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Posted: 14 years ago
Really its very bad.. after a long time. i have seen this serial for last 10 minutes.. what a bull shit screenplay.. reporters are surrendering the   documents for money.. what bullshit... hope vikatan is doing the same.. Vikatan is not having the rights to judge/criticize the movies..( vikatan please stop this)....
They have to learn from Radhika.. how they are doing..
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Posted: 14 years ago
SUN TV is Loosing the Viewers.. I have notified most of them went to VijayTv  on that time slot.. Sun please wake up and  ask this Tholai to stop this.. or move this slot to Midnight...
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Posted: 14 years ago
appa thanks for creating such a great topic.....
tis serial s going in such a rubbish story line.....i cant able to bear seeing any character..
plz i request people not to watch tis stupid serial,....
i cant able to get wat they r telling in tis serial...they r just  teaching all wrong ways to the people....
im sure if they drag tis serial till more sun tv ll loose its viewers..
n also sure VIJAY tv is much more better than tis stupid soaps...
plz plz sun tv wake up....
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Posted: 14 years ago
It does not matter whether the show is rubbish or what as long as people keep watching it.
The best thing to teach a lesson to the producers to stop watching and stop discussing about the show.
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Posted: 14 years ago
i actually read an article some time back about devayani and how this serial is one of the best ironic isn't it, while we here are desperately hoping for it to end soon.  I think the problem with serials today is that one serial has too many sub plots put into one, and when they can think of a new idea instead of making a fresh new serial  they create twists and turns to the preexisting serials, which ruin it.
I think serials should be...

cut shorter (instead of 6 years maybe two years tops for each serial, if really good then 3, but the shorter the better like the saying says "keep it short and sweet")
2. have fewer characters (because i swear there are too many annas annis akkas friends and etc.... and that means more subplots) this also sucks cause some characters are just forgotten, and especially when they had a good plot going on.

3. Concentrate more on the emotional issues of people, no need for too much action and cop/action stories in serials, cause first of all that's why we have movies (and those kind of stories are really dying down in films too), and second of all the budget for serials don't seem to handle these situations as well. (no offense), but seriously mystery is good minus the politics and etc...
⭐️⭐️⭐️oooohhh how about  a serial about a young girl, who isn't too serious,  who works for a detective agency, who handles petty crimes every week and how she deals with it since she is a girl and how she handles her parents, family and even getting married)
liking this idea   maybe i should send this into radaan media-works or something 😛just the right anount of drama and of course the most important part for any show, light hearted comedy and a dash of romance (come on i'm a girl we all love stuff like this) this would be perfect, any takers to produce this and replace kolangal!!!!!😆
4. and of course that reminds me one thing many serials are missing is the humour. i'm a sucker for comedy tracks. If there were less tears in a serial and few more comedic scenes it really wouldn't hurt. (e.g only reason i watched selvi and arsi was because of gj's running gag reel, he was hilarious even though he was a villain, made him hard to hate) and i really would like to see a little more light hearted romance (the type that was in mozhi)
5. change the way women are portrayed, i know the whole reason for serials is to portray the woman as the main character, but some of those characters are always crying helplessly or they are reaching new heights beyond reality. they should make it so that the main characters don't always have to be rich entrepreneurs, cause the truth is there are many story lines that can be thought up of for working women, who don't out of the blue have to start a construction company to get to the top.  Hasn't anybody heard of reaching greater heights slowly step by step, come one we don't need all those padayaapa, arunachalam stories in serials too. unless it is Thirumathi selvam at this moment😉
6.have less stories about two wives/husbands and not always have a villain or villi who just seem to be an avatharam of the devil himself.(no offense but really there in no ways hell can there be a character like adhi in real life especially a regular businessman turn into that.....its just to off track man)
.......so many other suggestions but seriously i'm just a kid who knows nothing about what happens in the world of serials which should be left to professionals like thols and the others (actually they are really great story tellers you can see that through the first few months of their serials but once they want to cross 3 years they just start running out of new ideas that can fit the main plot) , i understand
there are many jobs at stake if a serial ends, but if you make more serials that are shorter won't that compensate for this.

Thanks for starting this topic realli let me get out a whole bunch of this crap i had bottled up when i watch episodes of kolangal (which i rarely do now, actually i stopped couple of yrs ago, but my parents haven't so when ever i walk in on one of the episodes it just gets me all pissed off)
any other comment on how to make serials better and more watchable.....maybe someone should send in one of the fanfictions written in this forum to some channel who makes serials😊
though i have to admit i'm really like the idea i had just come up with while writing this about the girl who works for a detective agency, there are just too many areas untouched, always the same stories over and over again.

😊 wow  just scrolled back to the top can't believe i wrote this much!!! For those souls who took the time to read my rant about making serials better.......GOD BLESS YOU!!!😆 and sorry if i put you to sleep half way through😳
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Posted: 14 years ago

We should campaign in this forum to stop viewers from watching this serial and let SUNTV lose its prime time rating cause of the rubbish serial.