Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ruhi agrees to marry Rohit in two days, Armaan arrives home

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ruhi will be seen agreeing to marry Rohit in the next two days.

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The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight unfolds as everyone catches sight of Ruhi. Aryan discloses that Armaan had a conversation with Ruhi in Mussoorie, aiming to mend relations between Ruhi and Rohit. They decide to inform Armaan about this development and playfully tease Rohit. Akshu, meanwhile, expresses concern about the lack of witnesses or evidence and wonders about Abhira's whereabouts.

Abhira eventually arrives, and Akshu inquires about the driver's statement. Abhira shares the discouraging news that the driver revealed nothing helpful, raising the specter of a court loss. In the absence of concrete proof, the group resorts to taking pictures of Rohit and Ruhi. Amidst this, Sanjay appears troubled, explaining his imminent departure for Mussoorie, while Ruhi and Manish are haunted by memories of Armaan and Abhira.

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The narrative then shifts to Krish, Kiara, and Ryan plotting to show Ruhi to Armaan via a phone call. Armaan answers the call, expressing concern about Dadi's mood. Aryan reveals the surprise of Ruhi's presence, but Armaan, mindful of not upsetting Dadi, refrains from asking for visuals. Despite the distance, Armaan engages in a chat with Rohit, indicating their strong bond.

Vidya advises Rohit to put his phone away, prompting Rohit to emphasize the importance of his conversation with his brother. The family appreciates the sibling connection, and Rohit playfully suggests that Ruhi might have fallen for Armaan if she had met him first. The engagement ceremony begins, and Vidya conducts the Roka rituals. Ruhi, however, is preoccupied with thoughts of Armaan.

The following morning, Abhira expresses concern about the lack of evidence for their court case. Akshu encourages her, stating that courage is crucial in battles. However, the absence of their car raises suspicions until Armaan arrives unexpectedly. Despite initial distrust, Armaan convinces them to let him accompany them to court, citing his commitment to the truth.

In the courtroom, tensions rise as Sanjay confronts Armaan for betraying the family and the legal profession. Armaan defends his stance, claiming that their family should not support criminals. Yuvraj, overconfident, dismisses Armaan's taunts. The court proceedings take a turn when Abhira presents a new witness, the driver, who changes his statement, accusing Yuvraj of murder.

Kamal, the driver, reveals that Yuvraj coerced him into taking the blame for Anurag's death. The judge holds Yuvraj responsible and sentences him to 10 years in prison. Yuvraj reacts angrily but is restrained by the authorities. The episode concludes with Armaan warning Yuvraj about his impending imprisonment and instructing the inspector to ensure Yuvraj learns a lesson during his incarceration.


Sangeet and marriage celebrations, with Yuvraj's threat looming. Ruhi expresses her readiness to marry in two days, and Armaan makes a dramatic entrance into the scene.

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