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Yeh rishta... shows you all colors of life and you never find yourself disconnected - Pooja Joshi

Talented actress Pooja Joshi who has been associated with the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai since its inception and gaining appreciation for her character talks about her bonding and attachment with us.

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Pooja Joshi who essays the role of Varsha is doing a fabulous job in Star Plus' long running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Since she is associated with the show for a long time, she talks about her connection with the show and more in conversation with TellyBuzz.

The show has been running since many years and yet is popular and much admires so how is the feeling of being associated with the show for such a long time? Pooja says, "Its an amazing feeling because we never thought that the show will run for a long time. I would say its wonderful for an actor to  be associated  with a long running show. Now this set is like a home and my team mates are like a family for me. Everyday be with them for hours and you go home only for sleeping so there is this beautiful connection. I feel Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai se Ek Rishta sa Ban Gaya Hai."

Pooja talks about her attachment with the show and sometimes is extremely sad because of the viewers opinion about the shoo as she says, "I am emotionally attached to the show and sometimes I feel bad when some viewers say that our show should go off air as they don't understand the fact that this show is a way of earning money and its their livelihood. I just want to pass this message to audience that if the show goes off air then many people will be in loss."

Some fans feel that some shows are unnecessarily stretched so when asked Pooja about he take on this she avers, "As a viewer I would expect for some new drama and creativity in writing in a show. I feel that our show has always been appealing. We have always tried to bring newness in the show, our story has always been realistic, even if we have taken a leap then we have never extended the leap for more than five years. Humne Ramleela se leke Diwali aur Holi tab sab dikha diya, so I feel that there is a lot we have served to the audience. Yeh rishta... shows you all colors of life and you never find yourself disconnected to the show ."

So who is more closer to her? Pooja answers, "Lataji who essays the role of Rajshree is very close friend of mine, she is like a mother and sister to me."

When asked Pooja whether is she happy with her character and how does she feel to essay the role of Varsha? She answers,  "This character of Varsha has taught me many lessons, I have a carefree and a bubbly nature but the character has taught me how to behave maturely, it has also taught me how to survive in a joint family. I never knew the practices of a joint family system but when I started working here I came to know how to adjust in joint families and how to maintain good relationships. I think its not only me but this show also gives a nice message to the audience."

She concludes the conversation with a sweet message and says, "I just want to say them that keep showering your love, recently when I went to Delhi, I loved the response of fans in Delhi."

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Pooja Joshi Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai  Star Plus 

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ishira141 6 years ago Pooja Joshi you are extremely talented and exceptionally beautiful!
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shaztea 6 years ago u r gud as varsha,,, but this over acting crap show needs to go off air very soon,hope u get a better serial,with a good meaty roll and a myc story... this show z abt cooking,eating,functions,worried hero,worried heroine,never ending pahaad of problems in aksharas life, , it was much better sometym back,before d leap... now it z utter crap
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ishira141 6 years ago All Yrkkh fans love you and your role, our dear Varsha :) Keep smiling! Yeh rishta is an exceptional show! It binds hearts:))
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nitrit95 6 years ago lage raho kitchte raho aaj holi hai phir diwali hai phir karwachaut hai phir raksha bandan hai lage raho aur drag karo yrkk rocks with kachori n ladoos
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saf2012 6 years ago Pooja...haters will always hate..u don't have to worry about them...just continue ur wonderful job as varsha...!!!
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nivedha_123 6 years ago pooja...ignore all the bashers...they are just jealous of our show's success..!!!
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_StarryNights 6 years ago I am just being honest this serial is going on since like forever...khichte raho lol.
If they end the show atleast the actors in it get to play other good roles it is completely my pov.
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_Amina_ 6 years ago Keep rocking Pooja!
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Rocks!

Haters I only only say is hope god give u some sense and plz Grow up and get a life!
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sanw 6 years ago nice interview. YR rocks
Delhi rocks too
pooja keep doing this wonderful work
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spate22 6 years ago Every conversation consisting of who will drop who and where is not bringing colors of life!! Please get real! That's called nonsense!!2014-10-31 01:18:27
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