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Posted: 14 years ago
just watch the ^^  song sequence chandz!

shabz.. hav u been watchin this show regularly?

yah chandz! i think hes guju.. nd the shirt was all sorts of cheap! πŸ˜†
rox was so disappointed.
Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by x.sonia.x

why are we not watchin this? 🀣


OMG lmfao wtf is this? hahha chalk chalka re for a bunch of dudes wearing dupattas lmao. wow  hahahahhahaha
lmao that dude is so full of himself speaking in english lol...
Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by roxthefox


Haaye itne pyaaaaar se bulaawa??? Phir toh mujhe aana hi padegaπŸ˜³πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Sorry yaar....was busy dealing with stalking issues in our CC againπŸ˜•πŸ˜†
Posted: 14 years ago
hi anu once again!
i think rox left to watch New York!

welcome back caro! i believe that was over 30 minutes..
but i am just smappy happy ur back!
so tell me of future mjht plans.. u always seem to hav the info!

chandz! i think this a show we must watch for πŸ˜‰ reasons.. but u will be gone
*throws tantrum*
Posted: 14 years ago
loll anu i see the stalking problem is universal  haha
sonia- lmao the dude with the lisp is wierdddddd hahaha...i kinda like the luv guy, but the toronto one has to go....*whispers* he looks gaaaaay. =S
Posted: 14 years ago

Sonia...I do watch the show regurlarly. Yesterday's dance sequence was so retarded, especially when the brothers were acting all gay.

Heyy Anu, Caro, and Chand :)
Posted: 14 years ago
*edit* I accidently quoted myself.
Anyways, Anu I don't know what CC you're a part of but it has stalkers too?
Edited by indn inn0cence - 14 years ago
Posted: 14 years ago
hey shabnam

future mjht plans..meh? what
Posted: 14 years ago
lmao shabnam u watch love ne mila di jodi? how is it? from what ive seen it looks kinda lame lol
hey caro=D
the dancing guy is even wierder!! hahaha
Posted: 14 years ago
chandz! luv is riyas fav also but there aint much to pick from. this show is so not like the bachelorette as the guys were likely picked due to their odd character.

shabnam.. whats the show about thus far? just introducing the characters?

caro.. PD? did she say anything.. whats nxt?

Edited by x.sonia.x - 14 years ago

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