Sleeping in a Fairy's lap Short story 4 Adi-Maithi

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Posted: 14 years ago

Sleeping in a Fairy's lap

"I met her for the first time in the college.Me..i the bad boy of the college just looked raunchy to her.She loved to hate me.But later she hated to hate me.
She came to me with a serious look like always
"We all are in the same college.What is the use of fighting like this?College mates have to be friends.Right?I'm fed up of fighting with you.I don't want to fight with you anymore".
"That was a moment of ecstasy for me.Because for the first time a girl wants to be friends with a bad guy like me.Yes...she made me a human being.Later nobody saw me bickering.No one became panic seeing my face.She made me realise that i have a loving heart which i never knew before.I felt the love inside my heart when i fell in love with her.

I went to propose to her with flowers on Valentine's day".

"This is for you."
I said.. with a smile.
She took the flowers from me.
"Thank you so much.These flowers are so beautiful.I love flowers.I can sit for hours in my garden.Gardening is my life".

"Surprisingly she was also carrying flowers with her.
"Is it for me?"
My heart longed to ask her,but my heart was too shy to ask this question.Before i could ask something she said,
"This is for my lover".
"Within a second,her lover appeared.Her face became more beautiful when she saw him.She handed him the flowers.I could'nt see anymore because of the tears dwelled in my eyes.
My eyes had lost the strength to see anything more.So i moved away from them forever.But mentally i could not be away from her.I never depended on drinks like Devdas.Because she had taught me the values of life.
A few years later i saw her again..i was petrified to see her present look.She was not the pleasant girl who taught me to smile to make others happy.Her dull eyes had a lot to say.But she kept silent".

"Why are you so silent?Why do you feel that something is desturbing you?"
I asked.
But she kept silent.
"Open your mouth."
I trembled like a blistering sun.
"She startled...she is seeing my angry face after a long time.That scared her".
"I'm sorry.I just lost my control",
I apologized.
Her tears flowed slowlly.
"What happened?What happened in the last few years?"
Her tears tore my heart.
"He betrayed me.I became alone.Last few years were pathetic for me",
She wept.
I caressed her hair.
"Why are you hurting yourself by thinking of someone who left you alone?Live and smile for someone who lives for you".
"I'm alone.I don't have anyone.I can't smile for anyone".
Her tears did not stop rolling down.
"May be someone loves you...someone cares for you",
I said.
"No one".She was sure.
"What about me?Are you not seeing me?Are you blind?"
She raised her eyes and looked at me.She can't understand anything.
"I have always loved you.Do you know that?"
Finally i opened my heart.
She looked at me unbelieveingly.
"Yes..i love you..i want you".
I struggled hard to express my feelings,
"Yes,i love you.but i left you with him.Because i did not want to see you with any other guy.I presense will spoil your sleep".
She cried.

"The next day when i saw her i filled her forehead with sindoor and handed beautiful flowers to her.She was numb for a few seconds as she could not believe that it is reality.Later she smiled slowly.She came closer to me and held me in her arms.At that moment i felt that i'm sleeping in a Fairy's lap".

The end.


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Posted: 14 years ago
wow simply mind blowing
kya baat hai
itne dino baad adi mates ki kahani wow purane din yaad aa gaye
do continue dear
by6e sumi
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Posted: 14 years ago

Wow yaar, that was so sweet. You re-created the AM magic that I miss so much Thank you🤗 Very emotional and touching even though it was quite short. For some reason "Her face became more beautiful when she saw him" stuck out at me. Very beautifully captured, 👏👏. Please do write more!

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Posted: 14 years ago
aww reading adi-methili after such a long time, i really miss them! thank you for recreating them for us with this short story!