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Yudh to replace Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega; gets an extension of 10 episodes

Sony TV’s Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega gets an extension of 10 episodes, Yudh replaces EKLKBK.

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Sony TV's Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega based on American show 30 seconds to fame in which participants show off their unique talent and stand up to win a cash prize, was supposed to air 40 episodes only. But the show has further got an extension of 10 episodes. Why?

Hear what our source has to say. "Yudh is supposed to replace Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. It is the channel's decision to give an extension to the reality show so that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's Yudh can match up to the episodes. The extension will give the makers of Yudh get some more time. So now instead of 40 episodes, 50 episodes of the reality show will be aired."

Well if Entertainment is getting an extension of 10 episodes to bring out the best in Yudh, then we are surely and eagerly waiting for Yudh to begin.

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Upasana Patel



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DV_LVR 6 years ago great!! am waiting to see AB's new show!!!
hero0092 9 years ago deepika looks better with ranbir
not with siddarth
2011-08-25 11:29:44
zaaratq 9 years ago Here the media go again, wasting their time and our time giving us articles that has no value.. Whats up with media these days? Paid by actors for tabloid or running after actors so you don get bored? Seriously there is no more value to the word called 'privacy' these days..
tulipbaby53 9 years ago Why does it even matter?? I mean, does it really matter?
-Nirvana- 9 years ago Wait...??? They broke up????!!Since when?? I know they had problems but...?? I'm so late with news
Ranbir is so cute he'll definately find someoone else
And maybe Deepika too2011-06-23 06:29:05
Budtameez 9 years ago Jhooth Bole..Kaali Kavi Kaate..
Jis Ki Girlfriend Kaali..Uska Bhi Bada Naam Hai, Ranbir Ke Eyes May Bethado, Surma Ka Kya Kaam Hai.!! LOL..
miggie 9 years ago I don't care about Deepika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sali195 9 years ago if they wanna stay good friends then that is their choice. Media just love wasting their time making a big issue of unecessary things like this. I just find these things really ridiculous and the press lie about most of these things anyway.
Sanaa629 9 years ago Awhhh..come on Media..!! the only reason her personal life is more on the headlines than her professional life is because YOU mkae it..!! Give her a break..!! She's a girl..a girl is bound to say that she and her ex are good friends especially if she's in a TV industry with people on her back 24/7..!! Please give her a break..!! It's HER business if she's friends with Ranbir or not..!! Don't you get bored of scrounging into the same topics over and over again..??2011-06-22 01:53:58
Ms.S.K. 9 years ago She is desparate to have friends. Must have watched the preview of Sidhart's episode as he confesses he is not that serious about her and will go out with other girls. Mind you he sounds very imaturish (not grown up) and arrogant, just money speaking louder than feelings.
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