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'We have a world to offer each other' - Elesh Parujanwala

The Toronto based suitor of Rakhi Sawant, Elesh Parujanwala is confidence personified as he believes that he is the perfect man for Rakhi..

Published: Saturday,Jul 25, 2009 11:35 AM GMT-06:00
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Elesh Parujanwala, the Toronto based suitor of Rakhi Sawant admires Rakhi for her honesty, and is very much confident that he will get successful in winning her heart.

Here is the 30 year old Gujrati NRI who has made it to the finals of Rakhi Ka Swayamvar in an exclusive conversation with Telly Buzz…

We have a world to offer each other - Elesh Parujanwala
How does it feel to be rated as one of the top contenders to marrying Rakhi Sawant?
I am very excited and feel happy too. Rakhi is a gem of a person, and I am hopeful of winning her heart.

Is there any incident that indicated to you that Rakhi is your perfect match?
Actually on the day of the show's launch, the unit hosted a party to celebrate the moment. On that particular day, I was unwell, and was going back and forth to my room for medication. Rakhi who noticed this came up to me regularly to know how I am feeling. She danced with me just to make me feel better. The gestures shown by Rakhi clearly indicated that she is a very caring and emotional person; the way she went out of her way to make me happy on the day really pushed me to know the lady more.

What do you think are the three good and bad qualities of Rakhi?
See, whatever I have observed in Rakhi has been positive. For instance, even when Ashwinji asked her a very inappropriate question, the way in which she expressed herself before the camera, and brought out the truth by explaining her past was amazing. She has a positive spin to whatever she has to say and do. Her habit of doing things beyond a person's needs, her genuine concern and love for a person are certain aspects in her that can make a man happy. She has been encouraging each and every contestant to do well, and has instilled confidence whenever they have felt left out.

How do you like the whole idea of Rakhi having a swayamvar and the entire process being shown on national television?
It's simply amazing to be showcased on television. When I entered the show, I was bit apprehensive as I did not know whether everything in the show would be genuine or not. But as days passed by, I was assured, and my doubts were put away. I got to believe that 15 contestants would walk out while there will remain one lucky suitor who will get the chance of marrying Rakhi.

What kind of a girl have you dreamt of? And does Rakhi fit the bill?
Rakhi fits the bill, both on camera and off it too. She is damn good and this is the fact. She is a gem of a girl; a topper in all the fields with the right mix of beauty, brawn, spirituality and family values. She scores high in all the aspects. She is equal to God for me, and I respect her a lot.

Why do you think Rakhi cannot get a better groom than you?
I have lived all my life in Toronto, and have got amazing sanskaars and family values. I occupy myself in eight hours of work daily, and give the rest of my time to my family. Family is the topmost priority for me; my parents know me very well. They know that any decision I make in my life, I will think about my society and family. I am a person who will always try to make society a better place to live in. If I end up marrying Rakhi, I know what I am and where I am.

What are the various other ways in which you can impress Rakhi?
Initially, I had in me a different kind of inspiration; I wanted to be more romantic towards her. But as weeks passed by, I got to know the real Rakhi; she has been inspirational all thro' my journey in the show. Till now, I have not pushed myself to do anything to win my heart, but you will surely see a different side of me in days to come. Wait and watch.

Have you shared all your deepest secrets with Rakhi? How much do you think you know her?
See, it is not possible to know a person from top to bottom in just few weeks' time. But with the time I have spent with Rakhi, I have seen positive vibes all around. I have had very pleasant and memorable moments with her, and I know I will be happy with her.

Were you uncomfortable at any time during the show? Explain.
Yes, as I said earlier, when I entered the show, I was in a state where I had to find out whether Rakhi is good for me or not. Also, I had to see whether there is any catch in the show. I had a defensive shield all over myself in the beginning, and wanted to gauge how real the show is. But when I got over this fear, I believed that in another three weeks time, Rakhi will choose her groom, and I had a big chance of making it there. I have seen Rakhi at the top of her emotions, I have seen her in her low phase too; she has been in the best of behavior both on and off camera. Seeing all this, I dropped my guard and got into the process of winning over her trust.

Do you foresee yourself as Rakhi's better half?
Yes, why not? We both have an amazing background, we have a world to offer each other.

If that happens, how will you react?

Well, that will be dream come true for me. I really do not know how I will react, but yes, that will be amazing!!

Are your parents convinced about this relationship?

Yes. My parents and my entire family are already waiting for the day when I will invite them for my wedding. They are pretty inquisitive to know what is going to happen next in the show, and are praying that I come across as the winner.

Will you be going back to Toronto or you will stay put in Mumbai?
My permanent residence is at Toronto. So what I will be planning is be there for six months of a year, and spend the other half of the year in India.

What if you are not the lucky guy?

Well, I have always believed that 15 guys will go out while one will be the winner. Having said this, I also know that I will make it there (smiles).

If this does not happen, how disheartened will you be?
Well, the bigger picture coming out of this will be that, I will wish her all the happiness in life. But before that, I will wait for destiny to take its course (smiles with belief).

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 14 years ago i knew this guy wud reach the finale.... rakhi liked him from da beginning..but i dnt fink da marriage will last....
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cookie09 @cookie09 14 years ago good for him wish both of them good luck... if he deserved better or someone else he would not have come for the show...just wish that it's genuine show and he does not get disappointed with some kind of bitter news in the end
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Vidhi S. @Vitna 14 years ago elesh i wish to not see u wid rakhi when i come to toronto!
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d.y. @d.y. 14 years ago god this guy must be nuts to equate a cheap person like rakhi wid god.elesh wake up man u certainly deserve a better spouse than rakhi
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Mallika113 @Mallika113 14 years ago Very sweet, Elesh! All the best to you and Rakhi!
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rizz_aman @rizz_aman 14 years ago aaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo
i m speechless.........
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tanaz @tanaz_aka_DD 14 years ago All the best Elesh...I noe u r d perfect man for Rakhi. however, u deserve much much better than her...
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123abc123 @123abc123 14 years ago awwww liked him 4rm the begining but he cud do betr !!
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* Unnati *
* Unnati * @* Unnati * 14 years ago Awww...he's relly genuine & sweet...Im just hoping for the day the results come out & the two of them geth together forever.
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moonlight44 @moonlight44 14 years ago i hope rakhi choose him coz he is perfect for her n is of her age group
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