Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ruhi and Rohit's engagement takes place, Armaan remains unaware

In the episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ruhi and Rohit's roka ceremony will take place and Dadi will further announce their engagement.

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The episode commences with Akshu asserting that Smita Negi is the eyewitness, and the judge grants her permission to testify. Smita takes the witness box, and Akshu inquires about what she saw. Smita states that Yuvraj had hit Anurag with his car. Akshu emphasizes that Smita, having lost her life partner, has no reason to lie. Armaan expresses his desire to question her, cautioning that she might be confused. However, Smita insists that she clearly saw Yuvraj.

Armaan argues that Yuvraj had no motive to kill Anurag, but Smita counters by revealing the pre-accident altercation between Yuvraj and Anurag. Abhira is called to the witness box, and Akshu asks her to explain her connection with Yuvraj. Abhira discloses that Yuvraj has been stalking her and narrates his inappropriate actions. She further details the refusal of Yuvraj's marriage proposal, his father MLA Jagrat's threats, and the incidents leading to the accident. Armaan, looking at Yuvraj, expresses his need to verify the facts.

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Armaan begins investigating Yuvraj's background by questioning people in a market and a resort worker. Meanwhile, Yuvraj becomes aware of Armaan's inquiries and is warned by someone about Armaan's determination.

Akshu discusses with Abhira the possibility of Yuvraj shifting blame onto her. Abhira assures her that she can handle it and asks for preparation to face Armaan's questioning. Armaan confronts Yuvraj about the hidden information and accuses him of intentionally killing Anurag. Yuvraj denies the accusations, claiming it was a mistake born out of love. Armaan, skeptical, decides to investigate further.

Armaan, seeking the truth, talks to Ruhi, smiles at the thought of her, and receives a call from Vidya expressing unease. He decides to call Ruhi but finds her number busy. Abhira saves Armaan from an accident involving burning coal. Armaan receives a call, and the caller informs him that his father has been shot. In shock, Armaan drops the phone.

In the hospital, Madhav is treated, and Rohit is consoled by Sanjay. Armaan learns about his father's condition and becomes distraught. Abhira suggests checking the call logs, but Armaan is too overwhelmed. Ruhi calls, and Abhira answers, informing her about Armaan's situation. Armaan asks her to disconnect the call. Rohit assures Armaan that his father's operation was successful. Abhira gives Armaan water, and Shivani questions Ruhi about Armaan's relationship with the girl who answered his phone.


Ruhi and Rohit's roka takes place, and Dadi announces their engagement. Ruhi doubts whether Armaan will come to her. Armaan arrives to escort Abhira to court, but Abhira doubts his intentions.

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Failure to communicate with your partner is the main reason behind heart breaks in most serials.

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