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Wasna Ahmed in Sree on Zee

Hats off new show on Zee will have fresh face Pankaj and Wasna Ahmed...

Hats Off productions new show on Zee, Sree will provide viewers with the right mix of family drama, thriller and love story which will be treated in a different way.

J.D. Majethia, Producer, Hats Off Production says, “This is the first time we have come up with something like this. It is going to be a unique kind of show and will appeal to the masses.”

“Pankaj Tiwari and Wasna Ahmed will be playing the lead role in Sree” confirms J.D. Pankaj is a fresh face, while Wasna was last seen in 9X' Kahe Naa Kahe.

On the time slot, J.D. opines, “This is Zee’s big project and I’m confident that they will give us a good slot. Nothing is confirmed as of now about the time slot and launch date.”

Let’s wait and watch what Zee’s next big show has to offer its viewers.

Author and Reporter: Srividya Rajesh


Wasna Ahmed Love Story 

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jigisha23 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Rayanaa 11 years ago Walla...
I hope the serial goes great. Wish you all the best Wasna.

Love Rina
ISano 11 years ago lol zee always makes big of their serials and they end up getting off air..
Debo_Afghan 11 years ago hmm nice
Hope this new show will be great
cause i get sick of the old shows
-Preeti- 11 years ago all the best to her & story sounds good
would b looking 4ward to this
Isa_de 11 years ago Good for waasna, Gal has talent and i hope this show Has a very good TRP.
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