The Pain You Gave Me

The Pain You Gave Me Completed

The Pain You Gave Me

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Dotslover22 5 months ago Wow!!! When will this happen in the show?
Stormy_Eyes 5 months ago Loved the OS❤..its awesome😍👌
Arzena 5 months ago Can anyone tell me which episode is this in which mishty fall
riya27 5 months ago made our dreams come through this write up...though we know it's never gonna happen in our show but you made us hope for such a beautiful revelation. Hats off....
Npdeepa 5 months ago we wont get to see this onscreen atleast not that soon. But you poured out all our feelings....Please continue Jab Tum nahi, hum bhi hum nahi...
Mii5 5 months ago Loved it! Angry and caring Abhir is a treat to watch. Plz PM whenever you pen down. Love to read our Mishbir
vardhinirosid 5 months ago You just killed it, I'm so happy I want kuhu pushing misthi should come out infront of abir, but no writers easily forgot that, I want abir confronting kuhu and kuhu realisation but I realised we can't get this in serial, but reading your os my heart jumped with joy, I love mishbir and like kuku but writers day by day making me hate kuhu for her immaturity, the way you wrote is really awesome, Abeer feeling while watching video is beautiful and his happiness while seeing misthi dance aww so cute, and highlight one is abir confronting kuhu just loved it, and finally mishbir going to live in their own house😍😍
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