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Willing to run and dance around the trees with beautiful Bollywood

J. Brandon Hill was always intrigued by India in his initial visit to the country. Had he ever expected this will become his future home?

Published: Saturday,Jul 12, 2008 14:10 PM GMT-06:00
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J. Brandon Hill was always intrigued by India in his initial visit to the country. Had he ever expected this will become his future home? After making his debut with Bunty Aur Bubli this angrezi actor is flooded with desi roles in Bollywood. He has bagged prominent roles in Mukesh Bhatt’s Raaz 2 and Rakesh Sharma’s Mere Bachpan. Hailing from New York, he was actively involved in theatre where his interest was acting and only acting. Sabir Rahman talks to Brandon to know more of this tall, fair and handsome actor…

Q. How has your experience been working in India?
A. It was ten years ago when I started visiting India and liked the place a lot as a tourist and then three years ago from now I decided to stay here. I like this place a lot. Shooting here in India so far has been great. I have been working in films, television and ads for quite a long time and I am really enjoying working here.

Q. After a small role in Bunty aur Bubli now you have a prominent role in Raaz 2. How does it feel?
A. I am very happy of playing a prominent role in a film like Raaz 2. There are 3-4 villains in the film and I am the captain of this team of evils. Working with Vishesh films is like being with family. I am really enjoying working with them and it feels great.

Q. Tell us something about Raaz2…
Willing to run and dance around the trees with beautiful Bollywood

A. Can't tell you much about the film right now because it is a mystery film with lot of interesting things happening all the time. If I tell you everything then the suspense elements and the interesting things will come out in open. It is better for everyone to watch it and enjoy.

Q. At least brief us something about your character in this film.
A. I am playing an American who comes to India for his business. He does evil related business and creates problems for the people all over. People's suffering is his success.

Q. How did you bag the role?
A. I have worked with Vishesh film’s Awarapan, where I had a very small role. After doing that film, Vishesh films thought of using me in a prominent evil role.

Q. Your expectations with this film?
A. Well, it's a very good film and has really shaped up very well. Everyone has worked hard in the film. I hope that the film does well. Lot of hard work and dedication is involved from everyone, so let's hope the film fares well at the box-office. Expectations are high.

Q. Are you facing language problem while working in Hindi cinema?
A. Yes, I do face some problems with the language. Especially working in television, I do face some problem so I have an army of people with me to help me out with it. I am being guided by this group of people but end up disappointing them with their effort (laughs).

Q. Besides working in TV, films and ads, you have done theatre also. How was your experience with that?
A. I did a play three years back here in Prithvi theatre. It’s called Missing People, written and directed by Jubin Driver. It is great to be involved with theatre. I hope to work more in Prithvi as it is always great to work there. I am going to stage another play there very soon.

Q. What kind of films and roles you want to do?
A. I am getting good roles so far and I am enjoying it. Great interesting roles are coming my way and I consider myself to be very lucky in this regard. Hope that it continues. I would love to do comic roles as I have done a lot when I used to work in New York. And besides that I would love to run and dance around the tree with beautiful Bollywood heroines.

Q. Now that you are getting film offers, will you continue with television?
A. Yes, of course. In fact I have already started shooting for a television serial called Mohe Rang De in which I play a British Governor who is again an evil guy.

Q. Your future projects…
A. I am doing a film called Mera Bachpan with Rahul Roy, Tom Alter and Helen. I love to dance and I got a chance to dance a little bit next to Helen. It feels nice to get a chance to dance with this talented dancer. Then I am doing a Malayalam film Pichay Raja with Mamothy.

-Sabir Rahman

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