15 July WU: New Twists & New Turns.

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Posted: 12 years ago
Pranam ReadersHug

So today is the 2nd last day of our Devi Maiyya.Cry I am definately going to Miss her, this forum and all those sweet moments I had with my friends hereCryCry I'll miss you Abs, Vrisha, Iqra and HinaCryCryCry. Hope you guys will miss me too 'coz from Next week onwards I am going to be inactive for a Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong Time!Ouch
God knows when I'll come online next Cry. Okay, now enought of getting emotional and lemme begin the complete torture package to you readersBig smile so let's start by sayin, Devi Maiyya ki JAI!Thumbs Up

Today, there were a lot of twists and Turns and they were REALLY Shocking!! And thus, I have kept the title like that. Trust me, the title is apt for today's episode and moreover, it would be wonderful if you all watch the Video.Approve Now to find out what are these new twists and new turns, follow me!Embarrassed

Today's episode starts with Lakshmi continuing to explain Raja-beardo about her no value in this house since she is hear for only 3 monthsConfused The raja-beardo says that he has taken her as more than a bahu but a daughter so she can't leave this house just like that. To my surprise, he also tells her, "You dun' worry! I'll handle that pranay! That idiot guy is madly in love with that girl and I'll settle everything. I dun' want to loose a devi like you." (Hahahahahahahah! he called pranay 'Idiot' HahahahahahahaROFL! Everyone knows what Pranay isLOL).Now Lakshmi as usual says she is not a devi and she had come here to make new relationships. Raja-beardo with his usual evil thoughts says that he will not let this girl go anywhere since he is still stermined to save his propertyDead. Taiyy-ji, her son and Urvashi exchange evil-happy looksAngryDead and Lakshmi gives a pained look to Rani-maCry. Lakshmi then decides tht she'll leave this house but after saving Pranay and this Haveli from the evil taiyy-ji and Co.Approve

Lakshmi now enters Pranay's room and she tells him all about Taiyy-ji and TaniyaClap and this Daffod Pranay acts supremely like the biggest ZombieNuke of this worldAngryLOL. And he screams at her and he shakes her very badly!!!AngryConfused (Poor lakshmi! first of all she's near to size-zero and on top of it, this guy is shaking her as if she's some rag doll!Confused) He tells her, "You are saying all this just beacuse you dun' want to loose me! After knowing about this 3 months deal, you want to play this trick and get me." and he pushes her so badly and leaves!!!Angry ( Uh-oh! Now how is she going to convince this maha-daffod?!?Ermm). Lakshmi now again says to herself that she'll bring the truth out and settle this matter.Approve

Now pranay comes out of his room and continues to curse lakshmi and suddenly, he comes face to face with Raja-beardoConfused. Raja-Beardo holds his arm and pushes him into a room and locks the door behind him! (hahahahahahaROFL You guys must see how pranay was pushed in!!ROFLROFL). Now Raja-beardo asks him why he had to tell everything to Lakshmi. He also says that he has destroyed all his dreams and her's too. pranay says that lakshmi was thinking about whole life with me but I wanted to be on the safer-side and hence i told her eveyrthing and he rudely tells his dad that you are so greedy that you dun' care about my feelings. And now, Raja-beardo gets so angry that he slaps Pranay very hardConfused. (This is also a worth watching Scene!! After the slap, Pranay was shaking so badly! His antenna kinda hair which always stands on top was shaking!!!ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL). Now Raja-beardo gives him a strict warning and leaves him hurt and shaking in that roomConfused.

Lakshmi decides to tell about Taiyy-ji's intentions to Rani-ma and hence goes to the veranda to meet her. There she spots a woman seated in a chair facing the other side while Lakshmi stands behind her and blurts out all the evil and dirty intentions of Taiyy-ji. Now The woman in that chair gets up and it's revealed that it was TAIYY-JI!ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked (Well, I already knew it because of that saree color! I guess lakshmi was color BlindLOLLOL). Lakshmi sees her and she gets shocked of her life while taiyy-ji stands there like some James Bond 007 clad in a saree!ConfusedLOL Then she Holds lakshmi's hand and drags her so badlyCry. lakshmi starts screaming and pleading her but she goes on to drag her in a store-room and pushes her onto the floorConfusedAngry. Then she starts throwing things here and there and lakshmi gets all hyper and starts screming. Lakshmi even holds Taiyy-ji's legs but Taiyy-ji kicks her on the face!!!!!AngryDead (yes guys, you read that right! lakshmi was kicked on the face by Taiyy-ji!!DeadCry).Then Lakshmi tells her not to do anything to pranay but Taiyy-ji pushes her back again and tells her that she'll destroy everyone since Raja-beardo was the one who had killed her husband it seems all the property which was supposed to be on her son Bhanu's name is gone and after saying all this, she ties lakshmi and and she even ties her mouth. lakshmi faints over there. After tieing, she leaves that place closing all the doors and starts running out!AngryDeadConfusedCry (Aila! She runs and her yellow-yellow duppata follows behind herLOL. And her son's name is Bhanu?!? now wonder he is not so happeningConfusedLOL and I hate this!! Eveyone keeps dragging and pushing Lakshmi toh she'll die one day!!Cry She's already sooooooo thin!!!Cry).

Precap: Pranay is lying on the road and Taniya is on a jeep and she tells him that you are such an idiot that your wife warned you against me and now you are paying your own price.Angry Pranay hears all this and then taniya drives the jeep at a faster speed to crush pranay under itDeadDeadDead


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