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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago
Wednesday   18/11/09

CBI stalwart Vetri is sitting - jolly aa kaalai aatindu - must be thinking
about the next situation song - his cronies, the ex kings of South India
arrive and salute - " Aatha photo ella police station kkum anuppiyaacha?"
Cronies say that not just the police stations of Tamil Nadu -"even the
stations of the bordering states !!" Commissioner calls ( not that other
kuchi one who has a voice which is inversely proportional to his looks - must be the CBI chief )
- he is very stern with Vetri - "photo fax panniyaacha? any feed back?" Vetri says that he is not sure if all the police stations received the fax. Commissioner jumps -"appo phone panni kelunga.....24 hours le Abi should be caught, otherwise CBI enna kizhichaangannu, nambalai kizhichu thoranam kattituduvaanga. And
we have shoot at sight order, if she tries to escape, shoot her, ok?"
Vetri says ok - "ada neenga enna Sir, enakku songs think pannave neram poralai ...aatha vai pidicha antha time le paada song venum.... ennai phone pannu nnu varukkareenga??!!" However, he tells his cronies that aatha has to be caught soon " oru pombalai !!! nammai epdi cheat pannitta??" ( oh appo oru aambalai cheat pannina OK vaa??? neenga CBI ya, MCP ya??)
Well well,
what follows next defies all theories - Aatha arrives in an auto - all
bandaged and limping - to the CBI office. Moves at snail speed and climbs the stairs. Tells Vetri that she is responsible for ALL the confusions.
" Business I killed Menu. I have come to surrender " some more muted talk. Vetri wants to know the involvement of Thollai but Aatha says that he is not party to  her criminal activities. Also says that she has no clue about his whereabouts. Vetri is very happy - calls his superior and says that Aatha has surrendered. Plans to produce her in the court and warns the ex kings "Cheran, Pandian, Rekha vai kOttai vitta mathiri ithaiyum vida koodathu. make sure that u have honest police personnel...extra care, ok??" By this time, the journalists smell the rat and throng outside. Vetri just says that Aatha has surrendered and accepted her guilt - " all else only after our inquiry"

Hissy is meeting the DV people - holds them by their necks and says that
the DV project should come to him " how can u do business with a criminal??" The DV guys say that if aatha is proved guilty then they will have no qualms about granting the contract to Hissy. Just then some one calls with the news of aatha's surrender - Hissy switches on the TV and aatha is all over. Well, the DV guys decide to switch camp -" we will get back to u in 2 days' time - after we finish our formalities" Hissy beams.

Original Roja to up-dater Roja "just 4 lines for this segment, ok??
 - count starts.
Aatha is taken to the court via the back door OQ, Eashu, Vichu, Saguni and Usha - trying to gate crash - learn that aatha is at the back, run and all talk at the same time - aatha limps, gives a pathetic look, not a word..... gets in to the van.


Jalra's death?? oru decent funeral kooda illiya??? now, all the murders /deaths  can  be added to aatha's account !!!!
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Posted: 14 years ago
Thursday 19/11/09

Drama outside the CBI Office - Aatha is goingggggg and the rest are
doing a RKO (Round Katti Oppari - azhukku koojavin arumai thozhiye , enge pogirai?? nee enge pogirai?? - BG by Roja)Aatha has a paavam
face and does not say a word. Rajendran sits on the floor with hands
on his head and does a solo Oppari . Eashu boy does a "ayyo Abbi, abi" - here comes minister uncle and frets "enna aachu anne??? Aatha ella
crime aiyum accept panni surrender aagittalame??" Eashu's anger gets directed towards his bro - starts shouting "neeyellam oru manushanada??? antha ponnai Oda Oda viratininga,  she has surrendered herself ...for no fault of hers.." TV asks as to how he can be held responsible if aatha surrenders on her own. Every one shouts at him, OQ for her part curses , Usha shouts at him ..TV says that he has come to help Aatha and Usha has the last laugh "enna , inge enna nadakkuthunnu paarthu report kettana antha rogue?? athukkuthaane vanthinga??" Eashu goes to darling bro and says " Road le panam kidantha, veshti yai avuthu athile kattara cheap guy nee, unnai pathi theriyaatha??? Aatha kku help panra moonji yai paaru - nee yellam thirunthuviyaa??" OQ says that he has no necessity to reform himself -" Even God helps the likes of him, why should he reform??? " Finally, Vichu says that there is no point in enacting a drama there -" let us go to the court and see if they are remanding Aatha, let us move for a bail" OQ and Rajendran are asked to go home. The rest leave for the court. Minister just stands like a statue ( hissy pistol le oru rendu moonu bullet unakku thaan doi !!!! adutha target nee thaan )

Hissy's house. Gujju is getting ready to go to the temple - Hissy as usual does a "my mummy my mummy " and gloats. Talks about aatha's surrender. Gujju says that she can not believe that aatha is capable of such atrocities. Hissy says that her surrendering speaks for itself. Mano and Anu come there and say that aatha will never do such things. Hissy sweet talks mommy to leave immediately - so that he can deal with Mano and Anu. After mommy leaves he confronts Mano "appo unga akka ipdi panna maatta but I will, right???" Mano tries to refute and Anu joins. Hissy says that the time has come - " the game is over, I helped you and Aarthi only because I wanted Aatha to be support -less. I cunningly got your shares but
Aatha was smart enough to get them back. But now, she has gone for kambi counting and I am victorious. I do not need any of u any more , so, out...out u go.." Anu calls him "annaaa.." and Hissy says that he is not her brother "yaaro velaikkaran ponnu nee, I am not your brother !!!" Mano finds his tongue and says that Hissy has given them shares in his company and a house : I will not leave this house, i will go to the court !!!  Hissy picks his slippers and doles out a few dharma adis to both ( Roja actually liked that part , they both deserve this and more !!) -  laughs and says that they all autographed one big bunch of bond papers. "ella property um now is back with me , u get out ...die or beg..not my problem" Just then Eashu comes - ethukku ?? gnayam kekkavaam - Yovv , nee enna maakkaana??? yaar kitte poi justice pathi pesare??? Aanalum unakku kusumbu jasthi, payyan mele romba paasam, eh??  - shouts at sonny boy for Oda oda viratufying Aatha " just because she is my daughter??" Hissy
is categorical " Oh , no, just because she wanted to be my equal. Oru pombalai, athuvum en kitte kai katti sambalam vanginave..." Now Eashu says "exactly, oru pombalai yai ozhikka ithanai effort??? Do u realize that you actually lost ? Pethavan sabam wont let you live happily !!!" Hissy says that Eashu's curses wont touch him - "you cheated my mom and sired your curses are meaningless" Fnally Eashu takes Mano and Anu with him - to Aatha's chathiram - Thank God, Anu remembered her child !!!

Hissy pays a visit to Menu - the famous vomiting BG - Hissy has gone totally nuts - asks Menu to sign the documents but she refuses. Hissy now shows his MCP side -" unakkum antha Abbbi kkkum romba thimiru. Ungalukkellam konjam padippu allow pannina , men ai mattam thattuvengalaa??? Women belong to the kitchen, athai vittu ttu, u challenge me??/ The great Aadhi??" Menu is cool - "stop it, enough, the more u talk the more u expose the gutter inside you. Whatever u do, i refuse to sign" Hissy says that he will kill her " I shot TT, and there was no fear of death in his eyes. But what is the use??? So, now are u scared of dying?" Menu says that she is only concerned about the eradication of all witnesses -" unnoda crimes kkellam I am the only witness !!!" Now Hissy screams, raves, rants, hits Menu and then cajoles " ennai kolai kaaran aakathey ( apdi Podu all the murders u did are weeds removal??) ok, I will let u go...sign these documents and I will let u go" Menu says that she is no fool to believe him " I will never sign these. The day you get convinced that I will not sign, u can kill me....epdi vasathi??" Hissy screams some more, gives her some more time to think it over and leaves..


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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago
Wednesday 25/11/09

Hissy is driving - madness driving madly - Naren karthikeyan would like to learn some tips from Hissy - - that judge must be Eashu's step brother
 ( Eashu appa enge wild oats sow panninaarO??) - appeals to Hissy and talks about law -"Aathi, oru judge ai kidnap panrathu is a big offense , vandiyai niruthu " ( must have done his Law degree at ASoBM - asattu thanam is obvious !!) Hissy kku kidnap ellam jujubi - he is livid that
the judge talks about kidnapping - Offense?? kidnap??? che che, na murder lam asaaltta panravan... pOda pO.. - tells the judge that he can not bother to stop the car - "jump out man jump ..otherwise I will shoot u" Judge decides to jump from the moving car -" intha kolaikaaran kaiyaale sagarathai vida athu mel" -falls down fortunately at the curb - kalla kadathal arisi moottai mathiri rolls over.  Hissy now calls his half sister - ' ABBBBIIII , enna un family yai apdiye lock panni vaichuttu vanthiya??? I am going there - not one in your family will be alive..." Aatha does the stupidest thing - like father like daughter , no paternity test is required - appeals to Hissy " I am your enemy, not my family, leave them alone" cries cries..and asks Kooja to speed some more. As usual Hissy has a head start  and so reaches "Karpagam Colony" before the police and Aatha.

Inside, the clan is discussing "Adithya and his veera pradhabams" OQ quickly points out that Eashu need not have sired a son like this. All others share their views about Hissy and his madness. Rajendran asks "enna maama, petha pillaiyai hang panniduvaanga nnu sogam??" Eashu says that he is not bothered about that -"  the root cause for all these problems.... is me... athan I am feeling guilty and ashamed" ( athu sari, romba  quick aa repent panringa???) Hissy boy arrives after jumping over the kutti parapet - gun in hand - mad look - shouts " heyyy , none of you will live, gonna shoot the whole brood" Aatha is trying to call her clan - no one picks up - Kooja is whipped to drive faster. Vetri and his cronies are happily driving - not sure if they know where they are heading or where they should be heading... Hissy pointing his pistol-  the whole clan is doing inky pinky ponky as to who will knock at St.Peter's gate first.

Aatha and kooja arrive - Aatha walks in, looks shocked opens and closes her mouth a few times like a fish - one would think that the whole clan has gone to La La  Land - Kooja for his part tries to show shock - poor thing, all emotions are elusive for him - looks for an opportunity to do his master piece - wiping the head and face in one stroke . After Aatha does some fish act , the camera slowly pans to show that all in the OQ clan are safe......well, there is one body lying down - positively dead - Gujju darling has gone on a date with St.Peters. For Aatha's sake and Roja's sake, rewinding happens - as Hissy is aiming at OQ clan, Gujju maami walks in shouting "Aathiiii" -
Hissy welcomes her and tells her that she will be privy to the shooting
show - " ivanga yaraiyum vida maatten amma, first unnai cheat panninane ..antha manushan , what say?? Or do u have a better choice??" Gujju
says that she is angry with all of them , she did rejoice when this family suffered " but never once did i think of killing any of them !!! If only I had thought like this , they would all have gone to Kailaasam long back !!"
( apdi podu aruvaalai, kozhandaikku intha genes epdi vanthu thunnu ippo theriyarathu !!! Murathaale puliyai virattina Gujju maami yaa nee??? Eashu is a coward )
Hissy says "no sweat mommy, I will do the honors - and will be dedicated  to you, all murders for u mommy" Gujju is livid "u killed Arjun for me??? I like u more than him but that does not mean that I want him killed!!! And Rekha..why did u kill her?" The OQ clan is agape - each mouth can allow a  baby elephant to walk  in - the death of Arjun and Rekha is news to them - hissy has a valid reason for every murder but Gujju maami can not accept that logic. Finally says that she is ashamed to call Hissy as her son " if u have gone this far, it just shows that I am  inept , shoot me.." Hissy has gone nuts - does some amma amma .... mommy and son play "pistol snatching game" - well , the trigger is pulled - not sure who did that - Gujju has an instant death - now the camera pans to show a dead Gujju and a lamenting hissy - Hissy insists that mommy has to call him "Aathi nnu koopidumma" Now the whole clan goes near to shed a few tears - OQ is happy - habbbaa nice oPPari kku chance - Namba Aatha law point pesaraanga - "are u happy?? Your own mom died because she is
ashamed to have a son like you..Law irukku , to punish people... why did u do all this??" ( kudumbame kirukku kudumbam - justice,law ellam pathi yaar kitte pesanum nnu vivasthai illai??) Hissy hates the lecture more than his mommy's death - starts running outside - aatha and Kooja follow - now the clan cries for Gujju - without any fear of their death - Hissy runs ...main road le... at last Vetri's cronies sight him... pointing guns.....


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Posted: 14 years ago
Thursday 26/11/09 - prosaic episode uh huh

Ok folks, looks like this trash will go to the trash bin -
98% tomorrow - anyways , looks like Aatha - the Bhudha,
Jesus and Gandhi rolled in to one figure - is all ready to
accept gold digger - well, that is what gold digger says -
and after seeing today's episode, Roja is tempted to believe
that !!! Today's episode does not merit up-dating but.....

Starts with Hissy running helter-skelter and he goes up a
tall building - could be his own - and plays Jesus - spreads
his hands as if he is nailed to the cross - ready to fly, may be?? -
Vetri forgets the singing - obviously his song bank does not have
an apt song for this situation - and keeps shouting " Aadhi, dont,
dont do this, surrender..." While this goes on, Vetri's crony runs up
- to catch Hissy - Hissy is not used to obeying orders anyways -
so jumps - falls down - Aatha does her fish act, Thollai does his
master piece acting of wiping the sweat at one go - all others are
witnessing the bravery ... uh huh  ..

After a few days - Well, Hissy is not dead - he is like a vegetable but is
 able to sit in a wheel chair - Aatha cries ( so what is new??? you are
OQ's daughter and you have to justify that !!!)
and has a monologue -
"Aathiiii,  ithukka ipdi paranthu paranthu sambathiche....panam panam..
now, u do not know who u are ..." Usha and Thollai admire Aatha's
histrionics and now Aatha asks Usha to take care of Hissy's business
and the vegetable. Usha agrees and says "unnai purinjikkave mudiyalai -
intha punishment avanukku porumaa" ( ethu??? avan ipdi veggie aa
irukkarathaa, illatta avanai nee parthukka porathaa???)
Aatha says
that she is human - " intha punishment porum" ( so u play judge too???
Kooja will play the dawali??)
Aatha is outside the hospital - does the
one thing she is adept at - cries - Thollai watches..

Murali with his accented English comes, apologizes on behalf of DVS
and hands over the contract - leaves. Aatha again plays fish - opens
and closes her mouth a few times - romba elated aam , athaan - takes the
file in hand and twitters around like a lizard whose tail got cut just then -
Thollai says "unga project, unga kitteye vanthaachu, inimel ungalukku
ellam nalla nadakkum " ( oh yes, tell me about it, Aatha kku epdiyO,
engalukku nalla kaalam .... Raghu-Kethu, Sani Bhagawan ellarum
nalla kaariyathukkaga thaan edam move panni yirukkanga !!)
continues playing fish.

Gold digger, Alamu and OQ - uh huh - Roja is really really p****d off -
Gold digger says that he is a reformed saint now and all he wants is
to get Aatha back. OQ says that she can not convince Aatha -" she is
not keen about remarriage !!!" Gold digger says that he KNOWS that
Aatha loves him and does not know how to express " It is your call,
I depend on you to do this " Alamu does chaynggg chakkk OQ looks
at the camera feeling all important uh huh


Bjda - your pleasure to wrap this up - hopefully
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Posted: 14 years ago
friday 27.11.09

well mainly dis episode focussed on abhi,basky

scene 1
abhi is very restless..she just flips pages of magazine...waiting for someone...soon a car arrives and menaka comes wid documents..she apologizes for coming late..she den says...u have saved me and given me uyir thankful..ur an amazing women..full of energy..i tht der is no dharmam in dis world..but u have proved tat it exists..abhi dosent know wat is say 😳...abhi tells her not to be so formal...menaka tells her tat it is all because of adhi..and sighs..abhi tells her be happy at least ur alive adi could have killed u...menaka agrees...den menaka tells her she has a suprise and tells her to take over MMC proj...abhi is shocked..and thanks menaka..menaka informs abhi tat she has no prob if abhi works wid digital value as she has an agreement wid dem ....abhi thanks her profusely...menaka says she dosent  want the thanks but wants somethn else in return which she'll ask tom and levs..abhi stares at the document and sobs...(wat do u guys think she's gonna ask???)

scene 2
bhaskar's house

abhi arrives der...alamelu(AL),karpagam(K),bhaskar(B),vidhya her hubby and B 's kid are waiting...AL welcomes her in..she grins at abhi..abhi asks her mom ..y did u cal me her..K tells her she wants him to marry B ..abhi gets angry..K says i asked u to marry mahesh u didnt at least now listen to me..abhi tells her she is not interested ..B tels her i wanna  live wid u and give u happiness which i should have given u when i married u ...both me and ma kid want u he tells abhi the kid needs a mom(excuse me!! u should have tht abt tat befor killing sangeetha...he is acting like he did nothing 😡 😡)..abhi asks him .y didnt u feel all dis when i was married to u at tat time u ill treated me 👏 👏.(for once abhi made some sense).....AL tells her  its all her fault and tat she is not sick but lied so tat B and she would live happily..she tells abhi..if i am of any disturance i wil go away...but u be happy...abhi is irritated wid her....

AL tells her do u rem wat ma hubby said befor he died..flashback of how he tells abhi to take care of family and she promises him...(n th time were shown dis flashback ippidiye alamelu otara abhi a 🤢)she recollects the scene and cries a bit..AL and K tell her to agree for the marriage and AL hands the kid to her..B tells her he has changed and wants to live wid her and falls at her feet and apologizes for his mistake ..abhi is shocked and moves away...B stands der in a corner while the otheres convince her..she comes near B looks at him for a sec den walks out of the house..all are worried but K tells dem tat abhi is just embarr she wil def agree i wil make her agree and levs... AL is unhappy and cries ...B covers his face wid his hands and quietly sobs...
(do u really think B has changed i have ma doubts...)

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