DID Lil' Masters Section Rules-Must Read & Follow

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Posted: 10 years ago

It is nice to see so many of you in this Section Clap. We expect more and more members to join us dailyHug. So here are some simple rules and guidelines for the Dance India Dance Lil' Masters. We request each member to follow the guidelines for our section to run smoothly.


Please remember that these rules are not made to put restrictions on your thoughts but to make our section more welcoming and friendlyHug.

Also refer to these rules: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1252690

1. Bashing the dancers/judges

Dancing Capabilities---
Please refrain from posting insulting comments against contestants/juges.
If you are asked to stop bashing someone then please listen.

Please keep in mind that saying someone is ugly or saying anything about their appearance will NOT be tolerated!
You will get one warning & the next time you bash someones appearance again, your warning level will be raised.
How would you feel if your dancing talent is ignored and people pick at your appearance instead? This is a dancing show, not a beauty contest. If you think someone is not so good-looking, just don't say anything.

There are different ways of calling someone not so good looking. You could say that "In my opinion i dont find him/her very attractive." But when someone says something like "He/She is  ugly!" or "I dont like how she looks cause her face is too manly" etc. it really goes overboard.

Also, calling someone a "loser" or any other word like that is considered bashing.

2. Abusive Language. Swearing is NOT tolerated! You will be given a warning & then a warning level raise if not heeded. There are other ways to discuss without including cuss words. End of discussion. If your not sure what is considered a swear word or not, feel free to PM.

3. Attacking fellow members. Just because someones views are different from yours doesn't mean that you need to make derogatory remarks about them or their intellect or tell them they are wrong. There is no reason whatsoever to be rude to anyone. If someone says something to  you, don't reply saying something mean back. Report the post and we'll take care of it for sure. We understand self-defense but please don't comment back so that the person will continue attacking or being rude. It will just drag on & others will get involved and create a big issue

There's a huge difference between attacking and disagreeing. We don't mind debating or having a disagreement...just don't let it cross over from civilized disagreements to attacking.

Also, please do not post anything violative of anothers Intellectual Property.

4. Telling others what to do: I would prefer members to stop preaching on the forum. Let the moderators decide what is needed on this forum and what is not or what one member is allowed to do or not. You cannot stop someone from posting in any topic. Do not become a moral police on the forum.

Utilizing Report Feature: If anyone sees a thread/post/comment which is offending posted by someone, you will NOT take law into your own hands to teach a lesson to that person for insulting your favorite idol. That aggravates matters more and you also become liable for action for reacting thus. Instead you will simply make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action and try our best to resolve the issue. Plus, please dont PM the Dev Team asking them why they havent taken any action. Once we get online, it'll be taken care of.

LanguageA lot of members try to use code words and asterisk and try to get away with such language. Well, It won't happen from now on. This decision has been made by the Global moderators themselves.
Ex: WTF (What the Fish is a lame excuse so do not try)
      F**K U
      "Who watches this Shit?"
7. Bashing/Personal Attacks (See #3): Bashing and making personal attacks against any contestant/member is not allowed. Make sure members know the difference between bashing and criticism. A critic is one who discusses things in perspective, never loses objectivity and states things in a logical and constructive way. But a basher is one, who states the points a bit too heavily such that, it no longer looks like criticism but looks like a total attack. Everyone have their own point of view let's respect it. You have right to raise your opinion but one should see lines ain't crossed. Avoid making posts that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. This is against IF COC and won't be tolerated.

Keep a control on your sarcasm. If the mods feel that your post is no longer critiquing, but is full of sarcasm/attacks... that will be held against you.

8. No post on Dev Team working: No post/threads/reports shall be opened criticizing the functioning of the Dev Team. If you have any issues contact the section Dev Team by PM and sort it out but do not create a scene by starting a thread here .No personal attack 'direct/indirect, abusive/sarcastic shall be tolerated.

9. No Advertising:Videos from other forums/websites containing the website logo are not allowed. If found doing so the topic will be trashed & a PM will be send.  If you continue to do so even then your warning level will be raised.Also posting links from IF in other forums is strictly prohibited.

10. Posting Email Address or personal pictures of Stars: Accounts or email address of stars is not allowed to be posted or revealed unless they themself give it. Also, posting your email address on open forum is not allowed. Moreover, no personal pictures of stars from facebook or Orkut are allowed to be posted.

11. Picture topics:  We have a picture gallery and I want you all to use that. Please do not make anymore topics on pictures. If there are some special pictures that you want to post on the forum then you will have to ask Dev Team before opening a topic on pictures. We will allow picture topics on special occasion, but again only after taking permission. Post all the pictures in

12. Posting Articles: Before posting any article please check to make sure that the article has not been posted before. IF has launched its own news hub Telly Buzz. We are now in direct competition with IndianTelevision & Telly Chakkar. See to it you do not post articles from these two websites. Do not post articles from Telly Buzz directly on forum. Provide link/source of the articles.

13. Organizing Contest/Activities:
You may not post Contests/Activities/Games/Appreciation-FanThreads without prior approval from the moderators.

14. Morphed Pictures: We do not allow this on IF. So please refrain from posting such pictures.  You can check the below link for more details MERGING/MORPHING - NOT ALLOWED    

15. Quoting Posts/Members/Creations/Pictures: Don't quote long posts especially when it messes up the coding which makes it look bad. If you want to reply to someone use the @ format like @A:  , @B: & so on. Only upto 3 quotes are allowed in a post given the fact they are relatively small quotes and not page long essays.

Warning Level Procedure
:  Dev Team will keep a running list of members, who will continue to break rules.
1. Verbal warning
2. PM warning from Dev Team
3. WL Increase.
4. Lead to possible Ban.
If for some reason you do not agree with the warning you have received in your topic then you need to PM the moderator/viewbie who warned you instead of starting an argument in the forum. If you are not satisfied with the reply given by the DT members then you may take up your issue with the Channel Moderators. However, absolutely no arguments on the forum as that will lead to a direct increase in your warning level. ALSO, this format may not be followed...depends on the offence of the member. For certain things, you may get a Warning level right away or at least at the second offence.

Some reminders:

Instead of replying with a post just saying "thank you" or "tfs," just click the    button. If you look at the updates all you see is members posting "thanks." Please try to discuss a little bit in the updates.

Also, if you see members breaking rules please (PLEASE!) press the button. The DID Dev. team will then go through the reports and deal with the problem. We are humans too and we cant see everything. LOLLOL It really helps us when the reports take us straight to the post instead of searching for it.

FYI, these rules have not been directed at any member(s).
These are the IF rules that have been summarized and tweaked just for this section.

DID Dev. Team!

If you have any questions or need anything clarified, you can PM any one of the DID Dev. Team members  =]

-JC- , Jess. , set_raj , ramas

**Rules credit to Preeti and Gagan***

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