#WackyWednesday: VFX in these shows is better than any stand up comic act

Why join a laughter club, when these shows are THERE! Read on to know more.

- By "Deeksha Vipat"
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Wacky is something that is funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way. Every Wednesday we bring to you some wacky incident and this week too we promise you have a good laugh.

Supernatural shows are dominating Indian television currently and it is given that these shows need CGI and VFX effects to function. Most of the shows have different types of creatures which come alive on screen with the help of VFX, but oh boy are they absolutely tacky. They are so bad they're actually good. You will have a laughing riot while seeing these shows.

So let's begin:

Naagin 3:

Surprisingly this show always manages to top the TRP charts. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, Naagin 3 is the third successful season of the series featuring Karishma Tanna, Surbhi Jyoti and Anita Hassanandani in lead roles. The series is apparently based on shape-shifting snakes, their ambition to acquire the precious Naagmani and their tale of revenge and love. But the show has some really tacky VFX scenes that can make you laugh harder than an Kapil Sharma joke.

Here watch a clip from the show:

Divya Drishti:

Star Plus' newly launched show Divya Drishti is again a supernatural thriller and has a lot of elements in it. Sana Sayyad, Nyra Banerjee and Sangeeta Ghosh play the lead role in the show. In the show Sana and Nyra are two sisters who have powers, one has the power to see the mishappenings of the future and the other one has the power in her hands to change it. A pishachini is after the girls to snatch away the powers from them. Though the storyline seems good the CGI effects are so hilarious and unbelievable, even your kids won't find them interesting.  

Here watch a clip from the show:

Vish Ya Amrit Sitaara:

If shape-shifting snakes weren't enough for us, this show introduces Vishkanyas, the ones who have venom in their bodies and can destroy lives. The show is led by Adaa Khan and Shilpa Saklani. The story of the show is as bad as the VFX. No wonder the show isn't being able to mint numbers. The show also introduced a lot of other creatures, the latest being a dragon and it's not even funny.

Here watch a clip from the show:

Which show's VFX did you find the most wacky? Let us know in the comment section below.