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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago
Wednesday 4/11/09

AAtha goes to People's TV channel - asks about the village
program "romba nalla irunthu thu..athaan.." The producer of
the program gives her the directions to reach Attu Katti - the
village is in Tamil Nadu - Kerala border. Giri sees Aatha coming
out of the channel office. Goes in to find out details. Giri rushes
to Hissy - to impart the news " Boss, Aatha has found out that Thollai
is alive ....TV channel...program....Thollai sighted...I collected this
info from the channel office ( Deeyyy Giri, Roja olichu vaicha crystal
ball ai nee ippo suttuttiyaa?? Aatha never gave any info about seeing
Thollai in that program !!!! How did u get so much detail???? athu sari,
Thollai ninaithaallll ethuvum nadakkalaam - BG by Roja)
Hissy wants to
catch Thollai and pOttu thallufy him asap. Giri says that Aatha might
reach before them. Hissy says that Aatha is a goner - "CBI has their eyes
on her. She is being shadowed...she can not leave forget her,
Let us go.... it is 2 days since I killed any one... kai arikkarathu da Giri.."
Boss and slave are driving towards their target - the dirty yellow under sized shirt clad Thollai - The 1 crore AC calls Hissy and tells him that
 Aatha is in deep soup - " CBI are convinced that Aatha is behind all
the crime .. she is being shadowed...wanted to give u the good
news" Hissy orders the AC to keep his eyes and ears open....slave drives....Aatha is also going to Attu katti - has visions of seeing
Thollai in the TV ....

Aatha gets down from a jeep ( car enna aachu aathaa??? Yaaro oru aal kondu vanthu oru God forsaken place le erakki vittu ttan??!!) walks...walks....walks.. ( hmmm nee nadanthaal nadai azhagu..nee azhuthaal azughai azhagu - BG by Roja  Kaadu malai yeri vanthen Tholakaappu , unnai kaana malai yeri vanthen Tholkaappu - BG by Roja Ayyappa, sorry ppa un song ai suttu tta Roja) Aatha walks....

Aatha walks some more.... sees some body - athi poo mathiri kannule padara aasami oruthar..... walks... sits...walks...cries..... finally sits on parapet....Thollai appears from the mist ..walks towards aatha..Aatha is agape... ( paarthu aatha... oru kutty elephant could walk in to that open mouth !!) Thollai walks....crosses Aatha ..does not recognize..... aatha
tries to call out his name but apes hissy ( verum kaathu thaan varuthunga - a la Revathi of Devar Magan) By the time Aatha could gather herself and call Tholzzzz Thollai is gone. Aatha runs behind ....cant find him. Sits again on a parapet and cries..later realizes that Thollai did not say a word ..did not even recognize her presence .....wonders if all this is a dream....some one comes and asks "yaar umma nee??" Aatha opens her mouth ( awww not THAT opening of the mouth, she is very much alive..Hissy has to come and shoot her, u see !!) Surprised???scared??? whateverrrrrr ...we will know tomorrow and unfortunate Roja will update ...... Moochai pidichindi more day ..go go Roja


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Posted: 14 years ago
Thursday  5/11/09

Priya, Supree, Daisy and Bjda - beware - you are going to get a
taste of mad Roja - AMNESIA - here comes Thollai - ithile oru
kirukku has fallen in love with azukku sattai -

Well, the person who comes to Aatha is an old employee of Aatha -
Muthappa - Some unwanted talk about how he changed sides. Aatha
tells him that she came looking for a friend - does not disclose the name.
Asks the guy to arrange for a car so that she can go around looking for
Thollai . Muthappa promises all help.

Thollai has a new name. - Dhileepan - a brother and sister duo Velu /Prabha
are seen with him - in a doctor's clinic. The girl Prabha is madly in love with
Thollai Thollai is not very keen as he does not remember his past.
AMNESIA The doctor forgets his profession and plays marriage broker. Tells Thollai that it is OK to marry that sick looking girl
( Thollai level kku athu romba jaasthi !!) Thollai says that he needs time. Every body grants him that boon Thollai and Prabha -  alone at home - Thollai tells her that he is grateful to her for saving him -"adi pattu sethu pOra nilai le irunthavan... u saved my life. I have lost my memory - I may be a past may be sordid... how can I marry you??? I can do any thing to repay the debt but can not marry you. What if
i have a family tucked away??" Prabha calls him GOD Says that all she wants is to be near him " God pakkathile irunthaa pothum.."

Muthappa takes aatha to some ashram - Pooja is going on - the chief comes, looks at aatha's face and says that she looks very worried ( aal aalukku Roja voda crystal ball ai sudaringa??? uh huh ) Finally Aatha asks him for a car to go around - Chief calls for VELU - yes u got it guys - the same Velu. Velu comes and gets briefed about his duties . " first enge madam poganum??" Aatha says that she wants to go the shandy place. Velu says that shandy is only on Sundays. Aatha is crest fallen that Sunday is 2 days away " i do not have that much time!!" Anyways..Velu takes her for a joy ride - wild goose chase starts .....
will go on for next 6 months - Meli kuttyyyyyyy, vada chellam oru RKO podalaam -
Thollai serial ai mudikkaliyeeee aaaa acch
Update panni kirukka pOnOmeee aaa acch


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Posted: 14 years ago
friday 6.10.09

abhi is traveling in the car ...prabha's bro..(PB)(forgot name)...asks abhi where she wants to go..she asks him to take her around the city..he keeps jabbering throughout the journey which irriates abhi...

adi screams😑  at giri..where r u taking me we've been travelling for so long..where the hell is tat village..giri stops the car and asks a guy...he tells giri there is no such village..πŸ˜† πŸ˜†giri mazhupifies to adi..they go further and dis time adi asks the man ..he says the same thing..adi gets wild and tells giri..befor finishing thols ill kill u...giri begs him to come just for another 10 km...adi says this is the last chance..giri is confident tat the village is nearby...πŸ˜†

prabha and dilipan (thols)...r in a temple...prabha still insists tat thols should marry her...we can live a happy life in andaman(ya u guys can be behind bars over least we'r rid of u!!!πŸ˜†)....dis is a new life..imagine tat u've been born again and accept me...🀒...thols hesitates..i need to know abt ma past ...prabha tells him ..the dr has anyway said the chances of ur recovery is low.(now they wil show dilipan's story for 7 yrs!!!πŸ˜•) don worry abt the past...he isn't happy...she finally sighs and least am happy i could save ur life..and walks away..he den calls her and says ok i'll marry u..(i thought ganga was bad but dis is pathetic!!!😑) she is delighted and goes inside the temple...he just waits out...

PB stops in the same temple...tells abhi..whenever i have problems i come here..lets go pray..abhi tells him der is no time..he tell's her he'll be back in a jiffy..she wanders around the temple..nearby thols is siitn on a rock..he sees her wid a blank expr as usual for 10 mins she stays der but dosent  see him...

she finally goes back near the car irritated wid PB...
PB goes in and finds his sis praying..he waits for her to finish..she tells him ..thols agreed to marry me am so happy...she den sobs..and tells him she is grateful to him ..i was an orphan but u brought me up wid so much difficulty
(🀒 🀒 thols for every char u don need to associate a sad story!!!)..he tells her to shift to andaman...i wil sell everythn here and settle der wid u until den u be wid thols and periappa in andaman..she agrees..he tells her he'll introduce thols and her to abhi...

they call thols..all the 3 approach abhi...


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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago
Wednesday 11/11/09

Aatha is dejected - starts  pleading - " naa Abhi, unga thozhi, ennai theriyalai??"
Thollai gives a blank look ( aama, illatta romba thaan
acting varumakkum!!)
- well , now aatha has the monumental
responsibility of educating Thollai - starts with his name, Abi
Constructions.....goes to the topic of hissy "namba enemy hissy...
how can u forget him??? try to recall..... naa Abhi, ennai epdi marakka
mudiyum ..goes on and on ( Yovvv Kooja, fan ai switch on pannu,
drive me to the work spot... ipdi ellam sonnalaavathu he may remember -
nee azhara gorathai paartha .....)
Thollai does his master piece acting -
wipes his head and face in one stroke ( innikki episode kku act
panniyaachu, pOrum !!)
Aatha cries...cries some more... opens and
closes her mouth a few times...and finally asks Velu "pray, how did u
lay your hands on this Thollai??" Velu says that he saw an unconscious
Thollai and got him medical help -" After the medical attention, I came to
know that he lost all his memory.. paarkka nallavaraa ( ada paavi,
nallavarraa?? yaaru ?? intha Thollai yaa??? Human Rights Commission
le niruthinaa...gallows thaan - no questions asked !!)
thonithu, athaan..
thought of getting him married to my sis" Aatha says that there is a
sword hanging over Thollai's head -" I have been searching for him for
so long !!!" Thollai says that he knows only Velu and Prabha ( not just
amnesia, he looks mentally retarded as well !!! Not  that he had a sane
 brain anyways !!)

Aatha cries and cries....can not digest the fact that her Kooja does
not remember her - "naa Aatha, neenga Thollai..ithu mattum thaan
solla mudiyum.." Now story time folks - aatha runs Alankolangal from
the beginning - Velu, Prabha and Thollai ( and of course poor Roja)
are the audience - finally they come to know how Thollai had to
flee.... Then aatha tells Thollai that she can bring back all his memories.
Prabha says that he is Dileepan " ipdiye enga kitte vidunga, naanga
kootti tti pOidarOm"
Aatha looks at her " ada arpa pathare" look -
" we have been through so much but he does not recognize me !!!
Once he gets back his old memories, he is sure to forget you. Not just
that, we are hunted ... our days are numbered !!!" Velu shouts at his
sis and says that Aatha's cinema should have given her the jitters -
" you are my sister and I want you to be alive and kicking..forget him.."
Thollai baggage is handed over to his boss ...Aatha has to advise some
one ... so tells Prabha that Thollai is a big thollai in any one else's life -
" only we are used to him and all the forget him and shed
him as a bad habit" Prabha can not emote ( intha Thollai kudukkara
salary kku ithuve jasthi ..intha aalai kalyanam vera pannikanumaam
uh huh)

Now Thollai does the most irritating act - talks like a 5 year old and
says that Prabha and Velu are the mementos of his amnesia days -
"have to thank them... I have to.." runs away..aatha runs behind
Well, Hissy the lucky guy, times it perfectly - sees Thollai running in that
God forsaken place..takes his gun and aims.... Aatha comes running
and so hissy is happy - hisses big time and shouts like a maniac -
"Abbbbbiii, vaa, vanthu save your friend" Thollai does some thiru thiru..
( I have done my master piece for the day ..period ) AAtha begs
Hissy " please do not shoot ..please..." all this begging falls on
deaf ears ( his hissing deafens  every one/every thing in the vicinity -
guess he could not hear aatha)
-  Hissy shoots, Thollai takes 2 shots..
Aatha comes close, pushes Thollai and she gets a shot herself. Thollai
rooooolllllssss... Hissy comes near the bush and empties the bullets.
Gloats to Giri that  he is done with all his enemies " Aadhi the great"
Giri drives at break neck speed... Aatha is not dead... bleeding...
shouts "Thoolllssssss" - no answer....


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Posted: 14 years ago
Thursday 12/11/09

Aatha goes bananas - well all about aatha and her screaming -
at whoever crosses her path !!!

Aatha screams "Thooolllllssss" - kooja does not deem it fit to
answer ( en lover...Prabhaa.... u chased her away from my life...
apram enna nee koopidarathu, naa answer panrathu?? pOdi pO)
Finally aatha sees Thollai sprawled like a turtle turned upside
down - goes to him, feels his pulse, listens to his heart and confirms
that Thollai is very much alive. Drags him with enormous strength
(power of friendship aamm !!! Aatha with a bullet in her shoulder
drags Thollai - padu comedy scene - aatha azha azha Roja was
and reaches the road ( if u can call that lane as a road !!)
Keeps screaming for help - the same taxi driver comes and sees the
red paint splashed all over. Aatha wants him to help her save
Thollai but the taxi driver is scared that it is a police case ( he must
have heard Roja  pleading silently - intha thollai apdiye ozhiyattum
vittu du ppa ....vittu du ppaaa)
Tries to flee the arena - aatha first begs,
falls at his feet - he manages to reach his car shedding her hands -
aatha becomes Badra Kaali - picks a small rock, raises it above her
head and tells him "mandaiyai polanthuduven ... thooku avarai....
car kku kondu pO.." ( another comedy scene - Roja laughed - poetic
 justice - intha kanraavi yai paarthu update panra kodumai kku chinna
 relief )
The driver is worried about his head - prefers to have it in tact
- so moves Thollai - aatha holds the stone above her head for a while as Thollai's body nears the car, aatha throws the stone away . the driver dumps Thollai and again tries to flee - now aatha picks a uruttu thadi and doles out a few blows - the driver nondhufies his vithi ( veet le pOi yen wife ai  oru pidi pidikkanum - innikki yaar moonjile muzhichenO!!) and drags Thollai - until Thollai is made to lie on the seat and the driver gets in to his seat, aatha has the uruttu thadi raised. She too gets in and the car speeds - to the hospital. Aatha cries...keeps checking the pulse....has visions of Thollai playing kooja. The car reaches the hospital. the driver dumps the duo in the portico and flees "police case , neeyachu hospital aachu..." Well Thollai finally is on a stretcher - 2 doctors pronounce that Thollai is a  goner " yuir pOi 1/2 hour kku mele aachu.." Aatha refuses to believe and says that Thollai can not die and she wont let him die . The lady doctor sees aatha raving and ranting - asks "loose aamma nee??? sethu ponavanai kappatha solre?? ithu yaaru? hubby? boss? brother??" Aatha says "athukkellam mele, my friend.. he will not die with out informing me... I wont let him go '
( Rameswaram ponaalum Saniswaran vida maattar nnu ithukku thaan sonnangalO? Sethaalum kooja has to play kooja - unnai vida maatten. .koojaaaa unnai vida maatten - BG by Roja a la Nagesh of MMKR) Well
to cut a long story short, the chief doctor comes and decides to give
 it a try - " this woman seems to have some belief, so let me humor her.." The other two doctors wash their hands off - Thollai goes towards the Operation Theatre.... Aatha follows - looks like she will play OT nurse
as the others do not want to be involved.

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Posted: 14 years ago
friday 13.10.09

abhi is in the hosp...the opration is over and dr comes out..he tells abhi ..u r a superb..thanks to u we have saved thols..he is compl safe...u can see him in ICU...she hols his hand and thanks him...

OQ is crying ...rajendra and eshu r talkin abt abhi..rajendra tells OQ ..when she was here u screamed and was she is missing.happly la..OQ tells him not to torture her already she is very upset...she tells eshu i have suffered for so long as i couldnt ask u abt her whereabouts...where is she ..she would have def informed u..he tells her ..ennaku theriyadu she didnt tell me its not office work for sure...

both are wondering when vetri arrives..he comes in wid his officers and introduces himself...alamelu comes wid the kid to see wats happening...rajendra asks vetri to find out where abhi is..vetri asks eshu..appo ungalukku theriyadha ??...he says no we r innocent...abhi isnt responsible for all dis ..y r u chasing her??

vetri tells him..if abhi wasnt the culprit den y did she run away the moment menaka  died...we suspect her...if u get any ifo pass it on..vetri asks for her passport and officers search the house but they don find anythn...alamelu keeps some opari once they lev ...OQ joins her...πŸ˜† πŸ˜†(
guess alamelu will vacate place soon if police freq visitπŸ˜†!!!!)

abhi enters ICU...sees thols..he is still unconscious..she cries and rem various incidents wid him...she suddenly cries in pain ...and she sees her hand covered in blood..she faints and falls...(
wont the dr's  treat her how stupid!!!)


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