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Summary: He met her at very young age of 16 when she was just 8 yrs old girl working in his Haveli. Against all society odd, he introduces her to the world of education.

Takes her under his wings and determined to make her life meaningful. In this process of social growth, it was so natural for two beautiful soul to fall for each other. But the biggest hurdle is her acceptance.

How can she take place next to person whom she worships.

This story is very special and have received great acceptance from my readers in ghsp forum. This is a socially progressive story along with importance of loved once above the fake society rules.
Author's Note: I have been writing FF since long. But took a long break of about 7-8 years. Back then, I received lots of love from my readers. Which encouraged me to post many stories back then. It gave me power to place my weird dreams and imaginations in word and compile them in stories I have restarted writing again and new to posting my Fiction in this section. I would love to get reviews on my stories even in this Fan Fiction Section.

My only problem is, any plot that comes to my mind, i can only connect with Maaneet. So you will get my stories only for Maaneet. But But apart from that you will get very different plot in each story and you can enjoy, thinking beyond fandom. Don't restrict yourself like me.

This story was also left on hold and i have restarted it. Please do like and comment here as well.

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