Kathputli 2

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Chapter 42

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Rashmi234 6 months ago Nice update Dadi again tried to coax sameera n make her believe that maan just like geet .. But sameera can see maan's love for geet n she is happy as maan is happy with geet ...wished maaneet again n left
Pauliqra 6 months ago Nice geet pragnent sameera came to know about maan and geet's marriage and she left from his life hope dadi accept her now
sridevi_n 6 months ago Nice update. Sam is good here. She really loved maan and was happy knowing that maan is happy with geet. Hope dadi also realise her mistake soon and understand maan and geet
maaneetsangel 6 months ago Interesting. It's good that sam understood that maan n geet belong to each other. Also that there is no place for her. Good to see her taking it all positively. Hope dadi will also understand this n accept geet.
uluvmg 6 months ago vicky came to know maan's possessiveness about his wife and arjun also supported maan ... wow sam was happy about maaneet marriage as she very well understood maan's love for geet so she decided to leave them and settled with vivek but dadi was not supported maaneet as she was still unhappy and wanted sam to marry maan... hope dadi should accepted maaneet wholeheartedly and should not create any new drama to separate them..excited for next...!!
Alamelu 6 months ago So nice to see a nice sameera Glad she recognized why maan loves geet. She is so innocent and Sam is happy for Maan and geet. Now dadi has to accept it too. So like Vicky and Yash
tabby999 6 months ago Lovely update ..Hope dadi sudhar jaaye. She is behaving poorly. Maneet love each other she must understand that .I like sameera hope so she doesn't change
jssood 6 months ago Very nice Sameera is behaviouing like a mature lady Thanks for pm
Firjannat 6 months ago Lovely update.waiting for next
maet 6 months ago Loved sameera understanding nature....just praying dadi dont harm geet Nd her child Anymore
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