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YRKKH: Abhinav and Akshara's plan to unite Muskaan & Kairav

in the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' tonight, the audience will see Abhinav and Akshara trying their best to unite Muskaan and Kairav.

Published: Wednesday,Jun 07, 2023 07:55 AM GMT-06:00
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Pranali Rathod and Jay Soni

The episode commences with Abhinav waking up and realizing that Akshu is not in the room. He goes outside and finds Akshu discussing marriage with Muskaan and Kairav. He wonders when Muskaan arrived in Kasauli. Akshu suggests that Muskaan and Kairav should get married and then apologise to Abhinav and Neela, as they love each other and want to stay together. Akshu hands over the bridal dress to Muskaan. However, Kairav objects, stating that he didn't talk to Muskaan for six years and doesn't want the same fate to befall them. 

He insists on marrying Muskaan while respecting her in front of everyone. Kairav believes that if their own family doesn't love them, their love for each other might also falter, so he refuses to proceed without Abhinav and Neela's approval. Muskaan, feeling guilty, explains that she cannot be happy by hurting Abhinav and Neela and apologises, stating that she cannot go with Kairav. Kairav wipes her tears and reassures her that she doesn't need to apologise, expressing his love and stating that he will cherish their memories but won't keep her away from her family. He admits that it was his mistake to expect acceptance from Abhinav and Neela. Abhinav becomes saddened by the turn of events. Kairav bids farewell, expressing his everlasting love for Muskaan, and leaves. Muskaan embraces Akshu and weeps.

Abhinav stops Kairav and offers Muskaan's hand to him. Akshu smiles. Abhinav confesses that he knew this would happen and questions why Kairav was leaving. He acknowledges his mistake and expresses regret for not recognizing their love earlier. He assures Kairav that he trusts him to never break Muskaan's heart and embraces them both. Akshu notices Abhi and signals him. In a flashback, it is revealed that Akshu had discussed a risky plan with Abhi, suggesting that they pretend to encourage Kairav and Muskaan to elope and marry, knowing well that they wouldn't actually elope. She had expressed her reluctance to hurt them, but Abhi had assured her that the plan would work because Abhinav had misjudged Kairav and didn't know how much family meant to him. Abhi had convinced Akshu to trust Kairav's love. (The flashback ends.)

Abhinav notices Akshu's gaze towards Abhi. Neela blesses Muskaan and Kairav, and Kairav promises to shower Muskaan with love. Akshu reacts joyfully and chuckles. Abhir wards off any evil sight on them, and they all share smiles. Abhir cracks a joke, and Akshu playfully mentions that Mamu (Abhi) will become Kairav's Phupa, noting his frequent anger. Kairav insists that he will remain Abhir's Mamu, while Muskaan becomes Kairav's Mami. Abhir jokingly suggests "Bumi" as the title, making Kairav laugh. Akshu receives a call from Manish and informs everyone that Neela and Abhinav have agreed. Manish and Suwarna express their happiness, while Surekha appears upset. Manish expresses gratitude to Neela and Abhinav and suggests setting a wedding date. Akshu playfully mentions that they aren't in a hurry, but Kairav and Muskaan request a date after one year. Dadi instructs them to call the pandit and send Muskaan's birth chart to determine things ahead.

Abhir insists they join them. Manish agrees to come and assist. Akshu suggests taking a selfie. Abhinav steps out, and Akshu asks about his whereabouts. Abhi follows and finds Abhinav in tears. Concerned, he asks what's wrong and if Abhinav is concealing his happiness. Abhinav explains that he's cherishing the joy of seeing his sister settle down and shares the news about Muskaan, laughing.

Abhinav admits his fear of losing her forever. Abhi reassures him, offering support. Abhi requests Abhinav to consider it as payment for the homestay for a month. Abhinav believes money shouldn't affect their relationship, but Abhi insists it's his contribution to his sister's wedding. Abhinav recalls receiving his first income from Abhi's taxi in Udaipur and now the homestay, feeling a sense of fate connecting them. Akshu observes silently.

Abhi promises not to create any issues during the wedding. Akshu emphasizes his presence and caring for Abhir. Abhi smiles, suggesting they pray to Mahadev on this auspicious day. They offer prayers for Kairav and Muskaan, placing flowers. Unfortunately, one of the flowers falls.


Abhinav remarks that Akshu belongs to the girl's family. Akshu asserts her allegiance to Kairav, while Abhi states his loyalty to Muskaan.

Harshad Chopda Jay Soni Pranali Rathod Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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