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Yashvardhan accepts the blame in Aise Karo Naa Vidaa...

Yashvardhan being the dutiful son, accepts the blame of raping Reva in order to save his brother Aryaman from the shame, in COLORS' Aise Karo Naa Vidaa..

COLORS' afternoon show Aise Karo Naa Vidaa, produced by DJ's Creative Unit will see a major high point when Reva's mother (Jaya Bhattacharya) finds a big clue in the form of a broach which belongs to the guy who molested her daughter Reva (Aastha Chaudhary). 

According to our source, "On finding the broach, Reva's family along with the villagers go to Rani Maa (Kishori Shahane) to seek her help in finding the culprit. Rani Maa is shocked to see the broach and realizes that the jewel belongs to someone in her family. She asks for a day's time, and then goes along finding a clue in her own house. At the same time, Yashvardhan (Anas Rashid) gives her some indirect hints that force her to suspect her own son Aryaman (Rohit Purohit). She recollects few past incidents and even finds some proof against Aryaman in his room. The next day, Rani Maa readies herself to declare the culprit's name before the entire village. On the day, when a tense Rani Maa is about to name her son Aryaman, Yashvardhan who has always been the dutiful son comes forward, and tells the villagers that it was him who did the crime of raping the girl".

This major twist will lead to Rani Maa forcing Harshvardhan to marry Reva, as she has spoilt her life. After this revelation, the focus will be on the marriage preparations of Reva and Harsh, and the manner in which Reva and her family will react to the situation.

We tried calling Kishori Shahane, but she remained unavailable.

Catch the big twist in Aise Karo Naa Vidaa this week…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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nasreen1967 10 years ago anas you are a very good actor i hope in future you find a good role
sanam31 10 years ago Anas is a greet actor
Anas is real prince
love you Anas 10 years ago i just hope reva starts to love him..he's so nice when is she going to notice it
Aradhana87 10 years ago I hope truth comes out soon..cant wait longer
misschocolate 10 years ago poor yash is still facing bad concequences of this action
pmehtafeb 10 years ago Revash will rock.Soon reva will love yash.
RD26 10 years ago wow reva n yash tog
bt why Yash take the blam
Pallavi_2013 10 years ago no it shuld not be, why shuld Yash take the blame?2010-03-24 04:21:31
abd_20 10 years ago but still Reva will marry the good guy
& not her rapist...
Shaina_b 10 years ago O no!!!!This is not happening!!!!!

Yash's brother doesn't care about him!!!!!Why does Yash have to do this??

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