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Published On: Friday,Mar 24, 2023 07:58 AM GMT-06:00

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Author's Note:
No one knows what exactly love is. its is a feeling which cannot be put into words. To define love, one has to also include the risks and the dark sides. As much as love can incite great poetry, build bonds between two opposing people, and turn a sour old man into a laughing teenager again. It also has it's dangerous after effects. Be it the feeling of desperation when it ends, anywhere from a week to months of sitting on the couch dead in the heart. To possibly getting taken advantage of for being blinded by love. There are always risks involved, that's the whole point of the game.
Is love really worth it. why does one loves another so much that he/she is ready to give his/her life for the loved ones.
Trigger Warning:
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