Who will win Bigg Boss?

As COLORS' Bigg Boss gets closer to its Grand Finale this Saturday, Telly Buzz analyzes the chances of the three contestants on winning the one crore booty...

The countdown has begun as the second season of COLORS’ Bigg Boss is all set for a wrap this Saturday. And while it would have been interesting to see if Rahul Mahajan who was touted to win the contest would have actually won it, the politician-in-making threw a googly at Bigg Boss and took a voluntary exit, magnanimously throwing away the competition to the other three Raja Chaudhary, Zulfikar Syed and Ashutosh Kaushik, and walked away like the cat who got away with all the cream. As for the troika, they have four days left for a last jab at stardom and the one crore booty. We take a look at the chances of winning of each of this tridev.

Raja Chaudhary:

With Rahul out of the fray, the field is almost clear for Raja who not only shares the first two letters of his name and his birthday month with Rahul, but they also have a history of being abusive husbands. While Rahul has a famous surname, Raja is desperately fighting off the tag of being Mr Shweta Tiwari, his estranged wife.

Unlike Rahul, Raja argues, quarrels, fights, abuses at the slightest pretext. Short of patience, Raja has got himself into messy brawls inside the Bigg Boss house, is known for his wicked streak, can't be trusted with at all, lies through his teeth and could well be a politician once outside the house. He has all the makings of becoming one.

He has a strong chance of winning because he is super confident, is aware of his weaknesses and plays on his strengths. After Rahul, it's Raja who's entertained us the most with his witty one-liners and mind games.

Chances of winning: 99 per cent

Zulfikar Syed:

Sajid Khan was right when he said that Zulfi can easily stay inside the house for 90 days, the logic being, 'If he could be part of shooting the mega flop Taj Mahal for more than a year, then Bigg Boss is nothing'.

Zulfi reminds us of Rahul Roy, last season's winner. Calm and poised, the reticent model-turned-actor has always held his own, is quite confident, cultured, well brought up and most importantly been able to hold his own against seasoned devils like Raja C.

Chances of winning: 100 per cent

Ashutosh Kaushik:

The former MTV Roadies winner is a small townie alright, but knows how to swim with the sharks. Add to it his rustic charm, that sexy dimple, the shuddh Hindi, the broken English and nice, easy personality, not to forget the label of being ex-Miss World Diana Hayden's blue-eyed majnu, makes Ashutosh a strong contender for the title.

Chances of winning: 95 per cent

So, who are you rooting for amongst the three?

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao

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Comments (19)

Zulfi deserves 2 win..Plz vote for zulfi!!

15 years ago

What Raja is Sweta Tiwari''s husband!!! I didn;t know this GOD! BTW is he the same guys know who played Ashmit in Ronit-Pooja''s show on Sony I''m forgetting the name but it was good show the girl wants to be director well ..not remembering well is yes somebody san anw me please.

15 years ago

Can''t say...the 3 of the have their own emotional needs to win this show.

15 years ago

raja all they way!!!
he entertains the most!!
and deserve it yaaarr!!

15 years ago

zulfi gotta win dis show
or ashu wil do gud too

15 years ago

i like all three better than Rahul...so I won''t mind anyone winning

15 years ago

definitely ashu.. somebody who needs it not raja or zulfi who already have an image...

15 years ago

I guess the one who needs money the most should win it...and going by that logic I want Ashu to win..

15 years ago

In my opunion Zulfi is the hot favourite to win the tilte, because of his female fan following.

But you can never count off shrewd Raja also.

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bye for now.


15 years ago

i tihnk out of dese 3 ... onlt zulfi deserves 2 win
da other 2 r such huge morons ...
UHHHHGHH wud seriosuly scream if raja or ashutosh end up winning

15 years ago

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