Dil Hi Dil Mein

Dil Hi Dil Mein Ongoing M

Published On: Tuesday,Jan 31, 2023 03:22 AM GMT-07:00

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Ye kahani hai ek ladki ki...ek aam ladki...uski duniya...uska pariwaar...uske dost...aur...uske sapne...
Sapne...yani khwab...dreams...jo har ladki ke hote hai...jinhe wo sari duniya se bachakar apne dil ke kisi kone me chupakar rakhti hai...jinhe wo kisi par zahir nahi hone deti...aur na koi unhe samajh pata hai...wo bas reh jate hai... 'dil hi dil mein'
Author's Note:
Hey guys I am back.. and this time I will complete my fic. Rest assured, I have everything sorted this time.
I can give you a hundred reasons on why I disappeared from IF, but I dont think it matters anymore.
This is my first FF and so close to me that I couldnt let it be incomplete.

I was initially doubtful if there is any point in continuing the fic now.. after soo long. But the subscribers list (*) on the fic's main page has already shown me that all my beautiful friends are still here and still want to read my fic.
I cant express the immense happiness I felt at that moment.

So here I am.. I have migrated all the old chapters, and even edited some chapters that I thought had derailed from the original storyline of the FF. And now that the migration is complete, the next chapter will be new. So go ahead and brush back your memories with the older chapters in the meantime.

I will be upating weekly from now on.. sooo.. stay tuned!

Sana :)
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