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Published On: Tuesday,Aug 16, 2022 18:06 PM GMT-06:00

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A rewriting of one side character of BALH2 might as well change the story for three others.
Author's Note:
I think this whole mess called BALH2 leap would have never happened if Sara had just decided to raised her son on her own and had cut off her father from their lives much sooner. Priya is the only one who always stood up to him and is the only one suffering, so why should Pri suffer alone? (My love for Pri>>>>)
Also, I am acknowledging the love CVs have for Sara, with a better character arc! Hah!
And yes, there is no way in this universe anyone convince me that Ram was poor before his father's death, or that Nandu married a dude who was poor. For me, Virendra Kapoor was an established billionaire who was murdered by his rival. Baat khatam!
No hate to any actor, #prachandprem for them, all the disgust is directed at the characters and their (lack of) character arcs.
Trigger Warning:
Mentions of Emotional abuse and domestic abuse
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 

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