeps getting rejected and therefore, Saachi's marriage has become the only agenda in her Mami's life.

Each time a prospective groom arrives; Saachi is displayed like a commodity and is often held responsible when the alliance does not work out. Saachi goes through the humiliation of being displayed and then rejected time and again, till one day Saachi finally meets her match Shravan. Saachi's rishta is fixed with Shravan but this joy also proves to be short-lived as Saachi realizes that Shravan loves someone else.

Shravan is shown to be lazy and irresponsible while Saachi portrays a loving, mature and responsible girl. The families of the protagonists attempt to solve the issues between the couple. Finally, Saachi and Shravan get married[2] and decide to make it a contract marriage where they will divorce after six months because Shravan loves Tara.

While on a honeymoon, both get drunk at a bar and that night appear to have slept together. Tara finds out and dumps him. Shravan decides to patch up his relationship with Saachi. All of the family members try to make Shravan fall for Saachi. A long while later, Shravan realizes he is in love with Saachi and confesses his love to her after a romantic session. Saachi also confesses her love and the two of them are finally happy.

Shravan takes the marriage contract they had made and attempts to burn it but later realizes he had grabbed the wrong paper. The marriage contract ends up in Shravan's father's hands and he is humiliated. However, now that Shravan and Saachi truly love each other, they are determined to prove their love. Shravan's father makes them divorce and tells Shravan that if he can get 1 lakh in thirty days, he'll prove himself responsible and that he truly loves Saachi. Shravan heads out to find a job, however he is unsuccessful.

After a while, Shravan gets a job in a garage, working there trying to get 1 lakh. While working, he sees a poster about a race and the winner will get 1 lakh. Shravan enters the race and wins. Saachi and Shravan go to receive the check for 1 lakh. They happily take it and drive away to start a new life. Saachi looks at the check and realizes that it's not a 1 lakh check--instead, it's a check for only 70,000 rupees.

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