We try to show serious issue in an entertaining way- Rakesh Paswan

Producer Rakesh Paswan, talks about his new show Servicewali Bahu in a chat with TellyBuzz.


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Village Boy Production, which has produced shows such as Afsar Bitya on Zee TV, Ek Ghar Banaunga on Star Plus etc, is all set to woo the audience once again with a new show Servicewali Bahu on Zee TV.

Kratika Sengar, last seen in Punar Vivah, is making a comeback with this show and is paired opposite Abhishek Rawat, last seen in Baawre. While it has been a trend on TV these days, to showcase many hard hitting issues with their shows, in a similar way Servicewali Bahu too will highlight the issue of dowry, which is still prevalent in our country.

In a chat with the producer Rakesh Paswan, we ask him about the concept of the show and more...

Talking about how did he come up with the concept of the show, Rakesh says, "The show Servicewali Bahu is based on a beautiful concept where we are showing a social issue of new age dowry. The idea was conceptualized from an interesting story."

Elaborating further he says, "One of my friend who is a writer told me that nowadays in their village girls score more than boys in all the fields so many of them become teacher. Unemployed guys get married to these teachers and buy bikes to pick and drop their wives to school. Rest of the time, guys wait for their employed wives outside the school and kill time by playing cards. This is the incident that inspired me to make Sevicewali Bahu."

He continued, "This is one thing which already exist in our society and people are very well aware about it, but nobody is bothered to speak up about it. If you look back a couple of years, groom's family used to demand for a girl who is well versed with household work. But now time has changed, the groom's family want an employed daughter in law. So, I felt that this is a new way of asking for dowry, but I am not saying this in a completely negative sense. Even if you see our previous shows, we try to show serious issues in an entertaining way, we take very interesting character to highlight the issue. Similarly even in this show, you will get to see all the ingredients along with a social message."

TellyBuzz wishes the entire cast of Servicewali Bahu all the best!

Neha Jain
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sallybaby 5 years ago Kratika Sengar and Abhishek Rawat all the best for Servicewali Bahu
fulloflifef_27 5 years ago I will and will always be your fan,kratu
kratzyfan 5 years ago Our JKR Kratika Sengar is back with another different concept..u gonna rock girl..love u so much&lt;3
sallybaby 5 years ago Eagerly waiting for service wali bahu Kratika Sengar2015-02-21 08:26:14
nkmdesiusa 5 years ago Looking forward to your new show Kratika Sengar!! All the very best and am sure you will rock in this show.. :-)
zamed 5 years ago it's an exaggeration but true that we have been watching out for you Kratika Sengar...
OMereSanam 5 years ago Servicewali Bahu with Kratika Sengar will start on February 23, so mark your calendars and sound of the alarm :D thanks IF
RheaKratikaFan 5 years ago Kratika Sengar, i put my belief and trust in your ability to transform again in this show..none like the last time..all the best!
emi22 5 years ago Hopefully it will be good for Kratika Sengar and Abishek rawat..timeslot is not so dependable..
pehlakhumar 5 years ago i wish you all the best love, Kratika Sengar..happiness, success and good luck in all..
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