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Published On: Monday,Nov 28, 2022 23:09 PM GMT-07:00

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I want to share the fabulous poetry from my region (Serbian) with all my India Forum's friends.
These are my translations from the greatest poets from my country.
Author's Note:
I am mentioning the original poet's name under every poem I am posting here.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”
J.R.R. Tolkien
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Table of Content
Life : By MilošCrnjanski
eye221 thumbs-up5 commenting-o 1
A Land Without An Echo
eye212 thumbs-up4 commenting-o 1
Forgive The Stone For Its Silence
eye197 thumbs-up4 commenting-o 1
Silent Clock
eye219 thumbs-up6 commenting-o 1
From Far Away Land
eye198 thumbs-up2
Little Zebras
eye152 thumbs-up2
Between Those Two Days
eye182 thumbs-up2
Friendship As Devotion
eye191 thumbs-up3 commenting-o 1
All The Colors Of The World
eye186 thumbs-up4
You are my moment and my dream
eye169 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 2
I Believe in the Spring of Love and its Torrents
eye202 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 1
An Immortal Me
eye210 thumbs-up3 commenting-o 1
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eye224 thumbs-up3
A recipe for a successful new year
eye182 thumbs-up2
An Immortal Poem : Part IV
eye169 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 1
Papa's Poem
eye154 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 1
I gifted myself to your friendship
eye160 thumbs-up1
eye206 thumbs-up1
eye176 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 1
A Learning Path
eye168 thumbs-up1
The End from the Beginning
I Pluck a Star On my Way
eye134 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 2
eye138 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 1
Railway Platform
eye152 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 1
eye135 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 1
Sea in one's soul
eye119 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 1
Grass Guides You
eye138 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 1
Magic-By Miroslav Mika Antić
eye185 commenting-o 1
Am I Everywhere Where My Traces Are
eye176 thumbs-up2 commenting-o 1
The Myth Of The Bird
eye139 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 3
eye74 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 1
In Love With Windmills
eye85 thumbs-up1 commenting-o 1
A Day Full Of Little Things
A Poet's New Year Celebration

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