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Being Holmes S3: Moriarty's Game T3 (R2 Words + R3 p 76)

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Site Issues Discuss Here #5

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Fletcher and Baxi are back in Vidrohi

Finally Fletcher and Baxi are back in Vidrohi as seen from Hemal and Danny's insta finaaaaallllyyyy hopefully everything falls in... ...

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imtheone 4 182 23 hours ago flutterby
Vidrohi TRP charts ...

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This show is so frustrating!!!

I think it is third for my third break.. like what even is this show anymore??? 1. Baxi is making guest appearances in the show he supposed to... ...

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Kuldasi meaning

Been following the show on and off since it started. Could someone please explain to me what a kuldasi is. Thanks ...

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Radha & buxi won jodi award congratulations ...

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Radha planning to get Kalyani married to someone else

Radha finally plans to get Kalyani married to God knows whom..... ...

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imtheone 4 667 28 days ago Shake_d_spear
Kalyani shows her sense of dignity

Kalyani has a unique sense of dignity which are absent in almost every daily soap heroines ....but what happens to her ib her scenes with Radha--... ...

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Today's episode was good

Today's epi was pretty good......they did not drag Kalyani's insult..... Today's epi was much needed after 1.5 week of sadness. Rohdhang is all... ...

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imtheone 0 505 a month ago imtheone
Kalyani's character copy of nandini

It seems a mixture between Jodha and and nandini and not the kind u will like it's very copy like just my opinion ...

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marshi 0 674 1 months ago marshi
KALYANI and Tillo's chemistry

Did anyone see the scene between Kalyani and Tilottoma (Baxi's sister-in-law) in episode 45 (11min 23 secs left )? That was soo funny. In the... ...

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imtheone 3 704 1 months ago flutterby
Today's episode...was not bad

So despite cutting off from the show I watched today's episode. Don't ask my why but I did. And surprisingly it wasn't half as bad. Hemal still... ...

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lovereading14 41 2604 1 months ago flutterby
A peep into Kalyani's mind

Kalyani's character is the least understood or more accurately most misunderstood in Vidrohi. She has many shades in her unlike all other... ...

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imtheone 2 723 1 months ago imtheone
Kalyani and Baxi (KAXI)love story

As the love between Kaxi has already started blossoming , I thought to make a post on it. The first thing Baxi ever felt for Kalyani is respect... ...

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imtheone 0 690 1 months ago imtheone
Very caricature-ish first episode!

I love Sharad Malhotra after his portrayal of Veer in Naagin 5 and waited eagerly for his new show to start. But for me, the episode was a let... ...

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BlackWitch 52 3686 1 months ago Shake_d_spear
Sab chill maar rahe hai

Fletcher, mohan, badamba Naresh, Mukunddev , his wife , kisi ka koi ata pata nahi. Janta jo itne dino tak Brits se pareshan thi ab wo bhi chill... ...

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MastaniBaji 10 1540 1 months ago life_is_fun
Don't make kalyani into radhmani 2.0 l This is real kalyani which will attract buxi towards her , if she try to turn into Radha 2.0 then sorry buxi is... ...

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Shake_d_spear 6 760 1 months ago imtheone
The Second Wife -----Kalyani and Kashibai

Lots of people are drwaing semblamces between Radha and Kashibai . But I feel Radha is not and can never be Kashibai. Bajirao married Mastani for... ...

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imtheone 10 1184 1 months ago flutterby
Honest Review of characters (so far)

1- Buxi Jagbandhu- He's till now a guy with no faults. A good hearted man who is absolutely loyal to his king and motherland, who would rather... ...

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MastaniBaji 12 1905 1 months ago Shake_d_spear
Actual titles of this show

1- Kalyani- Ek Pagal Ladki ki kahani 2-Buxi aur do biwi 3-Gadadhar ki vyatha 🤣 4- Fletcher ka pyar aur character adhura reh gaya🤣 5- Dukhiyari... ...

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MastaniBaji 6 1280 1 months ago Melkor
Kaxi - A flicker of hope?

So for the first time, I did not see Hemal's poor attempt of being Kalyani but actually a glimpse of Kalyani in todays episode. It was brief but... ...

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lovereading14 53 2834 1 months ago MastaniBaji

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