Last epi Written Update:Kashi Shaurya get engaged

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Posted: 12 years ago

Final Episode of Kashi (One Show that is very close to my heart )

Bayjanti tells everyone that Shaurya and she does not love each other. She tells everyone how Shaurya used to always save Kashi , She also tells that Kashi and Shaurya was always together since childhood, He used to always protect kashi, help kashi etc. she even tells everyone that they love each other since 12 years. Bayjanti then tells that Shaurya that she did not know Shaurya loves his friend (Bayjanti ) so much that he is going to sacrifice his love for her . Then Kashi says she does not love Shaurya, Bayjanti then tells Kashi to keep his hand above her heart and tell that she does not love Shaurya . Bayjanti tells everyone that if this marriage happened then none of them will become happy. Then she tells she is not ' mahan" to spend her whole life with some one who does not love her

Then Umadevi tells" In our society first marriage takes place then love, Shaurya will love Bayjanti after marriage "

Bayjanti tells" There is no chance for that in this birth, but Shaurya is hers after this birth "

Umadevi "Sorry to say but she can not let his son to marry his son to a low caste, poor girl , in which  right she will marry Shaurya"

Jawahar (Bayjanti 's father) "Human right, insaniyat ke hak se Kashi Shaurya se shadi karegi " Bayjanti' s mother said they will adopt Kashi then there should not be any problem in the marriage .  Then everyone from Dwarka mama to Parvat ram tries to convince Umadevi and her husband. Bayjanti says "don't they want Shaurya happy, do they want to loose Shaurya forever? "

Laxmi bua, Parvatram every one tries their best to convince Shaurya's parents. Finally they agree for their marriage. Umadevi hugs Kashi '. Kashi and Shaurya take everyone's blessings with Kya kehna song .

Then the flashbacks of little Kashi and her father and their struggle and success. Then Kashi and Shaurya get engaged .




Negative points: Though I never wanted Kashi to end , but this ending was pathetic , it was so lame and forced,  the social issue which is added with Kashi was "Struggle of a low caste girl to get her right education and identity . But it ended  like a love story . Then the adoption of Kashi which Bayjanti's parents told , it was yuck , I mean these 4 month run of Kashi I was thinking this show wants to prove the rights of low caste in the society then why this adoption needed. Can't a low caste or schedule caste get married to a guy she loves? I hated the ending they forgotton the title of the show "Kashi ab na rahe tera kagaz kora" It is not "Kashi  ab  na rahe tera mang kora or caste kora " They atleast have ended this show with Kashi becoming CM or she is doing some work  with education'



Positive points: Kashi is a special show to me. No matter it  worked in TRP charts or not. It touched my heart , it worked brilliantly  for me , after Radha ki Betiyaan if any show which connected with me emotionally then that is Kashi , though I like Jyoti also , but I have not been able to connect with Jyoti at various level. But Kashi or little Kashi and her struggle for education was shown far more  better than those Sadhna, Akshara or Archana or Santu etc. If Imagine had promoted Kashi and give it a good timeslot or they have started it after IPL, then I am damn sure more people would have liked Kashi , Hats off  Jannat R Zumani and Pankaj(Parvatram) for becoming the best father 'daughter  for me on screen . Thanks Jannat for showing those so called famous leading ladies that what they lack (read Akshara , Sadhna, Anandi ,Iccha,Santu). The talent is acting, expression, even the producers or makers also know that Kashi means Little Kashi ==Jannat . Hats off FILM FARM for bringing Kashi . I want to thank them. I always feel we should blame audience more than Producers for liking SAAS 'BAHU SAGAS and unrealistic stories.


So in the last day of Kashi , Please it is my request to everyone in this forum , who had liked little bit of this lovely show , write few lines about it .

First Episode of Kashi


Last episode of Kashi


I will miss Kashi a lot . Cry



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Posted: 12 years ago
I want reply of every active member in this forum
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tulipbaby53 JAWARIA4U and everyone , If i miss any name then i am sorry .
Posted: 12 years ago
dear PiaSengupta2010 you are right and i like your comment.
to be honest i am so disappointed about the end of this show and same as you i like little kashi so much and when i have started to see this show i thought it is a good social issue and it was different of other Indian shows and near more to reality of life even with some just black and white characters!!!
i was thinking that they will show the up and down of life and successes of kashi as an educated girl of low cast and also her relation with her two lovely friends but what happens?  sudenly all the bad characters change to good people or i can say very good people!!!!!!!!! and happy ever after poor love story?
really what was the point of the show?D'oh
with best wishes for lovely actress(little kashi)Smile
sorry for my mistakesEmbarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
As a love story, Kashi just sucked!!!  As a messages serial, I thought it was overdone in the beginning, and underdone in the end.  Happily, though, Vijayanthi didn't end up as a negative character, as many expected it would.

The ending was totally lame - worse than the Brij reformation in Jyoti.  Shauriya's parents are extremely caste conscious, and they just agreed to this match?  When the leap first started, some suggested that Shauriya match up w/ Vijayanthi while Kashi match up w/ Dhruv.  Given how wonderful Vijayanthi's parents were to Kashi, if the latter was to marry, I'd rather have seen her end up as their bahu, and Vijayanthi's bhabi.

But one thing - Vijayanthi was definitely not marriage material.

One more thing about the last few episodes - they were heavy w/ lame flashbacks, although not so bad as Jamuniya.
Posted: 12 years ago
i like this show but i like kashi and shurya are togather but i realy want to see they fight for there love and some love story between them
Posted: 12 years ago
really i will miss the show agree with each and every point you have written iam also dissapointed with the end this show started with a purpose of giving message to people but it ended as love story they missed the concept in the end but little kashi(jannat) is my all time fav actress she did her job very well any way thanks for the last update
Posted: 12 years ago
I actually liked the show when it was done by the kids and they did a fab job too. But I never liked the ending of the show. It was so abrupt.
Posted: 12 years ago
One thing more I should add - I loved Vijayanthi's statement @ the end, pillorying both Shauriya & Kashi for being so mahaan so as to be prepared to not be together, and instead marry her.  Since I hate this trend of CVs to make the leads of all these shows self-sacrificial lambs, I loved Vijayanthi speaking out against it - it was like she was speaking for me.

Also, in Jamuniya, Bali, another lead character, avoided this tendency of being mahaan, and just made sure the wrong doers were punished, if not wronged.  So Vijayanthi & Bali are my favorite characters in the TV line-up, right now.

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