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Posted: 12 years ago
Jee Jayenge Hum is a story about hope. It is a heart-warming tale of a young girl who does not give up on life despite going through all kinds of trials and tribulations. The story is the journey of  young Suman and her 3 young siblings who live in small town known for its glass bangles. With sudden turn of events, Suman's family finds themselves as slaves in the grim and dark world of bonded labor in a glass factory. Suman is determined to give a better life to her siblings & it is her struggle to escape from the unjust and cruel world of child labor that forms the main crux of the show.
Posted: 12 years ago
She is the main protagonist of the show. At 16 she is quite, mature and forceful in a silent way. A look in her eyes and one knows that there is a sense of determination in them. Intense looks, exuding confidence and a strong will to survive and take care of her younger siblings is her motto. But this is bound by certain moral principles ingrained in her upbringing which are : never beg, never cheat and never steal and if there is someone who needs help more than her then she should help. She can do anything for her brother and sisters and shares a special bond with her youngest brother with whom she feels particularly protective because he is the youngest in the family and very young.
She is 13 and she lives in fables. Story telling is her forte so much so that she often confuses it with reality and often crosses the border in between story and reality so that no one believes in what she says. She exaggerates almost every story that she narrates. But she doesn't intend to lie. Its just that her imagination fuels it up. So she is called jhooti by everyone because of this habit which she tries to defend profusely. She also gets hurt and offended by it. But at the same time she is intelligent and inclined towards educating herself all the time.
She is the simpleton of the family. Aged 10, she speaks less, doesn't have much of an inclination towards anything but she is the only one who knows exactly what Suman is thinking and what she is upto. So much so that its only on her shoulder that Suman cries when she feels bugged down. Because she is such a simpleton to the point of being dumb, Shankar, the youngest brother in the family often strong arms her as she is the only one with whom he can behave in such a way. But she doesn't complain. She is always ready to play subordinate in any action that Suman undertakes. Like Suman she too is resilient on the front but has a strong fire within. Everyone in the family is protective about her.
Aged 8 yrs, Shankar thinks he is the man of the family. he is the youngest but being the only guy he thinks himself to be the man of the family. often evoking laughter in the family by his actions. His relationship with each sister is considerably different. Suman is like a foster mother, Radha is like a guide and chutki is a fellow pal whom he can armtwist and get away with it…but mostly in jest. As he is very active mentally and vulnerable, he gets into the wrong company around. Suman tells him that there is god inside each one of us and in him too…all he needs is to discover it and he gets busy finding one inside himself with several observations and actions.

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