Kā Te Kāntā? Kas Te Jāmātā?

Kā Te Kāntā? Kas Te Jāmātā? Ongoing G

Published On: Sunday,Jun 26, 2022 14:40 PM GMT-06:00

eye 1772 star 8 book 2

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī.

Raghav Rao needed a transfusion of four units of blood after hitting his head on the blunt end of a nail on the wall, just after removing the wedding photograph that upset his wife, Pallavi. My other story "Hasta-prāpya-stabaka-namito bāla-Mandāra-vṛkṣaḥ" tells you how Raghav recovered quickly and Pallavi's first husband Mandar Deshmukh was discovered alive. This is an alternative story in which Raghav lay in a coma for four months, dreaming of the last four months of storyline drama that never really happened. He wakes up to a visit from Pallavi's and his bitter enemy, Mandar's uncle's wife Sulochana. Sulochana has grown fond of her rich and speechless son-in-law, forgetting her lust for revenge and remembering the time he thought she was a suicide bomber and stroked her all over with a wand. Now that Raghav's awake, it's time for Sulochana to take out a peacock feather and have some fun!
Trigger Warning:
Extent of Trigger Warnings : light ; Trigger Warnings : medical illness, sexually transmitted disease, mention of accident, murder, alcohol abuse, voyeurism, partner violence, divorce, adultery, and abortion.

No Content Warnings.
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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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