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What Are The Prices of Stardom?

What are the prices of stardom and what are the views of some of our television's most popular stars on this issue. Find out about Neha Bamb, Pulkit Samrat and Twinkle Bajpaye's opinions on the prices of stardom...

Published: Sunday,Jun 24, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-06:00
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Billions of glittery eyes filled with dreams look towards stardom as a sanctuary from the ordinary and average life. Many a few come to Mumbai with dreams of becoming the next Shah Rukh Khan or Rani Mukherjee or if not many times the next Tulsi, Parvati or Mihir. Autographs, lights, camera and so much attention come as a package once one becomes a star. But with such popularity comes a price! Privacy for one becomes a huge issue with the omnipresent media and paparazzi of today. We catch up with some of television’s well-known faces to tell you what they feel about the prices that come with stardom.

What Are The Prices of Stardom?
The petite and beautiful, young actress of Maayka and Kaisa Yeh Pyaar hai fame Neha Bamb says, “Not only stardom but everything has a price! Today, even if you go out of home somewhere in another industry, you are paying a price. That price is staying away from home without your loved ones and family. But I feel I really have not paid a price for stardom. I have been very fortunate to have things the way I want them to be such as my privacy, my family and their support. Yes, I do agree that I am in a profession that is time consuming and probably the only disadvantage I see is the long hours of shooting required. However, for me it is like any other job where I have to put in hard work from my end. In fact I have never taken myself as a star. I just feel that I am going to work everyday and coming back home after having put in hard work. Fame obviously is a gain but since I do not see myself as a star, I don’t consider it as a gain.”
The handsome and suave Pulkit Samrat aka Lakshaya of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame says, “I don’t think I have had to pay any price for stardom. I love what I am getting! I don’t need my privacy! I don’t need anything! I need a life where I am surrounded by security guards and when I go out, I want people screaming for me and to turn their head when I am walking out. I don’t love my privacy and this is why I have entered industry so why should I ask for privacy. According to me there is nothing that I have had to pay for stardom.”
What Are The Prices of Stardom?

The talented and versatile actress Twinkle Bajpaye of Lakshmi Ghar Ki Betiyaan fame says, “It is usually said that everything comes for a price! To get something you will have to give up something but I don’t believe in that. I was told that when I get name and fame I will not be able to go out the way I do now, wont be able to shop freely but for me things have not changed much. I am living my life the way I was previously except the fact that I have to follow a certain living and dressing style, which I didn’t have to worry about earlier. I really miss my hometown Luckhnow a lot but that’s the price one has to pay to come to Mumbai. And now I love this city so much that I cannot think of settling anywhere else.”

Looks like there is a price tag for everything in this commercial world we live in but our stars definitely have some very optimistic views towards the prices they have paid for stardom. Perhaps they see their gains through the recognition, appreciation and love they get from all their fans globally. So more than a price, stardom is a gift isn’t it?

Author: Dolly
Reporter: Kirti
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Angelic_Pari @Angelic_Pari 12 years ago I would be screaming if I see you in real life so I am sure you found a lot of people because I am still here ready to scream
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N. N. @Neetusxm 16 years ago oh man wen i first saw this pic it reminded me to emran hashmi... but a ghost movie in hindi is awesome..cant wait...though i wonder when are they gonna introduce this new alisha...
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fm05 @fm05 16 years ago Thanks, Neha is sweet and a through professional. Kudos to her for maintaining her privacy.
And Pulkit is too gd, he never complains as he is fulfilling his dream. Great guy!
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Mandy @mandy0310 16 years ago I agree with her article, she has managed to keep her private life private. I didn't even know she was engaged until she said so in an interview. I think it is great when a celebrity is able to keep their personal lives private
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Krishna @snowflake0555 16 years ago thanks for the article
all there answer are good
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Zahra @786Zahra 16 years ago thanks
i love all of their answerrs
all my favorite!!
twinkle and neha look so cute in their pix.
i liked pulkits answer.
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ramiya @rahmata 16 years ago wow neha and pulkit were awesome cool answers !!!!!!!
thanks for the aricle
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ritika @i_fida 16 years ago neha's answer is superb. she is the best.
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Selina @ShellyB 16 years ago wow Neha's answers r very good she's very modest, humble n so down to earth pulkits answers were hmmm to say some what different to Neha's lolsssssss luv em both :D
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Preeti @-Preeti- 16 years ago Smart answer Pulkit.
Keep Rocking, Boy!!!!!!!
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