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Posted: 2009-04-13T08:03:59Z
heyy freds,
AS u all known me Riddhi(riddss)
i think so u remeber me.
any was
wan't to share one more FF with u all.
written by Mithila(mithila2)
so plzz Read & comment.
PART                                   PAGE
  1-2                                          1
  3-7                                          2
  8-10                                        5
  11-12                                      6
  13                                           7
  14-15                                      9
  16                                          11
  17                                          12
  18-19                                     13
  20-21                                     16
  22-24                                     18
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 PM list

Radhika Shah


if i forget to add any of u in PM list
if any one wan't PM then plzz do tell me.

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here's go part -1
read & comment



(This is the time when armaan and riddhima got engaged and they are soon to get married shashank is not so happy but he agreed as because everybody else is happy and riddhima also they both know and trying there best to convince that riddhima key liye armaan se accha koi nahi ho sakta...

Anjali has started liking atul, and rahul is now very confused as to see AR Jodi some how he feels that Jodi ho to AR jaisi and he has decided to leave sanjeevani after AR marriage. But anyone not knows it and muskaan has now started loving rahul and she is disturbed as to why he is going away.)

In sanjeevani

nurse station

Dr Kirti assigned duty to everybody as she very well know that AR if given duty together they will not do so.

Rahul and riddhima: in general ward

Armaan and muskaan: have to treat an emergency case which has come in ICU.

Atul: in kids ward

Anjie: assisting dr shashank in surgery all disperse.


Armaan: kya yaar is dr kirti ka bhi screw dhila hai jab dekho tab humhe alag kar deti hai.

Muskaan: are haan yaar sach main rahul

Armaan: main kuch samjha nahi

Muskaan: trying to round of are yaar tumhe aur riddhima Ko sath dena chahiye tha aur mujhe aur rahul

Armaan: haan haan aaj kal rahul pe bada pyar aa raha hai.

Muskaan: isski to baat hi maat kar ek who hai pata nahi kyun mujhse khicha khicha rehta hai.

In general ward

Rahul: kya hua riddhima khush nahi ho tum dono ko saath main duty nahi di.

Riddhima: khush to nahi hoon par sahi kya agar armaan samne hota hai to kaam kam kuch aur zada hota hai.

rahul: ha ha who mujhe batane ki baat hai kya waise abhi bhi who kaun sa tumhe kaam karne dega.

riddhima: matlab

rahul: who dekho kaise waha khara tumhe nihar raha hai.

riddhima: looking at armaan and giving her stern look tum yaha kya kar rahe ho kaam nahi karma

armaan: are yaar yeh muskaan mujse samalti nahi hai khoon dekh te hi uska dimag kharab hi jata hai jaise taise usehe bana kar aaya hoon aur maine patient ko injection de diya hai who aaram kar raha hai.

rahul: getting worried who thik to hai na

armaan: tujhe uski itni phikar hai to jake dekh le na. keeping his hands on ridhi arms.

(meanwhile nurse come armaan ji aap jayye dr kirti aa rahi hai he just give kiss to riddhima on her cheek and ran. he has told nurse to inform him abt kirti.. riddhima is shocked and shying by sudden act of armaan.)

atul is meanwhile playing with children and for a change anjali is seeing him from glass and is haapy by seeing him to take such good care of kids.

(Riddhima was passing through fire escape suddenly someone pulled her inside)

riddhima: kya kar rahe ho armaan

armaan: wohi jo mera kaam hai aura b to yeh bhi nahi keh sakti ki koi dekh lega ab to sabko pata hai.(holding her tight form her waist.)

armaan: caressing her hair and kiss her cheek was about to kiss her lips and and and as usuall pager rings

recap:- (ar marriagr date is going to be fixed.)


plzz comment
watting for ur Comment
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Posted: 2009-04-13T08:22:27Z
Hey there..
sorry to interrupt but the thread for THIS story has already been created by the writer here..

heres the link to it..


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Posted: 2009-04-13T08:27:04Z
heyy Rucha
i known that dear.
but there is very less comment
less part
& this FF is also mind blowing
so just wan'ted to share with u all
there is only 6part
but i will post more then that
& that part is written by Mithila(mithila2)
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Posted: 2009-04-13T08:37:21Z
nice one riddss...
already read it...
but will read it again...
cotninue soon...
deepu :)
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Posted: 2009-04-13T10:21:57Z
lovely part.
loved it
pls continue soon.
pls pm me if possible.
and thanks for the pm.
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Posted: 2009-04-13T11:00:59Z

heyy freds,

i known same of u has already read this FF.
so for today i will continue part 2-6
from tomorow will post next parts.
here i go
read & comment
ur comment is important for us.


Ridhima: jana hoga pager emergency hai.

armaan: is pager ki to main

Gupta house

(everybody are there as there is date finalized for ar marriage and pundit is seeing the kundalis and every body is happy about it except armaan he is very nervous as he want marriage dt should be as soon as possible par panditji says before 1 monts there is no shubh muharat armaan shouted wtttttttttttttttttttttt everybody looked at armaan.)

armaan: ek mahine pandit jiiiiiiiiii pls toda jaldi nahi ho sakta.

rahul giggling in his ears : haan haan tumara bas chale to aaj hi kar lo.

armaan: giving him stern look.

pandit: soory beta iske pehle koi mu harat nahi hai

everybody else ok par dt kya hai ha its 2 oct.

armaan very disturbed bt ridhima was happy as she can get some time with her parents.

everbody has gone after dinner its 1 o clock in night and ridhima gets a call from armaan

armaan: kya kar rahi hoooooon

ridhima: itni raat ko koi kya kar sakta hai.

armaan: haan haan tum aur tumare papa meri neend udhake khud so rahe hai.

ridhima: ab kya hua

armaan: kya hua ? us pandit ko kisne bulaya tha

ridhima: papa ne

armaan: ab samjha woh is ek mahene main tumara brain wash karenge mere khilaf

ridima; armaan tum

armaan: cutting in between ok sorry sorry main mazak raha tha acha suno I love u and give her a kiss on phone

ridhima: blushing

armaan: knows it oye hoye tum sharmate hue bai pyari lag rahi ho

ridhima: tumhe kaise pata just standing and checking kahi who balcony mein to nahi hai.

armaan: baith jao zada takleef karne ki zarrorat nahi hai mujhe pata hai tum kya kya kis waqt karti hoo ab tumhe itna to janta hi hoon na.

ridhima: ohhhhhhhhhh mujhe nahi pata tha

anjali in between are yaar tum logon ko to neend nahi aati kam se kam mujhe to sone do yaar pls

ridima: acha main phone rakhti hoooooooon di jag jayegi k bye

armaan: ridhima suno bt ridhima has kept the phone he in his minds.
shit yaar tum kab aaogi mere ghar ko Sambhalne aur mujhe.

in the morning ridhima gets bunch of red roses she always get from armaan after angagement

in sanjeevani

rahul is sitting and deep in thinking ek maheena aura b aur nahi hota mujhe kuch bhi karke muskaan se door jana hi hoga uske saath rekar to yeh nahi hoga.

meanwhile muskaan comes ad is happy seeing him alone she just sit besides him and admiring him in his red tshirt.
suddenly rahul sees it

rahul: are tu yaha kab aaye maine dekha nahi

muskaan: dekhek ha kaise kisi soch mai jo tha
rahul" aisi koi baat nahi hai chal mujhe ek case ke bare main dr kirti se discuss karma hai phir milte hai.

muskaan: dr kirti se baad main baat kar lena yaar abhi brefing ke liye time hai

rahul: nahi yaar bahut important hai

muskaan: tu mujhe batayega problem kya jab dekhomujhse door bhagta hai aakhir baat kya hai

rahul: aisa kuch nahi hai

muskaan: main sab samjhti hoo tumare paas aaj kal mere liye baat karne ka time nahi hai

meanwhile they are fighing ar just enterning and looking into one another eyes they don't know there is rm already there
as ridhima is walking without seeing rahul and bumb into it and both fall and eyes contact

armaan: just puuling ridhima kya yaar rahul dekh nahi sakta bechari ko kahi lag jati to

muskaan: sach kehte hai log pyar main andhe ho jate hai galti ridhima kit hi aur tu rahul pe bhdak raha hai.

armaan: kya baat hai muskaan aaj kal rahul ki badi phikar karne llagi hai.

muskaan shy slghtlly

rahul: seeing that are aisa kuch nahi hai tumhe kya lagta hai tum dono pyar karte ho iska matlab sab karte hai kya ok yaar mujhe jana hai.

armaan: isse kya hua bahut dino se badla badla lag raha hai.

mu: ha mujhe bhi oye hero tu baat kar ke dekh na

armaan: thik hain dekh to hoon

atul & anjali

anaji is giving lift to atul now a days to hospital as ridhima is busy with armaan.

atul: thanks anjali lekin tum hamesha kyun aati hoon mera ghar to tumare raaste ke beech bhi nahi padta.

anjali: its ok waise bhi mujhe akele drive karma acha nahi lagta aur ridhima ko to armaan lene 7 baje hi tapak jata hai. yaar in dono ko dekh ke lagta hai koi kitna pyar kar sakta hai raat raat bhar bat karte hai aur phir subah phirse itni kya bateen hoti hai

atul:haan yaar yeh to mujhe bhi nahi pata in minds baat to hoti hai karne aur sune wala chaiye mera dost mera bhai kitna lucy hai.

recap: (armaan talks to rahul)
plzz comment
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Posted: 2009-04-13T11:02:26Z
Hey amazing part yaar..
i dun mind reading this again.....
plzz cont. soon....
nd plzz do pm me if possible!!!!!
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