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'Watch my shows not just for me, but for content too' - Karan Tacker

The immensely bubbly Karan Tacker, who is the main lead in Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani talks about his journey as actor...

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Karan Tacker, the very handsome and dashing young lad has kept his fans entertained with the portrayal of Sameer Saxena in Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, and as Shantanu in the new show on the same channel, Rang Badalti Odhani.

Here is the actor sharing his journey as actor with TellyBuzz..

You entered the small screen as host of Star Sansaar on Star Plus. So how did that happen?
Actually I had started shooting for the Star One serial Love Ne Mila Di Jodi even before this. It so happened that my friend got a call saying that the channel is auditioning for a host, so I jokingly said I'll go and my friend was like "sure", and then I auditioned and got selected. But the show got telecasted earlier than the serial I was shooting for.

So what has your background been like before getting into acting?
I come from a business family and I'm a graduate in marketing. I was born in Delhi but have been brought up in Mumbai. As I was passionate about acting I took up modeling, but my parents were quite apprehensive about it. But now everything is just set.

So how did you bag the role in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi?

This too came to me in a very indirect way. I had actually gone to audition for some other serial, and they had my footage. So the channel called me later and after auditions, finalized me for the character of Varun. But frankly speaking, I wanted to portray Sameer and to my luck the guy who was to play Sameer quit for certain reasons and I got the role.

So how much fun did you have enacting the character of Sameer Saxena?
I loved it! It will be my best experience enacting Sameer. Basically he was a mad guy and had all liberties, so it was great fun.

In the same serial your chemistry with Perneet Chauhan was loved by all, so what do you think made it happen?
The fact is that people won't believe that Perneet was a introvert; she hardly spoke to us on sets but with time she opened up, and I think the sweet friendship that we shared helped us enhance the character.

How much could you relate yourself to the character of Sameer?
Absolutely, I'm a total replica of Sameer.

So how was your first on-screen experience in front of the camera?
My first shot in front of the camera was nerve wracking. Even today the first shot I take on a fresh day gives me the same feeling. When in the very silent atmosphere, my ears hear the words 'Action', I get nervous (smiles). Actors like to be appreciated and loved for their work, but the other hard fact to it is that when everyone is just staring at you during a shot, it is not at all comfortable.

What made you accept the role in the new Star One show, Rang Badalti Odhani?
The character of Shantanu has many shades to it and it is a step ahead and more mature than the character of Sameer. Portraying such a character in the lead is more challenging; I felt the concept is also on a very sensitive subject.

What do you think are the attributes of your character Shantanu?
I think it is his money that's putting him in so much trouble (smiles). Jokes apart I feel that he is very vulnerable from within. He's very lonely and a bit egoist, yet he wants to be loved by others.

So what are you passionate about apart from acting?
I love singing. I have requested my producer to give me some lines to sing in the serial (smiles). And my favorite singer is Aatif Aslam; his songs have a lot of pain in it.

It's your second serial with Star One, so how's been the experience?
I respect all the channels but I feel that the protagonist of Star One is younger, and their concepts are young and different. It's something which young lads can relate themselves to.

How's Karan Tacker as a person?
I'm a super fun loving person and prankster. I still feel 17 when I'm 23 years old. I regard myself as a complete crack (laughs).

One prank that you have come up with?
Recently we had a scene with my new co-star on a poolside and we were supposed to hug each other there. I just went to her and said we have to fall in the pool after we hug. After sometime I asked her for a practice scene for which she readily agreed. We hugged each other and when she started tilting towards the pool, I left her hand and she fell in the pool (smiles). You should have seen her then, she had a very angry look towards me.
Any scope of getting into reality shows?
Yes I desperately wish to host a reality show like Fear Factor, Roadies, but I think they follow a kind of type casting for such shows. They have a myth that TV actors who do daily soaps can't host such shows, but I would say I'd love to do one.

Your best memory from your school day?
Actually mine was a boy's school and just alongside our compound, was the girl's school. They used to all come down for Sports to our school, and we guys used to jump over the partition wall and meet them. We were mad during those days but have some best memories of school time.

Your message to your fans.
Keep watching my serials, not just for me but for content too. Thanks for all the support.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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nupurdas1 7 years ago Karan Tacker Misss u so much
Love u so much
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KiranSonu1 8 years ago Karan u really amazing as Sameer & Shantanu.i miss these two charecters...
i loved the prank u had done with Yashashri.
miss u Yasharan & Karneet...
Nyccc intw.
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Prernarbofan 9 years ago love you KT

you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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-Veena- 9 years ago Watching this show for over all.. KT does an amazing job as Shantanu .. totally rocking and well rounded show!
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Roshni_M 9 years ago no one play d character of shaan as d way u did it...
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SHANAKFAN 9 years ago he is a great prankster ...n ya loved his answers too...n yes we see d show for our shanak...
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-Manita- 9 years ago Karan is an adorable and talented actor and he seems to appear as someone hard working :))
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-Simple- 9 years ago LOL at the prank he did on Yashashri ! It is so funny !
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-Deepali- 9 years ago shanak chemistry is hot & u both..
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-Manita- 9 years ago His answers are interesting and I laughed at the prank played by him...
His acting is improving leaps and bounds and I thank him for working so hard !!!
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