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True Love
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Tuesday,Apr 18, 2023 10:30 AM GMT-06:00

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Summary: Kt is a simple girl who lives with her famill in a mumbai.Her mom's name is prena and her dads name is mr.Bajaj.She also has brothers and sisters prem and tushar are her older brothers and sneha,cookie and kasak are her older sisters.mukti is kt's best freind well actually she and kasak,sneha and cookie are the best of friends.

Laksh is one hot guys who lives with his whole family the virani parivar in mumbai as well.He is realy good friends with prem and tushar. His mom ghanga and dad sahil virani are makiing laksh go to colledge.(the sam colledge kt is going to attend

Prem and Mukti have been threw alot like mukti almost died at her wedding because she went to get prem because she loved him insted of the guy she was going to marry(in my story mukti does not die ............and never willFinally they got merried happily

Will laksh and kt meet and fall in love at first sight?Or will they even meet at all?Will prem and mukti get along happily?stay tuned to my fanfic
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