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Welcome to the Behenein Character's Sketch and the Story so far!

Hello there dear Behenein forum members!

This topic is meant to help those of you who are new to the show and don't know who is who or what has happened in previous episodes.

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Character's Sketch

Purva Shastri/Purva Sanghvi (played by Alisha Khan)

The oldest Behen and oldest daughter of Sevantilal and Revti. She has taken a lot of responsibility after her parent's death. She sat in Mansi's place in the mandap and got married to Mihir, so that Mansi isn't able to spoil Prem and Mihir's life.

IF says: "The oldest of four sisters, Purva is the sole driving factor in her whole family after her parents' death. Though not completely mature, the untimely death of her parents endows her with the sudden responsibility of her sisters. Learning things the hard way, she takes on the onus of being a mother and father to her younger siblings. She eventually learns to sacrifice her joys for the benefit of her sisters. A cleanliness freak she is always working to clear the clutter and manages to do so with ease even while casually talking to other people. A person who values sentiments and emotions, Purva is in love with her best friend Amar for many years. The most important thing in her life is a silver pendant gifted by her parents and she always kisses it before anything important because to her the locket stands for their love and blessings. Purva is the person with the camera on all occasions as she believes in capturing all moments in pictures and later going through them when she feels low."

Smriti Sanghvi(played by Shiju Kataria)

The 2nd oldest Behen, Smriti is married to Mihir. She had her baby Prem prematurely and has been having fits ever since an accident. She has lost her mental stability as her Saas, Kamini, didn't give her medications on time and is now at a Mental Hospital.

IF says: "A complete contrast to all her sisters, Smriti is extremely nervous and lacks confidence. She can never look into someone's eyes while communicating. She has always been the one with less immunity making her frequently prone to illness. As a result she has always been a little more pampered. Her parents' death has had a major mental impact on her. Extremely innocent and gullible, she is held responsible for any untowardly incident by her in laws and she accepts it. However whenever one asks her something, she gives an honest response. This is one thing that her husband Mihir loves about her. Completely in awe of Purva, Smriti is unsure of her choices in life. "

Akaashi Shastri(played by Adaaa Khan)

The 3rd oldest Behen, Akaashi. She is very obsessed with clean thing and beauty. She is also very strong and outspoken and can challenge Nima Fui, speaking back to her regularly.

IF says: "Akashi is the third and most beautiful among all the siblings. She is proud of her beauty and feels that this can make people dance to her tunes. However she never looks down upon her sisters inspite of the attention she gets from everyone. Extremely fussy about her diet, she follows various techniques to enhance her beauty and the mirror is her best friend."

Anokhi Shastri (played by Ojaswi Oberoi)

The youngest sister, Anokhi. She trains at a dance academy, run by Amar, who was meant to be getting married to Purva.

IF says: "Vibrant and fun loving, Anokhi is the youngest of the sisters. She always carries a bag of wanted and unwanted things that make her a highly resourceful person. She loves anklets and keeps collecting them as she loves the sound of the anklet when she walks, dances or even moves her leg. A wonderful dancer, she shares a great rapport with Amar and also learns dance from him."

Nima Fai(played by Ketki Dave)

Sevanti's sister, Nima Fai is the "vamp" of the show and takes all the responsibility to get the 3 remaining sisters married. She is very selfish and is only concerned about getting the sisters married so that she can finally have the house left by Sevantilal. She even helped in killing her brother and bhabhi, by hiding the keys to the room they were locked in just before their death.

IF says: "The elder sister of Sevantilal, Fai is highly respected and has the status of a mother in law in the house. Sevantilal respects her immensely but is unaware of her real side. Besides being vindictive, she is also very authoritative and has the last word about any decision. An extremely religious person, she has a huge hand in Sevantilal's success and hence he never refuses anything that she says. However the four sisters are extremely scared of her."


Nima Fai's son who is also very selfish and always listens to his mother. He kidnapped Prem just for money and is in a lot of financial problems. Another "villain" who is in support of Nima Fai. Nima Fai also sorts him out after he makes a mistake.

Revati Shastri (dead) (played by Shruti Ulfat)

The Behenein's mother, who was a very loving mother. She died along with her husband in an accident where their room got burned down and the door got locked, Nima Fai had also hidden the keys.

IF says: "A loving mother, who dotes on all her 4 daughters and is always worrying about them. She loves her family a lot, she shares a wonderful relationship with her husband and is like a friend to her 4 daughters."

Sevantilal Shastri (dead) (played by Darshan Jariwala)

The Behenein's father, Sevantilal was a very nice dad, who enjoyed taking cared of his daughters. He wrote his will just before the accident which claimed his and his wife's life. He used to listen and follow everything that his sister Nima Fai said.

IF says: "A loving father, who can do anything for their daughters and loves all of them equally. He has never let them face any difficulties in life and has provided them with a very sheltered upbringing. He loves his family deeply, but also trusts his sister Neema Foi blindly and always seeks her approval before taking any important family and business decisions."

Mihir Sanghvi (played by Sudeep Sahir)

Smriti's husband, very loving and very protective about his new born son. He is a big lawyer who earns a lot. He is very close to all the sisters and tries to always support Purva.

Kamini Sanghvi (played by Dolly Minhas)

Kamini Sangvi is obsessed about her big house and herself. She didn't like Smriti and made sure that after giving birth to her Pota, Prem, she kicked Smriti out of the house and into a Mental Asylum. Kamini doesn't get along with the Behenein or Nima Fai. She just cares about her grandchild, the waaris, Prem.


Sheetal is Kamini's older daughter, who is usally very supportive of Mihir and is very understanding. She is married and so isn't seen very often at the Sangvi House.

Shalaka Sanghvi

Shalaka is Mihir's little sister, who is very into herself and is always in support of her mother Kamini.

Amar's parents, the Kotaris

Amar's mother always worries about Amar and likes to take care of him and be his support

Amar Kotari (played by Ajay Chawdhary)

Amar is Purva's love interest. Amar is very much in love and is a typical sweet heart guy. He trains dancers in his own studio class group, in which Anokhi trains.

IF says: "He is the groom-to-be of Purva. His character's profession is that of a choreographer. His role's character sketch is of a sweet and understanding person who is always ready to be with Purva in any phase of life and is a happy-go-lucky person."

Kshitij's parents Lalit and Harsha

Kshitij's parents are very big business people who are always very busy.

Kshitji (played by Alok Arora)

Kshitij is Akashi's boyfriend/lover boy. He is a very selfish and busy man. Many times has he fought with Akashi, but they make up at the end of it. He was meant to get married to Akashi, but they didn't get married as Akashi married Shamaldas and Kshitij lost his trust in her.

Sameer (played by Rahul Arora)

Sameer is meant to be Anokhi's love interest. Nima Fai has paid Sameer to fall in love with Anokhi, so that Nima Fai doesn't have to worry about Anokhi getting married. He is very teasing and slightly up himself.

IF says: "He is a guy Who met Anokhi in dance class and they attract each other."

Gomti (left) and Manek (Right)

They are two servants for the Sangvi house, Gomti has 2 sons, one of whom is Shamaldas and the other works with and helps Mihir like a PA.

Shamaldas (played by Manoj Mishra)

This man has a lot of pride on himself and is very strong-hearted. He is the son of the servant (in the above picture) who works for the Sanghvi's. He is very stubborn. He recently married Akashi and treats her badly.

Mansi (played by Itishree Singh)

Mansi is a very negative character, who only decided to get married to Mihir, just so that she can get his wealth, but this did not happen.

Mansi's Mother

Mansi's mother is Kamini's friend and agreed for her daughter to get married to Mihir, who had a son already.

All 4 Behenein: (From Left to Right) Purva, Smriti, Anokhi and Akashi

Pictures have credits on them and if not, then they have been taken from IF, Behenein Picture Gallery or are Sattvik's.
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Story so far (Part 1)
From First Episode (8th February 2010) To Episode 57 (26th April 2010)

Wedding preparations are on at Aakashi's place. Aakashi's mother is in search of Anokhi and Purva. Nimaben is strict with Aakashi. Shankar brings sweets for Smriti's family from her mother's place, on the occasion of her sister Purva's wedding. Mihir is taunted by his mother for being henpecked. Aakashi and her mother find Anokhi dancing on the terrace. The door gets locked accidentally at Aakashi's place. Nimaben taunts Aakashi's mother. Purva comes home after getting her locket polished. Aakashi's parents are touched to see this and advise the sisters. The pregnant Smriti suffers once again from a nervous breakdown. Everyone in the family is shocked, and Mihir's mother is sad. Aakashi's parents visit Smriti's place. Mihir's sister and mother are rude to Smriti's parents. Mihir defends Smriti and apologises to them. Aakashi, Anokhi and Purva go to the beauty parlour. Nimaben taunts Purva. Aakashi's father shares his grief with his wife.

Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi talk to Mihir, without knowing about Smriti's poor health. Mihir's mother talks to the doctor and enquires about Smriti's child. Aakashi's father signs his will. Aakashi and Anokhi force Purva to visit Amar on the way back from the parlour. Haldi ceremony is in progress at Amar's place. Nimaben observes Aakashi's parents secretly talking to each other. She sends back the lawyer who has come to meet Aakashi's father. Aakashi and Anokhi force Purva to visit Amar's house, where the haldi ceremony is in progress. Mihir consoles Smriti. Aakashi's father signs his will. Aakashi, Anokhi and Purva meet Amar. Aakashi's parents get nostalgic and sad that Purva would soon part from them. A fire breaks out in the house due to a short circuit.

Revati and Sevanti are caught in the fire and their room gets locked. Nimaben decides not to save them and hides the key to the room. Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi are shocked to see the fire when they return. Amar jumps into the fire and tries to save Sevanti and Revati, but is unable to. Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi are shocked to see their parents dead. Smriti is once again unwell. Nimaben tries to search for Sevanti's will, but is unable to find it. She makes an excuse when Amar, Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi see her in Sevanti's room. The doctor advises Mihir and his family not to tell Smriti about her parents' death, otherwise she might lose her child. Mihir's mother decides to hide this fact from Smriti and advises Mihir. Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi are devastated by their parents' death. Amar consoles Purva. He advises her to forget her grief and be brave for the sake of her sisters.

Everyone comes to pay their last respects to Aakashi's parents. Purva insists that she and her sisters will perform the last rites of her parents. Nimaben is angry. Mihir's mother and sister insist on buying new clothes for their relatives for Smriti's god-bharai. Sheetal is irritated to see this. Nimaben chides Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi for not following the traditions. Smriti is sad about not being able to attend Purva's sangeet ceremony. Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi console each other. Mihir is sad on seeing Smriti excited about Purva's wedding. Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi break down on seeing Sevantilal's new sherwani. Purva and Mihir try to convince Smriti not to attend Purva's wedding. Purva tries to pretend that her parents are alive and well.

Nimaben is very angry when Kshitij comes to meet Aakashi. Aakashi is upset, but Purva convinces her. Purva's marriage is postponed. Nimaben's son calls and enquires about Sevantilal's will. Nimaben, Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi have a meeting with their lawyer. Nimaben is shocked to know that Sevantilal had changed his earlier will. Nimaben is stunned to know that Sevantilal has transferred all his property to her name, but she would get it only after Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi get married. Smriti misses her family. Shalakha forces Sheetal to go shopping with her and her mother. Smriti leaves for her parents' house, leaving a note for Mihir. Mihir is shocked to see her note.

Nimaben chides Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi for performing the last rites of their parents. Smriti comes to visit her sisters. Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi make excuses and hide the truth from her. Smriti insists on visiting her parents' room. Everyone is puzzled. The sisters are able to hide the truth from her with Mihir's help. The sisters perform the last rites for their parents. Mihir is angry with his mother, sister and Sheetal for leaving Smriti alone. Mihir's mother is upset.

Aakashi talks to Kshitij, and Purva and Nimaben overhears her. Nimaben is angry. Aakashi is upset with Nimaben's attitude. Nimaben waits for Vishal. Vishal arrives and pretends to be very sad over Sevantilal and his wife's death. Vishal talks to Nimaben, and both are very happy with Sevantilal and his wife's death. Nimaben and Vishal plan to let Smriti know about her parents' death by gifting her bangles wrapped in a newspaper, carrying news of their death. Vishal gives the bangles for Smriti to Mihir. Preparations for the god-bharai are going on at Smriti's place.

Aakashi is surprised when Kshitij tells her that Nimaben has invited him. Smriti is missing her mother and recalls the time when she put mehendi on Smriti's hand. The news about Smriti's mother and father's death is in the paper and Smriti's bangles are wrapped in it. Smriti unwraps the bangles. Everybody is stunned when the sisters come all dressed up to the god-bharai ceremony.

The sisters meet Smriti and she asks where their parents are. Vishal is upset that Nimaben's plan failed. Nimaben asks him to be patient and finds a way to let Smriti know the truth about her parents. Nimaben makes her plan work through Sushma. Smriti is terrified to hear what Sushma says about her parents. She is shattered to realise the truth, as nobody has answers to her questions.

Everyone is upset when the doctor declares that Smriti's case has become very complicated. Mihir's mother is disappointed when he asks the doctor to save Smriti in case of a critical situation. Mihir learns that Smriti has given birth to a premature son. Mihir and Smriti's sisters are upset to see Smriti's critical condition. Smriti becomes breathless. Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi pray for Smriti's recovery.

Smriti recovers at the urging of Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi. She breaks down on thinking about her parents. Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi are very happy to see Smriti's child. Mihir's mother plans to take care of Smriti's child and to get rid of Smriti soon. Purva, Mihir, Aakashi and Anokhi are tensed at finding Smriti missing from the hospital bed. Everyone is relieved to find Smriti with her child. Purva, Akashi, Anokhi and Smriti are sad that their parents couldn't see the child. Purva is touched by Amar's love for her. Smriti comes back home after her discharge, but her baby has to stay in the incubator. Purva is upset when she overhears Mihir's mother telling Sheetal that she is concerned only with her grandchild and not Smriti. Vishal and Nimaben are upset that Smriti and the child are both alive and well. Nimaben plans to get the signatures of the sisters and get her hands on their property.

Aakashi is happy when Nimaben consents to her marriage with Kshitij. Vishal gets Aakashi's signature on the legal papers. Mihir and Smriti are happy to be united once again. Kshitij warns Aakashi about Nimaben's intentions. Aakashi stops Purva from sigining the documents. Nimaben is upset when Aakashi insists on reading through the documents. Purva tries to stop her. Aakashi goes through the papers. Aakashi is sorry when she finds nothing wrong with the papers. Vishal is surprised. Nimaben pretends to console the sisters. Purva and Anokhi also sign the papers.

Vishal is happy to know how Nimaben tricked the sisters into signing the legal papers, transferring the property to her name after their marriage. Vishal is eager to get his hands on the property and dispose of his debts. Smriti is happy to hear from Mihir that they can now bring their son home. Purva encourages Anokhi to begin dancing again. She goes to Amar's dance class. Smriti and Mihir get ready to bring their son home. Amar's team practices for a dance competition. Anokhi meets Sameer at the dance class, who is as passionate about dance as she is. Smriti forgets to tell her mother-in-law about her son. She forgets where she is going, when the driver asks her. Purva and Mihir wait for Smriti at the hospital. Smriti forgets that she has to meet them and goes to a mall instead. Mihir is unable to contact her as she leaves her phone in the car. Mihir comes to know that Purva has not informed his mother about her hospital visit.

Purva and Mihir bring Smriti's child home. They are worried that Smriti is still not back. Mihir's mother taunts Smriti, but is very happy to see the child. Purva feels sad for Smriti. Smriti returns home and is happy to see her child. Everyone is amazed when she says that Mihir never told her about the child's homecoming. Smriti is upset with Purva for bringing the child inside the house. She says that she was just pretending, and that she is very happy that Purva brought her child home. Anokhi punctures someone else's bike, thinking that it is Sameer's. Sameer makes fun of her. Purva and Mihir are upset when Sheetal tells them that Smriti is forgetting things often and that there might be something wrong with her. Shalaka and Mihir's mother overhear this conversation. Mihir's mother vows to prove that Smriti is mad.

Aakashi and Anokhi have a friendly tiff. Kshitij informs Aakashi that his father wishes to meet her and her family. Purva is worried. Mihir's mother tells him that she has doubts about Smriti's mental condition. Mihir is worried when Smriti forgets that she just took her medicine. He talks to the doctor. Anokhi and Sameer are paired with each other for the dance competition. Amar is angry when their enmity makes them lack co-ordination. Shalaka and Mihir's mother deliberately try to create doubts in Smriti's mind. Smriti is worried. Smriti forgets that the cooker is faulty and uses it. The cooker bursts.

Purva tells Amar that she is concerned about Aakashi's alliance with Kshitij. Aakashi overhears this and is upset. Purva tries to explain to her what she feels about him. Nimaben is strongly in favour of the alliance. Aakashi, Purva, Vishal and Nimaben get ready to meet Aakashi's father. They are shocked to get a call from Smriti's house saying that Smriti has suffered burns on account of the cooker bursting. They decide to go to Smriti's place. Anokhi is upset to hear that Smriti is burnt. Sameer drops her home from the dance class. Everyone visits Smriti's place. She has suffered minor burns. The servant tells Mihir's mother that Smriti forgot her warning about the cooker being faulty. Everyone is shocked to hear about Smriti's forgetfulness from Mihir's mother. Smriti is very upset. Mihir's mother is very angry and warns Mihir when he tries to defend Smriti. Kshitij's father is angry that Aakashi and her family did not meet him at the appointed time. Smriti is worried about her forgetfulness, and Purva tries to console her. Aakashi leaves to meet Kshitij's father with Nimaben, Vishal and Anokhi, leaving Purva with Smriti. Kshitij's father is very angry and leaves, without meeting Aakashi and her family. Aakashi reaches the venue and is upset to know that Kshitij's father has left. Kshitij is angry. He does not allow her to explain at all.

Everyone is upset to know that Smriti's memory loss is due to a mental condition. They come to know that she has to be given medicine daily, without fail. Mihir's mother accepts the responsibility of giving Smriti medicine every day. Aakashi is angry with Kshitij. Purva encourages Mihir. Nimaben pretends to pacify Aakashi. Purva tells Aakashi that she is tensed about her relationship with Kshitij. Aakashi calls Kshitij, but she is hurt with the way he talks to her. Purva is tensed with all her responsibilities. Amar encourages her. Mihir's mother pretends that she has already given medicine to Smriti, when she actually hasn't. Smriti is upset that she forgot something once more. Shalaka supports Mihir's mother's plan. Smriti is ready for her son's namkaran ceremony.

Smriti goes to a mall to buy some gifts for Shalaka and Sheetal for the namkaran. Her mother-in-law is very angry and calls her up. The nervous Smriti leaves immediately, forgetting the child in the mall. Anokhi and Sameer give a beautiful dance performance. Aakashi, Anokhi, Purva, Sameer and his parents reach Smriti's place for the namkaran ceremony. Aakashi is tensed because of Kshitij's behaviour. Smriti is hurrying on her way back home. Purva and Amar share some romantic moments together. Smriti arrives home and is scared when she doesn't see her son in her room. Everyone in the party is shocked when Smriti tells them that the child is not with her. Mihir's mother is very angry with her and taunts her. Smriti is extremely tensed. She is unable to remember anything about the mall she visited.

The manager of the mall finds Smriti's cellphone in the pram and dials the last called number, which happens to be Vishal's. Vishal is on the way to Smriti's house. He picks up the baby from the mall. Mihir calls the police.Vishal's creditor asks him to return their money and threaten him. Vishal decides to make use of Smriti's child for earning money.He takes the child to his place. Mihir and his mother are concerned about the child.

Vishal disguises his voice, calls Mihir and tells him to pay him ransom if he wants his child back. Mihir is worried, but hides the truth from everyone. Vishal is shocked to find Nimaben in the house. Kshitij calls Akashi, but she is tensed and does not talk to him.Vishal is relieved to learn that Nimaben has not overheard his conversation with Mihir. Purva insists that Mihir tell her the truth, as she observes that he is tensed about something. Purva is shocked when Mihir tells her about his son being kidnapped. Nimaben and Vishal are shocked when the child cries. Nimaben finds the child in the house.

Vishal tells Nimaben of his bad financial condition when she scolds him for the kidnapping. She hits Vishal with a cane. Mihir arranges for the ransom amount to free his son. Mihir's mother overhears him talking to Purva about the kidnapping.Mihir's mother is very angry and scolds Smriti in front of everyone. She warns Smriti. Everyone is shocked when Vishal and Nimaben arrive with Smriti's child.

Vishal fabricates a story about a kidnapper snatching away the child from him after he picked it up from the mall. Everyone is happy to see the child back and the namkaran ceremony begins, but Mihir is doubtful.Smriti wants to name her child Prem, while Shalaka and Mihir's mother want to call him Chirag. Sheetal intervenes and gives him the name of Prem. Mihir's mother and Shalaka are unhappy. Vishal and Nimaben discuss about the property.

Purva and Amar share some romantic moments together. Amar is very happy to see Purva happy after a long time.Mihir consoles Smriti. Smriti is shocked when her mother-in-law takes away her child from her. Smriti is not allowed to be with her child.

Sameer asks Anokhi to be his dance partner. Purva visits Smriti and is shocked to know that Mihir's mother has taken away the child from Smriti. Mihir is very angry to know this.Shalaka is upset with Purva's frequent visits to their place. Mihir confronts his mother and takes the child to Smriti. Mihir's mother vows to destroy Smriti. Anokhi and Sameer become friends. Nimaben pays Sameer for trapping Anokhi.

The manager of the mall finds Smriti's cellphone in the pram and dials the last called number, which happens to be Vishal's. Vishal is on the way to Smriti's house. He picks up the baby from the mall. Mihir calls the police.Vishal's creditor asks him to return their money and threaten him. Vishal decides to make use of Smriti's child for earning money.He takes the child to his place. Mihir and his mother are concerned about the child.

Vishal disguises his voice, calls Mihir and tells him to pay him ransom if he wants his child back. Mihir is worried, but hides the truth from everyone. Vishal is shocked to find Nimaben in the house. Kshitij calls Akashi, but she is tensed and does not talk to him.Vishal is relieved to learn that Nimaben has not overheard his conversation with Mihir. Purva insists that Mihir tell her the truth, as she observes that he is tensed about something. Purva is shocked when Mihir tells her about his son being kidnapped. Nimaben and Vishal are shocked when the child cries. Nimaben finds the child in the house.

Everyone is tensed at Smriti's sudden disappearance with the child. Mihir and the servants go in search of her. Purva and Aakashi leave for Mihir's place.Nimaben is angry with Smriti, and Anokhi tries to defend her. Mihir's mother is very upset and is harsh with Purva when she comes to their place with Aakashi. Some thugs are after Smriti's jewellery. She is afraid. Mihir is frustrated at not being able to find Smriti.

Mihir's mother rebukes Purva when she tries to defend Smriti. Smriti meets with an accident when she tries to run away from the thugs. The child goes into the hands of a stranger, who fights with the thugs and drives them away.The stranger turns out to be Shamaldas, who brings Smriti and the child back home. Everyone is shocked to see Shamaldas. Mihir's mother is very angry with Smriti and rebukes Purva.

Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi are tensed, thinking about Smriti. Anokhi doubts if Kamini is giving Smriti her medicines properly, but Purva pacifies her. Mihir returns home, and Kamini tries to poison his mind against Smriti. Mihir is stunned to know that Shamaldas saved Smriti and his child.Mihir is stunned to see that Smriti has forgotten about the whole incident. He decides to entrust the responsibility of the child to Kamini and gives the child to her. Smriti is in tears, but Mihir does not listen to her.

Kamini and Shalaka take the child away from Smriti. Mihir is stunned to see Smriti begin to lose her mental balance and faint suddenly. The doctor notes that the medicines are not having a positive effect on Smriti and advises Mihir to get her checked by a specialist.

Mihir takes Smriti's files to the specialist. Kamini locks Smriti up in a room.Smriti calls up Purva from the room and tells her about Kamini locking her up. Nimaben stops Aakashi, Anokhi and Purva from going to meet Smriti. Nimaben locks Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi in a room when they protest. Smriti is in tears.

Aakashi and Anokhi want to go and meet Smriti, but Purva stops them. Mihir pays money to Shamaldas in return for saving Smriti's and his child's life, at Shamaldas' demand.Mihir is shocked to know from Purva that his mother has locked up Smriti in a room. Mihir goes back home and finds Smriti in tears. He confronts his mother, who tells him that she is scared of Smriti's madness. Shalaka supports her mother, while Mihir defends Smriti's interests.

Mihir gets emotional and defends Smriti. He warns his mother. Kamini and Shalaka are shocked to know that Mihir was informed by Purva about Smriti's condition. Purva accompanies Anokhi to the dance class and meets Amar. At Nimaben's instructions, Sameer tries to cheer up Anokhi.Kshitij calls Aakashi, but she does not talk to him. The doctor visits Smriti. Kamini maintains that she has been giving medicines regularly to Smriti. Mihir is shocked to know from the doctor that Smriti is losing her mental balance and that she can no longer be treated.

Nimaben tells Amar and Purva of her wish to get them married soon. Amar is happy, but Purva is lost in thoughts. Kamini has a party with her friends.Shamaldas' mother is angry with him for demanding money from Mihir. She beats him. Shamaldas is angry with his brother for telling his mother about Mihir.

Nimaben bribes the priest into fixing the nearest date for Amar and Purva's wedding. Purva is worried about Smriti, while her sisters, Amar and his parents are happy about the wedding. Purva is scared when the power goes off suddenly and someone clamps shut her mouth.Smriti has a panic attack and tries to snatch her child from Kamini's hands. Kamini's friends look on. Mihir tries to console Smriti.

Purva is happy to see Amar, who has secretly sneaked into her room. He surprises her with a cake and a candle. They celebrate the anniversary of their first meeting. It is Amar who has pulled out the fuse to meet Purva.Kshitij and Aakashi go for a drive, and Aakashi tries to cheer him up. Their car is blocked by a marriage party, in which Shamaldas is also participating. Aakashi is stunned to see Kshitij getting into a tiff with Shamaldas. Shamaldas slaps Kshitij.

Shamaldas is angry when Aakashi slaps him and rebukes him. Purva is worried when Aakashi tells her about the incident. Aakashi consoles her. Purva promises Aakashi to get married without any burden on her heart.Kamini is irritated when her friends call her to inquire about Smriti's mental condition. She is tensed when advocate Abhiram Wadhera visits her. He blackmails her in return for keeping her secret.

Anokhi is happy with her performance at the dance class. Purva teases her about her friendship with Sameer.Mihir consoles the upset Smriti and gives her her medicine. Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi are happy when Smriti visits them. Nimaben is irritated. Smriti plans to bake a cake secretly to surprise Mihir for their wedding anniversary.

Smriti has fun baking the cake with her sisters. They remember their old days. The sisters are happy to spend time together.Smriti gets emotional thinking of her parents. Purva consoles her. Vishal is scared when Smriti takes the legal papers away from him. Kamini pays money to Abhiraj.

Smriti, Purva, Aakashi, Anokhi and Amar surprise Mihir with the cake. Mihir is very happy and invites everybody for lunch on the occasion of his wedding anniversary. Smriti suddenly becomes sad.At Nimaben's instructions, Sameer takes out the air from his bike near Mihir's place. Amar and Anokhi notice him standing there on the way back home. Amar invites him for lunch with Mihir and Smriti.

Everyone meets for lunch, along with Kshitij, Nimaben and Vishal. Sameer tries to get close to Anokhi. Aakashi teases Anokhi for falling in love with Sameer.Amar and Purva share some romantic moments together. Nimaben tries asking Smriti about the file, but she has forgotten about it. Nimaben and Vishal get scared when Mihir joins the conversation.

Nimaben and Vishal make an excuse to avoid Mihir's questions about the file. Everyone enjoys the lunch. Kamini is angry when Mihir hands over Prem to Smriti for the day. Smriti takes Prem to her room to change his clothes. Kamini is angry when Smriti does not come back with Prem for a while. Smriti gets tensed when Kamini rebukes her.
Smriti leaves Prem in the bathtub. Everyone is tensed when she starts searching for Prem. Purva rescues Prem from the bathtub. Mihir is very angry with Smriti. She begins to lose her mental balance. Mihir gets upset and slaps her. Kamini instigates Mihir against Smriti. The sisters are shocked when Kamini tells them the truth about Smriti's mental condition.

Purva, Aakashi, Anokhi and Mihir are worried about Smriti. Purva is against admitting Smriti in a mental hospital. Aakashi is angry when Shamaldas speaks harshly about Smriti. Mihir is sad and worried about his son. Kamini prepares to sympathise with Mihir. She advises him to send Smriti to the mental hospital.
The doctor advises Mihir and Purva to admit Smriti to a rehabilitation centre. Purva is sad. Mihir requests Purva to talk to Smriti about the rehabilitation centre. Purva tries to convince Smriti, but she is adamant. Purva manages to convince Smriti to join the rehabilitation centre. She gets ready to go to the centre, but is shocked when she hears Prem crying.

Everyone is shocked to see that Smriti has lost her mental balance. Purva, Mihir and Amar take Smriti to the rehabilitation centre. Mihir is very sad. Anokhi is upset about Smriti's condition. Sameer pretends to console her to get closer to her. Vishal and Nimaben are worried about the legal papers that Vishal had given Smriti.
Mihir misses Smriti. Kamini is sad to see Mihir upset. Nimaben convinces Purva to get married, but she is hesitant. Aakashi is shocked to find Smriti's old cellphone in Vishal's room. Nimaben sees her with the phone and confronts her.

Aakashi makes an excuse and avoids Nimaben. Aakashi is puzzled about Smriti's cellphone and decides to talk to Mihir. Nimaben suspects that something is wrong. Amar and Purva visit Smriti at the rehab centre and are shocked to see that her condition has worsened. Purva is upset when Smriti does not recognise her. She gets hurt when Smriti pushes her.
Aakashi bumps into Shamaldas on the way to meet Mihir. Mihir is shocked and puzzled when Aakashi shows him Smriti's old cellphone. He is stunned when Amar calls him. Mihir and Aakashi visit Purva and are shocked to hear about Smriti's worsening condition. Everyone is puzzled when Mihir tells them about Smriti's cellphone. Mihir decides to call Vishal secretly to find out the truth.

Mihir disguises his voice and talks to Vishal. He confuses him and elicits the truth from Vishal about how he kidnapped his child. Vishal is shocked when an angry Mihir confronts him. Nimaben pretends to be angry with Vishal in front of Mihir, Anokhi, Purva and Amar.
Everyone is shocked to see the police at their doors. Everyone is stunned to know that Anokhi has called the police. The police arrest Vishal and Mihir does not intervene, in spite of Vishal pleading with him for forgiveness. Nimaben pretends to be upset. Purva is against Aakashi calling the police. Mihir supports Aakashi. Purva is furious when Aakashi states that even Nimaben might be involved. Nimaben is shocked to overhear this. Mihir arranges for Vishal's bail at Purva's request.

Mihir gives Vishal's bail papers to Purva, but Aakashi objects to it. Nimaben pretends to be very angry with Vishal and tears the papers. Nimaben wishes to go to the temple alone. She visits Vishal in jail and is sad to see his condition. She vows to take revenge from Aakashi for her son's pain.
Aakashi is sad when she finds that her chain is missing. Aakashi does not wish to go with Purva for bailing out Vishal. Purva tries to convince Aakashi. Nimaben pretends to be touched when Purva tells her of her decision to bail out Vishal. Kamini is angry with Mihir's decision about Vishal's bail. Kamini is stunned to see Abhiraj visiting their house to meet Mihir.

Kamini gets scared when Abhiraj generally talks to Mihir and tries to get close to him. Abhiraj blackmails Kamini for money. Sameer comes to pick up Anokhi for the dance class. Purva is upset with this and advises Anokhi.
Nimaben, Purva and Aakashi go to the police station to get Vishal bailed out. They meet Shamaldas there. Vishal pretends to beg for forgiveness from Mihir, at Nimaben's instructions. Kamini slaps Vishal. Nimaben is angry when Kamini taunts her and Vishal. 
Aakashi sees Manek wearing her chain and informs Mihir. Mihir is angry on coming to know that Shamaldas gifted her the chain. Shamaldas is angry when Aakashi accuses him of stealing her chain. Shamaldas denies stealing it. Purva is angry when he attacks Aakashi. Mihir is angry with Shamaldas' attitude.

Mihir apologises to Shamaldas' mother Gomti for their mistake. Shamaldas is angry. Gomti convinces Shamaldas to eat his food. Mihir, Aakashi, Anokhi and Purva visit the rehab centre, Shanti Sadan, to meet Smriti. They are shocked to know that Smriti tried to escape from the centre the previous night on the occasion of Prem's first month completion. She has hurt herself.
Kamini's friend wishes to leave her daughter Mansi in Kamini's care while she goes to London. Kamini readily agrees to this. Purva is upset about Smriti's condition. Aakashi and Anokhi are sad to see Purva upset. Kamini is happy to see Mihir happy with Prem. She wishes to get Mihir remarried. Kamini's friend Usha arrives at her place with her daughter Mansi.

Amar is eagerly waiting to get married to Purva. Purva is worried about her sisters.  Amar's mother talks to Purva and invites her to their place.
Mihir is sad as he misses Smriti. Kamini is glad to see Mansi and Mihir laughing and studying together. Nimaben visits Mihir's place after Mihir and Kamini have left on the pretext of playing with Prem. She searches for the legal papers in Smriti's room. Mansi observes her. Mansi notes that Nimaben was searching the files in Smriti's room, but she lies to Mihir when he arrives there by chance. Kamini is puzzled when Mansi tells her about this.

Kamini is happy to welcome Mansi. Amar visits Purva. Purva, Amar, Aakashi and Anokhi share some fun moments together. Kamini talks to Mansi and likes her a lot.    
Anokhi sprains her foot while practicing dance. Sameer takes care of her. Sameer and Anokhi get close to each other. Purva and Aakashi tease Anokhi on seeing her lost in thoughts. Nimaben hopes to get Anokhi married soon, so that she can get her hands on the property.

Mansi visits Shanti Sadan along with Mihir and meets Purva there. Mansi requests the doctor to be allowed to meet Smriti, in spite of Smriti's suddenly becoming violent. Nimaben is angry with Vishal. Mansi talks to Smriti and gets close to her. The doctor, Purva and Mihir are amazed to see this.
Nimaben overhears Aakashi teasing Anokhi about falling in love with Sameer. She instructs Sameer to seduce Anokhi so that she can get them married soon and lay her hands on the property. Sameer convinces Anokhi to come with him to visit the famous dancer Shantanu Dey. Nimaben is happy to overhear their conversation. Amar promises Purva to take care of her sisters after their marriage. Nimaben ensures that Anokhi's cellphone does not get charged. Purva cares for Anokhi.

Kamini is happy to see Mihir trusting Mansi with Prem's care. Anokhi leaves without telling Purva the complete truth. Nimaben helps Anokhi to escape when Purva has doubts and questions Anokhi. Shamaldas enjoys playing with children. He is sad to know that a child's father beat him for no fault of his. Anokhi is upset when Sameer's car refuses to budge on the way.

Shamaldas teaches the child's father a lesson. Sameer makes an excuse to stay in the same room with Anokhi in a hotel. Anokhi is tensed. Nimaben is happy to hear about this.Mihir is very sad when Smriti does not recognise him. Anokhi calls up Purva from the hotel landline phone and tells her the truth. Sameer disconnects the phone before she could disclose where she is. Purva is worried.

Purva is worried about Anokhi. Purva, Aakashi and Nimaben set out to look for Anokhi. Anokhi is worried as Sameer's phone is also not working.Purva, Aakashi and Nimaben try to search for Anokhi. Anokhi is extremely tensed and Sameer tries to calm her down. Sameer mixes a powder in Anokhi's drink and convinces her to consume it. Shamaldas tells Purva and Aakashi that he saw Anokhi in Hotel Visamo.

At Purva's request, Shamaldas takes her to Hotel Visamo, along with Aakashi and Nimaben. The hotel manager refuses to tell them Anokhi's room number, so Purva and Aakashi search each and every room. Sameer tries to pacify Anokhi.Purva and Aakashi are just about to find Sameer and Anokhi when the hotel manager threatens them. Nimaben pretends to find Sameer and Anokhi by mistake. Purva is very angry with Anokhi.

Purva is very angry when Sameer comes to their house. Sameer declares that he loves Anokhi a lot. Nimaben pretends to be angry with him. Purva refuses to talk to Anokhi.Anokhi gets emotional when Purva forgives her. Nimaben talks to Sameer and invites him home. She tells him that she would ensure his marriage to Anokhi.

Anokhi asks for Nimaben's forgiveness. Nimaben convinces Purva to get Anokhi married to Sameer.Sameer visits Anokhi's place, and Purva asks him if he would marry Anokhi. Sameer agrees to the alliance. Aakashi and Anokhi are very happy.

Purva advises the happy Anokhi. Purva goes to the jewellers' shop that Sameer mentioned, by chance. She is very upset to overhear that Sameer pretended to own the shop for her benefit.Mihir visits Smriti at Shanti Sadan. He is very upset to see Smriti worried about her child. He is stunned when Smriti does not recognise him at all.

Sameer arrives with his parents at Purva's place. Everyone is stunned when Purva exposes Sameer's lies by calling upon the real owners of the jewellery shop.The real Sameer and his parents expose Sameer completely. Sameer is stopped by Mihir and Amar when he tries to run away. Mihir gets Sameer arrested. Nimaben is afraid when Purva questions Sameer of his intentions behind the scheme.

Sameer remembers Nimaben blackmailing him, and does not take her name when Purva  questions him. Nimaben is angry with her plans being disturbed. Purva consoles the heartbroken Anokhi.

Amar convinces upset Anokhi to attend the Chaitra Navratri Pooja at Mihir's place. Purva and Mihir miss Smriti at the Pooja. Kamini is very happy with Mansi's behaviour. Mihir is shocked when Kamini suggests that he should get married again.

Kamini tries to convince Mihir to remarry, but he is angry and totally against it. He wishes to wait for Smriti to get well and come back home. Mihir hides the truth from Purva. Anokhi comes to the dance class, but is upset with memories of Sameer. Amar is sad to hear that Anokhi plans never to dance again in life. Purva is upset when she overhears Kamini talking to Mansi about Mihir's remarriage to her.

Mihir gets angry when Purva tells him about her overhearing the conversation between Kamini and Mansi. Mansi says that she is ready to marry Mihir, if he has no objection. Kamini tries to convince Mihir for remarriage for Prem's sake. Anokhi visits Amar's dance class. He agrees to be her dance partner and Anokhi cheers up. Mihir is sad to see Smriti's love for the doll that she considers to be Prem. Kamini is happy when Mihir tells her that he is ready to remarry for Prem's sake.

Mihir places a condition that he will marry Mansi only if Smriti always continues to have the same rights over him and the house. Kamini is stunned when Mansi accepts this condition. Mansi's mother also agrees to the alliance. Nimaben is puzzled when Mihir comes to meet Purva. At Mihir's place, Purva is stunned to see Kamini throwing away all photographs of Smriti.  She is shocked when Kamini tells her about Mihir's remarriage. Mihir explains his position to her. Purva is worried about Smriti's rights.

Mansi lies to Mihir when he confronts Kamini about Smriti's photographs. Amar, Anokhi and Aakashi are stunned to know about Mihir's remarriage. They decide to work on improving Smriti's condition, in order to stop Mihir's remarriage. Purva convinces Smriti's doctor to allow her to take Smriti home for 2 days. Mansi convinces the angry Kamini. Everyone is stunned when Smriti does not remember anything. The sisters bring Smriti home and try to jog her memory. They are surprised when Smriti suddenly remembers something from their past.

Smriti's sisters are very happy when she recognises Aakashi. Smriti faints due to exertion when they force her to remember more. The doctor congratulates Purva on her attempts. Mihir visits Smriti, but is disappointed when she does not recognise him. Kamini is very angry and warns Purva. Kamini insists that Mihir participate in his marriage to Mansi whole heartedly. Purva meets Mansi. Purva is happy to hear that Mansi was marrying Mihir just for Prem's sake and that she would leave from Mihir's life if Smriti recovered.

Mihir is grateful to Mansi, and is thankful to Purva for attending the marriage. Kshitij surprises Aakashi by attending Mihir's wedding, where Shamaldas enrages the couple. Purva is unable to reach Amar. Mansi and Usha are happy about the wedding and plan to grab Mihir's property.  Purva is stunned to overhear the conversation between them. Purva tells Kamini, Aakashi and Anokhi about Mansi's plans, but Kamini refuses to believe her. Purva is unable to talk to Mihir too. Mansi warns Purva and her sisters. Kamini vows to kill herself if Purva created any obstacles in the wedding. The marriage ceremony takes place. Nimaben and Vishal are unable to find the file. Suddenly, everyone is stunned.

Everyone is shocked to see Purva as the bride. Kamini and Mihir are very angry with Purva. Nimaben pretends to rebuke Purva. At Mihir's questioning, Purva tells him the truth about Mansi.  Mihir is stunned when Purva tells him how she found out the truth about Mansi and took the decision to marry Mihir. Kamini blames Purva of lying. Nimaben is happy with Purva's marriage. Everyone is shocked. Kamini slaps Purva.

Purva is upset when Amar's parents, Anokhi, Aakashi and Mihir question her decision. Kamini asks Purva to leave the house, but Mihir stops her and asks Purva to stay with them. Mansi is very angry and admits the truth in front of everyone. Everyone is stunned to hear that Mansi was after Mihir's money. Kamini slaps Mansi, and Mihir asks her to leave. Mihir apologises to Purva.

Aakashi, Anokhi and Kamini apologise to Purva. Purva breaks down when Kamini tells her never to think or talk about Amar again and be a dedicated wife to Mihir and a mother to Prem. Amar visits Mihir's house to meet Purva.  Amar is shocked to see Purva in a bride's attire. He is stunned when Purva tells him that she had to get married to Amar. Purva breaks down when Amar gets angry and walks out.

Amar is upset and almost gets hit by a car. Anokhi saves him and is sad to see his condition. Kamini is sad to see Mihir's loneliness and vows to force Purva to become a good wife to him.  Aakashi and Anokhi try to convince Purva to meet Amar. Kamini overhears this, and instructs Purva to fulfil all her wifely duties. Purva is upset when Kamini asks her to stay in Mihir's room. Purva's conscience pricks her. She decides to become a dedicated wife and daughter in law.

Nimaben pretends to bless Purva. Amar asks for Purva's forgiveness and tells her that he will always wait for her. Kamini is very angry to hear this and refuses to believe Purva. Anokhi and Purva are puzzled with Amar's happy attitude. Kamini taunts Purva when she is talking to Gomti.  Aakashi is very happy to see the change in Kshitij. Purva sees that Kamini is not talking to her properly.

Kamini urges Purva to wear sindoor in her forehead parting. Purva, Mihir, Aakashi and Anokhi visit Smriti. Smriti does not recognise Mihir, when Purva tells her that she has married him. Amar is shocked to see Mihir putting sindoor in Purva's forehead parting at Smriti's insistence. Amar refuses to listen to Purva, and breaks off all relations with her. Mihir visits Amar's place and assures him that Purva has married him just for Prem's sake and would some day return to him.

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Story so far (Part 2)

Nimaben pretends to bless Purva. Amar asks for Purva's forgiveness and tells her that he will always wait for her. Kamini is very angry to hear this and refuses to believe Purva. Anokhi and Purva are puzzled with Amar's happy attitude. Kamini taunts Purva when she is talking to Gomti.  Aakashi is very happy to see the change in Kshitij. Purva sees that Kamini is not talking to her properly.

Kshitij and Aakashi are happy when Nimaben tells them that she wants to get them married soon. Purva and Kamini are stunned to see Mihir inviting Amar to their place for dinner. Kamini is angry. Amar is puzzled when Purva avoids him.  Mihir tells Purva that she is free to meet Amar and that he wants them to unite once again. Purva clarifies to Mihir that she wants to leave Amar for ever. Mihir is stunned.

Mihir requests Purva be united with Amar once more in the future. Purva is firm and refuses to do so. Kamini rebukes Purva for thinking about Amar. She asks Purva to call Amar and tell him the truth. Amar is very happy to hear Purva's message for him, and convinces his worried mother. Aakashi is very happy to hear that Purva has talked to Kshitij's parents, and they would be visiting soon. Amar visits Purva's place to meet her.

Purva clarifies to Amar that she is now Mihir's wife and that she will never return to him. Amar is stunned. Kamini is happy to overhear their conversation. Amar still decides to wait for Purva. Kshitij arrives at Aakashi's place with his parents. Everyone is happy as Kshitij and Aakashi's alliance is finalised. Everyone goes to the temple, but Purva's car breaks down. Purva is stunned to see Amar at her sisters' place. Amar convinces Purva to drop her off at the temple. Kamini is passing by and is stunned to notice Purva in Amar's car.

Kamini follows Amar and Purva's car to the temple.  Anokhi invites Kamini to bless Aakashi and Kshitij. Kshitij's mother suggests an alliance for Vishal. Nimaben is very happy. Aakashi is puzzled when Nimaben tells her about the alliance for Vishal. She shares this with Anokhi. Aakashi calls Kshitij and requests him not to let his parents proceed with the alliance.  Kamini is very angry with Purva and refuses to believe her when she explains about Amar. Kamini tells Purva to decide for herself what she wants to do.

Purva convinces Mihir to sleep in the same room as her. Kamini is happy at this and to see Mihir and Purva together as a couple. At Purva's suggestion, Mihir suggests a job for Shamaldas. Shamaldas refuses to take up the job, at which Gomti gets angry with him. Purva visits Aakashi's place to help her select her wedding jewellery. Nimaben is stunned to know from Kshitij's mother that the girl she had suggested for Vishal wishes to go for higher studies and not marry soon.

Nimaben is angry and feels that Aakashi is the reason for Kshitij's mother's reaction. Amar drops Anokhi at her place, and is stunned to see Purva there.  Purva pretends to be close to Mihir. Amar is upset to see this. Shalaka and Kamini are happy to know that Purva wishes to do a Grihashanti pooja. Purva invites Aakashi, Anokhi and Nimaben for the pooja. Purva, Aakashi and Anokhi visit Smriti at Shanti Sadan and inform her about Aakashi's marriage. Smriti is happy.

Purva meets Amar at the dance class while dropping off Anokhi. Amar confronts her for pretending to be close to Mihir. Purva denies any pretension and invites him to the Grihashanti pooja at her place. Amar hurts his hand at the dance class. Amar's parents are stunned when he decides to attend the pooja.

Purva stops Aakashi and Anokhi from talking about Amar. Amar's students are stunned when he refuses to practice for the dance competition. Nimaben is jealous to see Aakashi happy with the shagun that Kshitij's parents bring for her. Nimaben confronts Aakashi for breaking Vishal's possible marriage, but Aakashi gives her an earful. Nimaben makes a plan to destroy Aakashi's happiness, but does not tell Vishal about it. Mihir agrees with Purva that they would have to pretend to be close, for the benefit of their family. 

Mihir is worried to know that Shamal has not turned up at his new job. Kamini scolds Purva for referring him, which Aakashi and Anokhi overhear. Aakashi rebukes Shamal and requests Gomti to keep Shamal away from Purva. Purva is stunned to know that Amar has cancelled the dance team's entry to the competition. Gomti is very angry with Shamal and turns him out of the house. Shamal is angry to know that Aakashi rebuked him. Shamal follows Aakashi and Anokhi and warns them, which is overheard by Nimaben.

Kamini forces Mihir and Purva to go out together. Mihir and Purva visit Smriti at Shanti Sadan and are happy to hear that Smriti is improving. Anokhi makes a plan to bring Amar out of his depression. She asks to meet him urgently at the dance class. Amar finds Anokhi conducting rehearsals at the dance class and stops her. Amar is stunned when Anokhi clarifies that he cannot crush the hopes of all the students just because he is in pain.

Amar informs his students that they would practice and enter the dance competition. Anokhi is very happy to hear this. Purva and Mihir enjoy some roadside food.  Purva encourages Mihir to get wet in the rain. They wait for a lift as Mihir's car does not start. Amar gives them a lift. Kamini and Shalaka are happy to see Mihir happy. Purva takes care of Mihir when he falls sick. Kamini is very happy to see Purva taking good care of Mihir.

Amar visits Mihir and is stunned to see Mihir and Purva close to each other. He confronts Mihir, and is shocked to hear that Mihir and Purva are very happy in their current relationship. Mihir is upset, but Purva convinces him that it is for Amar's good. Nimaben is angry when she is unable to find a suitable bride for Vishal. Kshitij's parents are ready to conduct Aakashi and Kshitij's marriage the coming week. Nimaben tells Vishal that she will use Shamaldas to destroy Aakashi's happiness.

Amar scolds his dance students for lack of co-ordination. Anokhi tries to cheer Amar up, but he is very angry and refuses to talk to her. Shalaka and Kamini are happy to see Mihir happy with Purva.  Aakashi and Vishal observe a big fight between Shamaldas and a pani puri vendor. Aakashi gives a statement against Shamaldas, and he is arrested. Shamaldas is very angry with Aakashi. Nimaben is happy to hear about this incident from Vishal.

Both Mihir and Purva get concerned for Akashi. Mihir tries to convince Purva that everything will be alright. They decide to get Shamaldas out of the jail on bail. Purva finds that Shamaldas had already been released from jail.Amar shouts at Anokhi.Purva come to Gomti Kaki's place. Shamaldas shouts at her and also asks her not to get into his personal matters.

Akashi is excited for her marriage. Purva and Anokhi prepares to distribute the wedding cards. Anokhi tells Purva that she will deliver Amar's card.Nimaben meets Shamaldas and tells him that she is goin to pay him for watever he will do for her. Shamaldas jumps off the building to prove his efficiency.She is happy that finally she has someone who will help her take revenge against Akashi. Mihir asks Shamal from where he has got so much cash. Shamal behaves rudely with Mihir.Mihir asks him to stay away from Akashi.Mihir tells Purva about Shamaldas and the huge amount he was carrying. He tells her that something is wrong.

The student gives Amar a surprise as its his studio's 3rd anniversary. Amar shouts at Anokhi for wasting time and not giving attention to rehersals.Purva comes to know that Nimaben has helped Shamaldas come out of jail. She is surprised.Purva asks Nimaben why she helped Shamal come out of jail.Nimaben gets angry and pretends to get emotionally hurt. Nimaben tells Purva that it was for Akashi's sake that she helped Shamal come out of jail. Purva apologioses to Nimaben and asks her to stay back. Nimaben pretends to be happy for Akashi. Gomti Kaki gets to know about the money and asks Shamal from where he got such a huge amount from.

Anokhi returns from the dance class and Purva finds her worried. She talks to Anokhi. Purva warns Shamaldas of worse consequences if he tries to harm her sisters, especially Aakashi. Preparations for Aakashi's mehendi ceremony take place. Nimaben and Vishal are unhappy with this. Nimaben goes to meet Shamaldas to explain her further plan to him. Purva spots them while going for the ceremony.

Purva notices Nimaben talking to Shamaldas, but is doubtful. She tries to meet Nimaben immediately on reaching Aakashi's place. Nimaben manages to enter from the back door and Purva is convinced that she was at home. Mihir and Kamini admire the way Purva takes care of everyone in the family. Kamini is upset when Mihir and Purva wish to bring Smriti home for Aakashi's wedding ceremony. She opposes it, but Purva decides to consult with the doctor. 

Smriti's doctor permits Purva to take Smriti to the marriage for a few hours. Nimaben and Vishal await Shamaldas at the ceremony. Gomti is shocked to see Shamaldas with a gun and locks him up in a room. Kshitij surprises Aakashi with an engagement ring. Gomti, Manek and Mehramann are shocked to see that Shamaldas has escaped. The sangeet ceremony begins. Shamaldas arrives at Aakashi's place, disguised as a garba dancer. 

Everyone enjoys Aakashi's sangeet ceremony. Purva doubts that Shamaldas is present, and goes ahead to expose him. Nimaben pretends to expose Shamaldas, for the benefit of Purva. Everyone is stunned. Vishal and Kshitij take Shamaldas to the police station. On the way, Vishal helps Shamaldas to escape. Nimaben instructs Shamaldas to execute her plan the next day, at Aakashi's wedding. Mihir convinces Kshitij's worried parents.

Purva and Mihir are stunned when Amar informs them that he is shifting to Ahmedabad. Mihir and Purva pick up Smriti from Shanti Sadan. Nimaben is stunned on knowing that Mihir has arranged for police protection for Aakashi's marriage and warns Shamaldas. Aakashi and Anokhi are happy to see Smriti at the haldi ceremony. Shamaldas also arrives at Aakashi's house as part of the baraat.  

Purva welcomes the baraat. Nimaben awaits Shamaldas's arrival. She overhears Kamini telling Shalaka to keep Prem away from Smriti. She makes a plan to bring Shamaldas into the house using Prem. She pretends to take care of Smriti and secretly takes her to Kamini, who has Prem in her arms. Smriti raises a commotion, distracting the police. Shamaldas enters Aakashi's room and makes her unconscious.

Purva, Anokhi and Mihir are stunned to find Aakashi missing. Aakashi is shocked to find that Shamaldas has kidnapped her. Nimaben is happy. Shamaldas threatens to throw acid on Aakashi's face if she does not marry him. He threatens a priest to marry him and Aakashi. Purva tries to hide the truth from Kshitij and his parents. Shamaldas forcibly gets married to Aakashi, in spite of her resistance.

Everyone is stunned when Mihir declares that Aakashi has been kidnapped. Kshitij goes to look for her. Kshitij's parents and the guests leave the house. Shamaldas ridicules Aakashi. Aakashi hesitates to call the police for fear of the news of their marriage spreading. Gomti and Mehramann are taken to the police station for questioning. Nimaben informs Shamaldas that a police complaint has been registered against him. Mihir consoles Purva and promises to find Aakashi

Shamaldas allows Aakashi to escape from his den. Everyone is stunned to see Aakashi back home. She confirms that it was Shamaldas who kidnapped her, but faints before she can say anything else. Nimaben orders Shamaldas to execute the next plan. Shamaldas goes to the police station and gets himself arrested. Aakashi makes up her mind to not let Shamaldas win against her. She gives her statement to the police, but denies any inappropriate behaviour by Shamaldas.

Nimaben is disappointed when Kshitij's father agrees to proceed with Kshitij and Aakashi's marriage. Nimaben asks Vishal to deliver some packets. Mihir and Purva are stunned to receive photographs of Aakashi's wedding with Shamaldas. Aakashi admits to her forced marriage with Shamaldas when Purva confronts her. Aakashi and Purva visit Kshitij's place to tell them the truth, but are stunned to know that his parents have already received the photographs and are very angry.

Purva and Aakashi are stunned when Kshitij's parents are unwilling to believe them and do not trust them. They break off all relations with Aakashi and her family. Aakashi is shocked when Kshitij also refuses to trust her and shuts the door on her face. Nimaben is happy that her plan was successful, but pretends to be shocked. Mihir assures Purva that he would ensure that Shamaldas is proved guilty in court. Purva advises the depressed Aakashi. Aakashi makes up her mind to be firm.

Everyone is worried to know that Aakashi is missing. Shamaldas is released, but is shocked to know that neither Nimaben nor Gomti bailed him out. Purva is afraid to hear that Shamaldas is out. Shamaldas's family is shocked when Aakashi arrives and declares that she would be staying with them. Mihir is puzzled to learn of Aakashi bailing Shamaldas. Aakashi disregards Shamaldas's anger and insists on staying in their house. Nimaben is puzzled to hear of the incident. Shalaka is puzzled to see Aakashi at Shamaldas's house.

Shamaldas throws out Aakashi's luggage, but she is firm and threatens to make his life hell. Mihir and Purva try to convince Aakashi to return back home, but are unsuccessful. Gomti too is unsuccessful in convincing Aakashi. Aakashi angers Shamaldas by throwing away his bottle of wine. She threatens to call the police if he uses his physical strength against her. Shamaldas slaps Aakashi. Shamaldas and his family are stunned when Aakashi calls the police and registers a complaint of domestic violence.

Purva is shocked to hear about Aakashi's decision. Aakashi ignores her request to not punish Shamaldas's family. Gomti suddenly begins to gasp for breath and becomes unconscious. Purva convinces Aakashi to take back her complaint. Aakashi agrees to do so if Shamaldas falls at her feet and asks for forgiveness. Shamaldas does it for his mother's sake. Aakashi takes back her complaint and they are released. Shamaldas is very angry with Aakashi and tries to force himself on her.

Shamaldas tries to force himself on Aakashi. Aakashi is relieved when Shamaldas refuses to touch her. Aakashi asks Purva, Mihir and Gomti to stay out of her life when they are worried about her. Mihir pacifies Purva. Kamini is angry to see Purva talking to Gomti about Aakashi and Shamaldas. The staff at Shanti Sadan are shocked to see Smriti dress up normally on her own.

Nimaben agrees to pay Shamaldas a hefty sum if he gradually makes Aakashi's life hell. Mihir and Purva are happy to hear about Smriti getting better and decide to bring her home for a day. Shamaldas warns Aakashi that her that he will make her sleepless. Kamini is displeased when Smriti comes home. She pretends to care for Smriti and sends her to her room to rest. She wishes for Smriti to get shocked on seeing the photograph of Purva and Mihir.

Mihir diverts Smriti's attention whenever she gets shocked. Purva deliberately brings Prem in front of Smriti. Everyone is happy when Smriti recognises Prem, but Kamini is upset. Shamaldas taunts Aakashi and pours chilli powder on her food. She eats the very spicy food and challenges Shamaldas to eat his food, in which she has added rat poison. Mehramann suggests that Shamaldas get a divorce from Aakashi on the grounds that there is no physical relationship between them. The doctor advises Smriti to be sent for further treatment to Kolkata.

Aakashi refuses to sign the divorce papers when Shamaldas forces her. He asks her to make a choice - either have a physical relationship with him or sign the papers. Shamaldas blackmails Nimaben into giving him money. Aakashi meets Kshitij and learns that he has got engaged to Namrata, making up a false story about Aakashi's being kidnapped and raped. Kshitij walks away when Shamaldas talks to him. Aakashi is very hurt and angry.

Nimaben is worried about the file that Smriti misplaced. Mihir decides that Aakashi, Anokhi and Purva would perform the last rites for Smriti. Shamaldas stops Aakashi from going to Mihir's house to perform the last rites of Smriti, in spite of Gomti's advice and Aakashi's protests. Purva confronts Shamaldas. He places a condition that if Aakashi goes to Mihir's place, she would never be able to return to his house. Purva is shocked when Aakashi decides to stay back and not perform Smriti's last rites.

Purva hides the truth about Aakashi from Mihir. Nimaben finds the file in Smriti's room, but again hides it when Kamini sees her. She makes an excuse, but Kamini suspects something fishy. Aakashi locks Shamaldas in a room and goes to Mihir's place. Aakashi, Anokhi and Purva perform Smriti's last rites. Mihir is thankful to Purva. Aaskashi is stunned to find her clothes burnt. Shamaldas turns Aakashi out of the house in the rain, declaring that he will kill anyone who tries to protect Aakashi.

Gomti finds Aakashi unconscious at their doorstep with a high fever. Gomti threatens to leave the house if Shamaldas does not bring Aakashi in. He does so. Mihir and Kamini decide to invite Anokhi over to their place for a few days. Gomti cares for Aakashi. Nimaben is doubtful when Kamini invites her to escort Anokhi. Kamini clarifies to Nimaben that she has found the file and knows the truth about her. Nimaben clarifies that she knows about the lawyer blackmailing Kamini. Nimaben threatens to expose Kamini if she exposes her.

Nimaben blackmails Kamini. Shamaldas hands over some money to Aakashi, thinking that she is Manek. Shamaldas learns about his mistake, and demands his money from Aakashi. He is stunned when she tells him that she bought clothes for herself with his money. Nimaben urges Vishal to find out about Kamini's secret from the servants at Mihir's place. Purva encourages Mihir to accept reality and move on for the sake of Prem. Mehramann requests Purva to put an end to the fight between Aakashi and Shamaldas.

Purva is angry with Aakashi for hurting Shamaldas's family for his faults. Aakashi promises to ensure that only Shamaldas suffers. Kamini encourages Mihir to take Purva out. Shamaldas deliberately throws mud on Aakashi with a football. Aakashi tears the football with a knife and wipes her dirty face on Shamaldas's clothes. Mihir surprises Purva with tickets to a play. Shamaldas threatens to scar Aakashi's face if she does not wash his clothes. Aakashi calls Gomti and pretends to consider their house as her own, asking if she can wash Manek and Mehramann's clothes too. Gomti is happy.

Vishal visits Mihir's house, to find out Kamini's secret from the servants. Manek is instantly attracted to Vishal. Mihir and Purva enjoy the outing, and getting wet in the rain. They get closer to each other. Gomti is happy to see Aakashi participating in the household chores. Shamaldas stops Aakashi from eating badam. He watches Aakashi secretly adding the badam to some milk, and is puzzled to see her adding rat poison. Gomti is happy to hear of Aakashi's wish to be friends with them. Aakashi offers Shamaldas a glass of badam milk.

Shamaldas stuns everyone by accusing Aakashi of mixing poison in the milk. Gomti refuses to believe him. Aakashi proves him wrong by drinking the milk. She clarifies that she pretended to mix poison so that she could drink the badam milk that he refused her earlier. Kamini gifts a necklace to Purva, and insists on having a birthday party for her. Vishal is unsuccessful in trying to elicit information from Manek. Purva and Mihir invite Aakashi to the party. Aakashi pretends to ask for Shamaldas's permission to go. She is shocked when he allows her.

Gomti is happy, thinking that things are getting better between Shamaldas and Aakashi. Shamaldas challenges Aakashi to a war for destroying each other, which she accepts. Mihir surprises Purva with a birthday cake at midnight. They get closer. Kamini is scared to see advocate Abhiram visiting her. He blackmails her. Manek finds Abhiram's visiting card and preserves it. Aakashi is stunned to see that Shamaldas has ironed the dress she planned to wear for the party. Aakashi is puzzled when Shamaldas does not stop her from leaving for the party.

At the party, Nimaben warns Kamini to pretend that everything is fine. She threatens to disclose her secret to Mihir if she reveals anything to Purva. Kamini doubts whether Nimaben actually knows her secret. Shamaldas enters the party and demands to have his photographs taken with Aakashi. He insists that Aakashi behave like his wife in society. Purva pacifies the angry Mihir. Shamaldas insists that Gomti not do the household work. He forces Aakashi to dance with him. Aakashi leaves the party. She takes an oath to destroy Shamaldas at any cost and to ensure that he is thrown out of his house.

Mihir pacifies the worried Purva. Mihir gives a surprise gift to Purva, a camera, and encourages her to continue her hobby of photography. Aakashi is happy when Gomti lambastes Shamaldas. Aakashi receives a call from Shamaldas's friend Jeeva, inviting him to drink and gamble. She refuses to send her husband for such activities. Purva is doubtful when she overhears Shalaka talking to someone worriedly. Manek misses Vishal and gives him a blank call. Jeeva is angry with Shamaldas and ridicules him for being his wife's servant. He threatens Shamaldas to repay his dues. Aakashi is happy to see Jeeva and his friends beat up Shamaldas. Shamaldas is very angry.

Shamaldas is very angry to hear that it was Aakashi who talked to Jeeva about him. Gomti lambastes Shamaldas when Aakashi pretends that she was only trying to save her husband from bad habits. Purva questions Shalaka on seeing her worried. Shalaka is rude to her, and tells her not to interfere. Mihir is angry to learn from Gomti about Shalaka's misbehaviour. He confronts Shalaka, and slaps her when she blames Purva for interfering in her personal matters. Shamaldas is angry to learn that Mehramann travelled to Makarpura in spite of his warning him not to. Aakashi is puzzled when he raises his hand on Mehramann.

Manek meets Vishal on the way home from shopping and they share the same auto. Vishal realises that Manek might be in love with him, and decides to use her for unearthing Kamini's secret. Aakashi's efforts to find out from Mehramann about his problem with Shamaldas are in vain. Purva is stunned to find Shalaka attempting to commit suicide. She saves Shalaka, and enquires about her worries. Purva hides the truth from Mihir. Mihir apologises to Shalaka. Gomti is happy when Aakashi pretends to help with household work. Aakashi deliberately angers Shamaldas. Aakashi is puzzled when she sees Mehramann talking to someone secretly and decides to find out the reason for the tension between the brothers.

Aakashi sees Mehramann hastily receiving some papers from someone. She picks up a paper that Mehramann drops. Shalaka refuses to tell Purva about her problem. Purva receives a call from Anish on Shalaka's phone and learns that she is about to be rusticated. Kamini is asked to contest in the elections for chairperson of an association. Aakashi finds that the paper is part of someone's resume and is disappointed when she is unable to gather any information. Aakashi learns that Mehramann is trying to get someone a job secretly at Mihir's office. Purva is worried on learning that Shalaka has gone to college. She goes to Shalaka's college and sees Anish there. Aakashi sees Mehramann meeting a girl at Mihir's office. Anish drives off before Purva can talk to him. Purva follows him, but loses track of him. Anish is waiting for her at her home.

Kamini introduces Purva and Mihir to her rival, Sarla. Purva convinces Shalaka to accept Anish's condition. She assures Shalaka that she would save her at any cost. Shamaldas is angry to learn that Rashmi is working in Mihir's office. He goes to Mihir's office and threatens Rashmi to leave her job and get out of Mehramann's life. Mihir is very angry. Aakashi is stunned to see this. Shamaldas threatens Aakashi not to interfere. Aakashi approaches Rashmi and learns that she is the sister of an old friend of Shamaldas's. She is in love with Mehramann. Shamaldas is against their relationship because he feels that her brother is ignoring him after he rose in social status. Aakashi decides to get Mehramann and Rashmi married in order to anger Shamaldas.

Purva is stunned to know that Anish wishes to meet Shalaka that night at Hotel Grand. Vishal deliberately bumps into Manek and tries to impress her. The goons beat Vishal up when he tries to defend Manek. Manek stuns Vishal by beating up the goons and chasing them away. Mehramann blames Aakashi for his breaking up with Rashmi. Shamaldas is stunned when Aakashi tells him that she knows about Rashmi and Mehramann's relationship. He warns Aakashi not to interfere. Shalaka and Purva are worried when Kamini insists on celebrating Mihir's winning an important case by having dinner together. Aakashi decides to reunite Rashmi and Mehramann. She tricks Mehramann and Rashmi into meeting up at a certain place.

Mehramann and Rashmi learn that Aakashi tricked them into meeting. Aakashi convinces them to fight against Shamaldas for their love. Rashmi agrees with her, while Mehramann does not. Purva lies to Mihir and Kamini that Anokhi is unwell, and reaches Hotel Grand to help Shalaka. Purva and Shalaka reach room no. 103, where Purva sets up a hidden camera. Shalaka makes Anish confess, which gets recorded. Purva saves Shalaka when Anish tries to force himself on her. Anish destroys the camera. He locks up Shalaka in the bathroom and threatens to force himself on Purva. The media arrives, and Anish gives a declaration that Purva has been trying to force him into a relationship. Mihir and Kamini are shocked to know that Purva is not with Anokhi.

Anish tells Purva that he wanted to defame Shalaka, but he had to use her instead. Purva makes Shalaka promise that she will not reveal her involvement in the incident. Aakashi decides to break the bond between Mehramann and Shamaldas. Mihir and Kamini confront Purva when she returns home. She breaks down and requests them not to ask her anything. Kamini is angry. Shalaka hides the truth, at Purva's request. Purva is stunned to see her photograph in the newspaper. She is touched to see that the article is about Mihir crediting his case win to her. She is touched when Mihir affirms his implicit trust in her. Purva is puzzled as to why Anish did not get her photographs published.

Aakashi challenges Rashmi to come home, if she really loves Mehramann. Purva and Shalaka wonder about Anish's plan. Aakashi stops Shamaldas when he turns Rashmi out of the house. She pretends to convince Shamaldas to accept Mehramann and Rashmi's relationship. Shamaldas is very angry and beats Aakashi. He is stunned when Mehramann stops him from doing so. Mihir and Purva go to a dinner arranged by his client. Purva is stunned to see Anish there. He tells her that he repents what he did with Shalaka and assures her of never harming them again. Purva hides the truth from Mihir. Mehramann apologises to Aakashi for mistrusting her. Aakashi is happy when he agrees to fight against Shamaldas for his love.

Mihir and Purva are stunned when Kamini shows them the news of Anish accusing Purva of exploiting him being broadcast on TV. Purva faints when Mihir and Kamini confront her. Kamini is angry with Purva for damaging the family's reputation. Shalaka is upset when Aakashi and Anokhi convince Mihir about Purva's innocence. Purva requests Mihir to trust her, but he insists on knowing the truth. Aakashi is angry when Shamaldas belittles Purva and their family in front of his friends. Aakashi confronts him. Manek and Mehramann support Aakashi and Purva, and speak against Shamaldas.

Rashmi calls for Mehramann. Aakashi deliberately makes Shamaldas know about the call. Shamaldas badly beats up Mehramann when he dares to pick up the phone. He is angry when Rashmi comes home on hearing his screams. Gomti intervenes and lambastes Shamaldas. Purva stops Shalaka from confessing to Mihir. Anish tells Purva of someone waiting for her in their living room. Purva is stunned to see a crowd of reporters, asking questions. Mihir turns them away. Mihir confronts Purva. Kamini doubts that Purva is really involved with Anish. Purva refuses to say anything. Shalaka is upset. Aakashi tells Gomti about Rashmi's background. She stops the angry Gomti from turning Shamaldas out of the house. Aakashi convinces Gomti to get Mehramann and Rashmi married.

Kamini is angry when Sarlaben ridicules her for not being able to vote for herself in the club elections. Mihir tries to find out about the guy who accused Purva. Shamaldas is angry to learn that Aakashi and Gomti have arranged for Mehramann and Rashmi's shagun ceremony. Aakashi challenges him to stop the marriage if he can. Vishal meets Manek on his way, and realises that she is attracted to him. Mihir is upset with Purva as she does not trust him any more and does not talk to him about her personal problems. Shamaldas pretends to be very nice to Aakashi, telling her that he has accepted Mehramann and Rashmi's relationship. Aakashi is puzzled about Shamaldas's intentions.

Rashmi gets emotional when Gomti and Aakashi welcome her and Mehramann. Everyone is shocked when Shamaldas hugs Mehramann, telling him that he has accepted the relationship. Rashmi's brother Raman stops the ceremony mid-way and forcibly takes her away. Aakashi is angry to learn that Shamaldas was the one who informed Raman about the ceremony. Kamini is angry to know that she has lost the club elections and that Sarlaben won. Kamini confronts Purva. She asks Purva to leave the house when she refuses to say anything about the incident. Shalaka stops Purva from leaving. Kamini is stunned when Shalaka confesses everything about Anish and herself, and appreciates Purva. Purva is stunned to see that Mihir has overheard their conversation and that he is very angry.

Mihir is angry with Shalaka, but forgives her when she apologises. Mihir apologises to Purva, and promises to set things right. Mehramann is stunned to learn that Shamaldas informed Raman about the ceremony. Aakashi instigates Mehramann that Rashmi would have to stand up against Raman. She is puzzled when she feels bad for using Mehramann. Kamini apologises to Purva. Aakashi is happy to learn that Rashmi has broken off all ties with Raman, and that she is getting married to Mehramann soon. Shamaldas is stunned to learn of this. Mihir procures the parts of the camera that Anish destroyed. The memory card is intact. Shalaka is able to trace out Anish's address. Mihir gets ready to confront Anish.

Purva and Mihir convince Shalaka and Kamini to eat at a dhaba, to celebrate their victory. Everyone enjoys the experience. Mihir is happy when Shalaka praises Purva. Mihir is attracted to Purva. Purva is stunned to see Aakashi taking on the full responsibility of Mehramann's marriage. Aakashi is touched when Gomti gifts her the necklace that her mother-in-law had gifted her. Purva is worried about Aakashi's intentions. Shamaldas is angry when Aakashi prepares to welcome Rashmi. Everyone is stunned when he throws away the aarti plate. Shamaldas begins to destroy the decorations. Gomti gets angry and slaps him when he tries to attack Aakashi. She cuts off all relations with Shamaldas and asks him to leave the house. Shamaldas is stunned. Aakashi is happy.

Aakashi is happy when Mehramann also asks Shamaldas to leave. Gomti breaks down when Shamaldas leaves the house. Purva is stunned to know of this, and advises Aakashi to leave Shamaldas's house and start life afresh. Aakashi decides to leave Shamaldas's house. She comes across the necklace that Gomti had given her, while packing her bag. She remembers Gomti's loving words. She is touched when Rashmi requests her to perform all the rites in her marriage ceremony with Mehramann. Aakashi gets sad to see Mehramann, Gomti and Manek upset over Shamaldas's leaving home. She is stunned when Mehramann tells her how much he would miss Shamaldas on his marriage.

Aakashi realises that Mehramann's happiness lies in Shamaldas being present at his marriage. She sets out with Manek to look for him. Shamaldas refuses Manek's request to return home with her. Aakashi hides herself. Manek pretends to have sprained her foot, so Shamaldas drops her home. Aakashi secretly returns home and sees Shamaldas refusing to enter his house. She deliberately taunts Shamaldas so as to anger him, hoping that he would come for the wedding. She is happy when he does. Shamaldas is a silent spectator while Rashmi and Mehramann get married. Shamaldas refuses to stay back at Mehramann's request, and leaves. Gomti learns that Aakashi was the one to search for Shamaldas, and is grateful to her. Gomti is stunned when she overhears Aakashi telling Purva that she will leave Shamaldas's house soon.

Mihir convinces Purva when she is puzzled about Aakashi's intentions.  Rashmi and Mehramann get emotional as they leave for their Kuldevi's temple. Aakashi leaves Gomti's house with her blessings. Gomti has a sudden bout of chest pain. Purva, Aakashi and Mihir take Gomti to the hospital, where everyone is stunned to know that she has had a heart attack. Purva sees Aakashi praying for Gomti's health and taking care of the formalities. Aakashi is disturbed to hear Gomti mumbling Shamaldas's name. Purva is stunned to see Aakashi leaving the hospital without informing anyone.  Aakashi goes to Shamaldas's gambling den to bring him back home. He ridicules her and refuses to listen to her. Shamaldas is stunned to learn about Gomti's heart attack and starts for the hospital with Aakashi.

Purva is worried about Aakashi. Shamaldas blames Aakashi for Gomti's heart attack. Aakashi takes care of buying Gomti's medicines.  Shamaldas does not want anyone to stay over at the hospital with Gomti, but Aakashi insists on staying. Kamini is stunned to learn that Mihir and Purva still sleep separately.  Shamaldas wants to inform Mehramann and Rashmi about Gomti's sickness, but Aakashi stops him. There is a tiff between them. They are happy to know that Gomti is better.  Kamini confronts Purva about her sleeping separately from Mihir. She advises her to get closer to him. Gomti returns home. Aakashi is stunned when Gomti refuses to let Aakashi step inside the house. She requests Aakashi to go back home. This hurts Aakashi, but makes Shamaldas very happy. Shamaldas ridicules her and turns her away.

Manek confronts Gomti about her behaviour with Aakashi. Gomti clarifies that Aakashi would not have been happy living there. Purva sees a beautiful poem saved on Mihir's laptop. She is happy to know that the poem was written by Mihir and that he writes poetry occasionally. She makes Mihir promise to write regularly. Aakashi is worried about Gomti. Anokhi is happy to see Aakashi back.  Shamaldas has a tough time managing the house and giving medicines to Gomti. Manek and Shamaldas are stunned when Gomti suddenly begins gasping for breath. Aakashi rushes to Shamaldas's house on receiving a call from him. She is stunned to learn that Shamaldas has given Gomti the wrong medicine. She calls the doctor and takes care of Gomti. She lambastes Shamaldas. She is stunned when Shamaldas locks the door and orders her to stay with them and care for Gomti.

Mihir decides to go with Purva to a couples contest in Kamini's club to cheer Purva up. Aakashi insists on staying at Gomti's house and taking care of her. Gomti is touched and wishes for Shamaldas to change his ways. Shamaldas tries to help Aakashi in the kitchen, and burns her hand with a hot vessel in the process. Shamaldas is surprised when Aakashi does not point out his mistake to Gomti. Mihir loses the first game at the club contest.  Purva is sorry as Mihir lost the game due to her feeling uncomfortable with their closeness. She is determined that they should win the contest. Shamaldas takes a paste made by Gomti for Aakashi's burn, to her room. Purva and Mihir enjoy playing the contest, and get very close to each other. They are excited to win the contest.

Purva is lost in thoughts of being close with Mihir. Mihir is happy. Shalaka is happy to see the pictures of the contest. Aakashi takes care of Gomti. Purva and Shalaka get into a playful fight over the photos in the kitchen. Everyone is amused when Purva and Mihir slip on the flour spilt on the floor.  Purva learns that it is the day of the Jaya Parvati Vrat. Mihir forgets his cellphone at home. Purva is stunned when she receives a call on his phone, threatening him not to come to court. Purva is worried, as Mihir has already left for court and she is unable to reach him anywhere.  Purva is stunned to receive a call from Mihir's secretary, asking if he was back home. She is worried to know that there has been firing near the court. She is relieved when Mihir returns home safe and sound, and breaks down. Mihir is touched. Purva slips and twists her leg, and Mihir carries her inside the house

Mihir takes care of Purva. Manek is upset as it is heavily raining, and her friends would not be able to come down to do the Jagran with her. Aakashi is irritated with rain water leaking from the roof at Gomti's house.  Shamaldas fixes the leak in the roof, but it starts leaking again. Aakashi gets angry, and fixes the leak herself. Purva is touched when Mihir gifts her a pair of earrings. Mihir gets upset when Purva mentions Smriti.  Mihir is puzzled as he is getting closer to Purva and farther away from Smriti. Kamini advises him to look ahead in life. Aakashi is tired as she was unable to sleep the whole night, due to the leaking roof. She is angry when Manek tells her that she unknowingly performed the Jagran for the Jaya Parvati Vrat, which would add to Shamaldas's long life.  Purva writes a poem for Mihir. She is stunned when Mihir confesses his love for her.

Mihir is willing to wait for Purva to fall in love with him.  Purva gets emotional, on seeing Smriti's wedding photographs. Mihir tears his and Purva's resort stay vouchers, feeling that Purva will not be comfortable with him. Aakashi learns of Gomti pretending to have taken her medicines, as they are very expensive. Shamaldas is angry when she assures Gomti of taking care of the expenses. Shamaldas gives Aakashi money for the medicines, obtained by selling off his wine bottles. Aakashi taunts him when Shamaldas's friend leaves his taxi in his care for a few days. Mihir gets ready to leave for Mumbai for a case. Aakashi and Anokhi are shocked to learn that Mihir is going to Mumbai alone. They are happy when Purva tells them about Mihir's confession of love. They convince her to move on in life and allow herself to love Mihir. Purva unwittingly confesses to them that she too loves Mihir. Mihir is hurt when Purva does not come to bid him goodbye. He is happy to find Purva seated in the car, ready to go with him to the resort.

Kamini, Aakashi and Anokhi are happy to see Purva ready to go to Mumbai with Mihir. Mihir and Purva enjoy the sights of Mumbai. Purva is happy to receive a surprise gift from Mihir - a dress that he wants her to wear.  Aakashi gives Manek some money to buy fruits for Gomti. Shamaldas refuses to let her buy anything for Gomti with Aakashi's money. Aakashi challenges him to earn money on his own, by honest means. She tells him that she will fall at his feet if he earns his own money. Shamaldas accepts her challenge.  Purva wears the dress that Mihir gifted her. Mihir and Mihir requests Purva to confess her love for him. Shamaldas sets out to find a job. He is stunned when no one gives him a job, knowing his reputation as a goon. Anokhi observes Shamaldas trying to find a job. Gomti is thankful to Aakashi for instigating Shamaldas to find work. She is disappointed when he denies looking for work. She is happy to know from Anokhi about Shamaldas trying to find work and being insulted by the shopkeepers.

Purva gets jealous when Mihir makes up a story about his ex-girlfriend. She is amused when he confesses that he was fibbing. Mihir is happy when Purva confesses her love for him. Aakashi taunts Shamaldas for being unable to find work. Shamaldas taunts Anokhi.  Aakashi drives off in Shamaldas's friend's taxi. Shamaldas follows her, catches up, and sits in the taxi. An elderly man also boards the taxi. Aakashi drops him. She taunts Shamaldas when the customer pays her for her services. She angers Shamaldas by tricking him to get out of the taxi and driving off again. Mihir and Purva get intimate with each other.  Someone knocks on the door to Purva and Mihir's room, late in the night, asking for help. Purva is stunned to find Smriti at the door. Smriti does not seem to recognise her. Smriti informs her about being in a car accident and tells her that her friend is severely injured. She walks away when Purva is too shocked to respond.

Purva follows Smriti and finds her friend Karan unconscious in a damaged car. Purva helps shift Karan from the driver's seat. She is stunned when Smriti drives off to the hospital with Karan. Mihir feels that Smriti's re-appearance was just Purva's imagination. Aakashi is amused to see Shamaldas unsuccessfully trying to drive his friend's taxi. Gomti requests Aakashi and Shamaldas to go to a marriage of one of her close family friends' son. Aakashi agrees to go for Gomti's sake. Aakashi gets tired of walking back home with Shamaldas from the marriage. Shamaldas leaves Aakashi and goes off in the taxi that they hail after great difficulty. Aakashi slaps a goon when he tries to eve tease her. His friends try to force themselves on her. Aakashi is stunned when Shamaldas returns to save her from them. A police inspector arrests Shamaldas for street fighting, even though Aakashi tries to defend him.  Mihir goes to meet a client. Kamini wishes Purva to meet a friend of hers in Mumbai, Suhas Joshi. Purva goes to the hotel reception to meet Suhas and is stunned to see Smriti talking to someone there.

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Story so far (Part 3)

Reserved 😊

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thankss for really helps....
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Awesome Work Sattvik.... love your style n brilliant jobbb👏

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Hello, You have done a fantastic job so far. I just can't read story (2 & 3) as it says reserved. Wondering why I can't read it. Please let me know how I can retrieve it. Thanks a lot for your hard work.
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Why do they think Smriti died?