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~*~ Incognito Critics #62 ~*~ Invite Only !

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Posted: 14 years ago

Invite Only!

Welcome to Incognito Critics, where Intellect is valued, Wit is recognized & Humour exists in profusion.
You  are about to enter the ancient and noble society of Incognito Critics, who, since ancient times have always endeavored to shatter the stone of ignorance, to bring forth the light of truth... to... oh what the hey! Join in ramblers from all walks of life, who criticize and discuss everything from films, to TV shows, to societal issues, and even aliens! 😆

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Rules need to be followed under every circumstance -

# I - No Bashing of actors/actresses.
# II - No Bashing of members of IC or members of any other CC.
# III - No Bashing of Dev. Team Members.
# III - You're not allowed to use abusive Language.
# III - All views should be respected

* If anyone is found breaking the above rules, he/she will be taken off the list after one notice.


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Anyone who wishes to be a member should PM Neeta (-Neetz-) or Soha ( roxthefox )

Thank you!! 😃


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Posted: 14 years ago
congratulations on #62 guys!!
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Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by: RiyaK09

Riya's fashion police!

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan





If she had worn this dress to some Bollywood award function, I would have had no complains. But, hello Ms. Rai, this is Cannes and you are a L'Oriel promoter! The dress is very ordinary and does not stand out! I have been told that many articles were written about Eva Longoria and Elizabeth Bank's (co-promoters of L'Oriel) look for Cannes, but no one even mentioned Ms. Rai. The hair look bad, she sported the same damn tight ponytail for two events at Cannes! Who does that? Methinks, that Ms.Rai needs lessons from Frieda or from Sonam Kapoor, for that matter, when it comes to stylish hair-dos.

i like her hair. i agree this could hav passed in b wood as pretty decent but it aint gonna flay at cannes. its an interesting dress.. i am trying to see if it would be better cut rite above the knee but then she couldnt really wear it on the red carpet..

Aishwariya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan

Finally, she did something right. I love the color of the dress, blue, it highlights her colored eyes. I think this wasn't a formal Cannes event, so her look matches up, its not too formal. Her hair look cute, with the hair band (which she probably borrowed from AB Baby). For once, she acted with grace too, and wasnt seen laughing like a monster and letting the media take scary pics of her (remember the Pink Pather promotion event?). Coming to Abhishek, two white jackets in row? Not cool. Where has the variety gone? And only Abhishek will show off his hairy chest and some astrology related necklaces at an International event, way to go! The sunglasses on the head make him look, ermm, a bit feminine?! The light blue outlining to the white jacket reminds me, Abhishek, I'd like some Cranberry Martini please 😊

yah this is ok for informal. its vry pretty nd the color is perfect for her but it makes her look younger which is good i guess but this is in a not so good way. like a child with the hairband.

ok abhi is hopeless. i read nimmis comment. he totally looks like he is in miami.

Namrata Shirodkar

Oh look! She finally comes out of hiding after a decade, some might not even remember her, but she was this one actress who did a couple of roles with Sanjay Dutt in the 90s and then poof, she disappreared. Good news first, she looks the same. Bad news, I just threw up. Seriously, what tha heck? You show up and get clicked after a decade wearing this? Cheee chee. The shoes look horrendous, her toes are popping out, that means the shoes are small for her. The jeans look like they are from the good ol' 90s, not fitting and the color wash looks hideous. Coming to the worst part, turtle neck black full sleeves sweater with a scarf, oh really, is it snowing in Mumbai? 😛 The scarf looks like something the very feminine looking Saif Ali Khan from the 90s would sport, oh I remember, I think she did some movies with Saifu, must have stolen the scarf from Saifu's van. About that Louis Vuitton bag, bring on something new, even I have the same identical bag!

i remember her. i just dont get why stars think they can dress down. there is always a chance of being photographed nd plus there r ways to dress down that dont make u look like u shopped at walmart!


Priyanka Chopra




Thank God, she always brings in a breath of fresh air! She wore this to the "Pyaar Impossible" website launch, and she looks so cool. White top and dark skinny jeans can never go wrong, especially if one has that kind of a figure and especially if the event was so informal. The hair looks pretty and simple, make up is done in an adequate amount. Love the watch, not much to say, Pranks rocks this simple look

ok see now thats a nice casual..


Aarti Chabbria



Oh look! Phool khile hain gulshan gulshan! Two darks colors and one hideous dress! Perfecto! Dear Lord, what in the world was she thinking? The "phool" blossoming around her straps make her look like a fool, then that ridiculous belt in the middle that extends and drops till knee looks like a "nada" (if you know what I mean). And grrrr, even better, the phools are even blossoming on her SHOES!

her face looks fresh! thats the best part fo this. i hav no affinity to anything with flowers on me nd i dont like to see it on others.


Minissha Lamba




She wore this to some spa inauguration. I do have some problems with this ourfit, she is a short woman and the pencil skirt make her legs look even shorter. Her legs would have looked long if the skirt was shorter. Umm, the color of the skirt is alright, nothing for me to go ga-ga over it. The top is actually cute with the whole belt and the ruffles thing, BUT I hate the poofy sleeves! They make her look wide and short. Not to forget that the botoxed face, siliconed lips and plastic nose are very distracting and I hate the new haircut.

🤣 hmm botox, silicone, nd platic huh?  is that confirmed?

but i agree a shorter darker skirt woulda been better. like the top.


Neetu Chandra




Yo Neetu! A certain Karan Singh Grover called, he wants his pants back! The entire look is just too much, first the parachute-ksg-inspired-pants, then the crazy design on the pants! Making me dizzy, can I have some lemonade? (bad joke) Crazy pants, crazy shoes! What eshtyle! The hair is cracking me up! Whats up with that one pink strand? My little cousin likes to play with her hair like that, yeah she's five. Basically, all these girls are trying hard, but failing big momma time

lol ksg wants his pants back. 😆 they remind me of mc hammer pants..

cant touch this..


Prachi Desai




Firstly, the weight gain is not flattering, especially if your career in Bollywood is just taking off. Secondly, what a boring dress! I've seen so many of these similar dresses and does she realize that the style of this dress is making her look really wide? The embellishment in the middle doesnt even match the top half! Coming to my favorite part, the "gayab" shoes. WTF! what is she trying to prove? That her shoes are designed by Mr.India? They have got be the worst pair of shoes I've seen in a really long time! Maybe, Ekta's saaya is taking over her wardrobe?

i usually like that color on desis but its a lil too loud for her.

oh.. i cant stand those see thru shoes also. pointless.


Sushmita Sen



Is it just me or is she seen wearing black everywhere these days? Probably trying to hide the sudden weight gain, although she has lost a few pounds since her last appearance. The shoes are so ugly! They look like one of those shoes that are sold are Wal-Mart! Again, looks like the jeans are from the 90s, how obsolete! Top is meh, but her face makes up for everything! Methinks, her face looks very pretty and totally not botoxed unlike some of the younger actresses's faces 😃

it is safe but i like the top with the lil cut in the middle. nice nd casual. the jeans would hav been nice if they fit. the baggy extra fabric at the bottom just kills it.


Vidya Balan




Firstly, she looks very pretty after the much needed weight loss! Secondly, one can always depend on Ms. Balan when it comes to fashion faux pas. This time around, Javed Akhtar has inspired her in the dressing department. Is it just me, or does her kurta looks like its been stolen from JA's closet?! The pink churidaar is so out of place, same thing with the silver shoes. Looks like, she just pulled something out of closet and didnt give a shiz about matching stuff. Coming to the good news, her face looks naturally pretty with the not much make up. Kudos!

i dont get why she cant dress well. .. but i giv her props for trying weird things.

thx riya!
Posted: 14 years ago
OMG, Luv Khanna reminds me of Luv Sinha. Where is Deepti? Had to say that for old time's sake.
roxthefox thumbnail
Posted: 14 years ago
Can I get a brap brap here?!

Posted: 14 years ago
Congrats on the 62nd CC, everyone!
Posted: 14 years ago

I miss Neeta. I haven't talked to her in so so so so many days.


My two cents on this issue:


Prior to joining IF, I had no knowledge on how unhealthy (literally) celebrity obsession can be where teenaged girls and grandmothers blindly speak of murdering the poor chaps that do not worship actors.


After keenly observing the hazardous cult and their treacherous behavior, I have concluded that women or men who do cross the visible line are patients of inferiority complex. They seem to get lost and woven into the actors or even specific characters that they imagine themselves as them. For example, if an elder lady is absolutely awed by Shahrukh Khan or Karan Singh Grover, she imagines herself as the Riddhima or Kajol that Karan or Shahrukh makes love to. *Shudders* It's not a comical issue at all and as earlier stated, health can significantly be damaged in cases of this sort, especially cerebral health. Gradually but surely, the obsession begins to transform into insanity that it deprives sleep and patients become socially awkward as well. They tend to go out their front doors minimally, if not at all, and only find pleasure in day dreaming or night dreaming about their favorite actors/characters with Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai playing in the background. If the patient of this disease is a young one, such as teenagers, then at least their parents or guardians are their support. But I pity with those patients who suffer from this disease that already have a family. *Sigh*


Now the question is where does one stop? It's absolutely healthy to admire an actor or character and appreciate their work. That's no sin. Entertainment has expanded so vastly in the recent decades that no one can escape from it so it's alright to have your favorites. But it does become dangerous when the obsession tends to alter behaviors into abnormality. Listening to Beyonce's 'Halo' and appreciating it or watching Jude Law's 'Closer' is fine but taking a knife to someone's throat for not finding Beyonce hot or Jude Law sexy is where the obsession transforms into lunacy. Accusing people of being the Anti Christ or spreading negativity for criticizing a D grade show is when one can start hunting for mental hospitals. If one starts to talk in a way such as 'Aye u idiot. I is goin 2 murder u 4 not lykin ma choklate boyz!' then you can start looking for assistance. Celebrity obsession is dangerous on so many levels but most significantly it's unhealthy because Jude Law, Shahrukh Khan, or even a puny actor such as KSG is unaware of the fan's existence. They are never going to get sympathetic to know that a fan cut up their wrist as someone criticized them.


What else can I add? Hmm. I am sure all of you get the gist of the solemn matter. Thankfully all of us have been saved from this sort of disease. *Sprinkles holy water on us to stay from the evil eye.* But ya as I was speaking, CELEBRITY OBSESSION IS BAD! EEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


However lowing Jude Law and his eyes is aiiiighhht!

Edited by zainab25 - 14 years ago
Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by: dizzyonlemonade

OMG, Luv Khanna reminds me of Luv Sinha. Where is Deepti? Had to say that for old time's sake.

HAHAHA, She got mad last time. "apne liye farhan jaisa aur mere liye yeh luv shuv" 😆😆 then I sent her a picture of Imran and all was well. 😳😳

did you ever meet Neha by the way? Neha was married to Arjun Khanna.. she didn't like him either. 😆 We called her ms. gold digger.
Edited by Ms.GoodMorning - 14 years ago
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Posted: 14 years ago
*Writes down page number*

Zainu, I shall reply to your absolutely STUPENDOUS post in detail tomorrow. It warrants a detailed appreciation. For now, my brain cells are only capable of small talk.... aka, Rakhi ka wh*** house.
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Posted: 14 years ago
wooottt 62? 😲
lol sonia, yes 'the day' is meant to be my fake bday 😆  comeon its technically my bday now that its the 30th! 😃