When friends meet coincidentally!

It was reunion of the team of Palampur express.. Read on to find out more....

The show goes off air, but the bond generated on the sets amongst co actors, remains forever! 

Recently actors of Sony TV's show Palampur Express which went off air, met each other coincidentally at a renowned restaurant which turned out to be their reunion.

We got in touch with Adaa Khan to know about the reunion and the actress said,"I have really fond memories with the show Palampur Express because it was our first show and we all were very young that time. We didn't know anything about the city and about the industry. Alan Kapoor and I meet frequently but we coincidentally met Yash Gera at a restaurant and it became our reunion. We relived those old moments, we were talking about the fun we used have on the set during the shoot of Palampur and more."

We wanted to know what is next on her platter and she averred," I have just recovered from a throat infection which lasted for over one and half month.  I had lost my voice. But now I have recovered and will soon comeback with something interesting. I have missed out on many projects due to the infection but now I won't take much time to come back to action."

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Again a malayalam remake of the supehit movie "Merikkundoru Kunjaadu"

11 years ago

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