Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ruhi agrees to marry Rohit, Madhav is shot

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, Ruhi will be seen agreeing to marry Rohit.

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Pratiksha Honmukhe

The episode commences with Armaan (Shehzada Dhami) expressing his urgency to talk to Ruhi (Pratiksha Honmukhe). Abhira (Samridhii Shukla), concerned about Yuvraj's (Gaurav Sharma) actions, calls Akshu (Preeti Amin) repeatedly to ascertain if Yuvraj has harmed her, but Armaan's phone is on charge. Abhira, upon seeing the phone getting charged, observes a car approaching and applies brakes just in time. Armaan and Abhira recognize each other and exclaim in surprise. An argument ensues when Abhira notices a dent on her car, but they are interrupted by messages from Akshu and Dadi, respectively. Despite continuing their argument, they eventually part ways.

Meanwhile, Manish questions Ruhi about her absence in her room, to which she replies that she was exhausted. Surekha brings up Ruhi eating ice cream at night, and Ruhi humorously dismisses the inquiry. Her friend mentions trying to reach her multiple times, but Ruhi brushes it off, stating that one doesn't return calls at 3 am. When asked about her date, Ruhi concocts a story about work-related matters and praises the understanding nature of her supposed date. As the conversation shifts to food, Ruhi receives a call, and the focus shifts away.

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Abhira informs Akshu about Champa sharing information about Yuvraj's lawyer, expressing the need to uncover his identity. Akshu, however, suggests it's irrelevant. The two discuss the scratch on the car, with Abhira blaming the visiting family. Akshu questions who took the car and emphasizes responsibility, to which Abhira admits fault. Akshu advises her and stresses the importance of finding evidence and witnesses for the case. Abhira agrees, and they go their separate ways.

Jagrat expresses gratitude to Sanjay on a call and contemplates revealing the truth to Armaan. Sanjay advises against it, urging him to hide the truth, citing Armaan's principles and the potential success of the case if fought on innocence. Jagrat agrees, realizing the importance of Armaan's involvement.

In another scene, Armaan questions the driver and confronts Yuvraj about the accident. Yuvraj and the driver both lie, leading Armaan to demand Yuvraj's phone to check his bank account. The situation escalates, but it takes a turn when the truth surfaces, proving Yuvraj innocent. Yuvraj seeks Armaan's help, revealing a conspiracy against him in politics.

Armaan goes to his hotel room and contemplates the evidence. Meanwhile, Akshu and Abhira prepare for the case, and tensions rise as they encounter Armaan at the courthouse. Armaan seeks Akshu's blessing, while Abhira vehemently opposes him. The courtroom drama unfolds with witnesses and accusations, setting the stage for a compelling legal battle. 


Armaan learns of Madhav being shot. Ruhi declares her readiness to marry Rohit in the upcoming events.

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